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Sanctuaire is a Belonging Outside Belonging game about fantastical nuns in an isolated religious community, for 3-4 players.

In Sanctuaire, you play as a group of women cloistered in a religious community, hidden away from the outside world. There are petty quabbles; doctrinal disputes; the nearby townspeople, waiting for you to falter; the Divine, ever-present; sorceries, petty and high; asking, What do you do next? 

You have all come here for your own reasons. Perhaps you were committed to the Sanctuary as a child–or perhaps you’re on the run, a penitent, looking for a fresh start. 

The town at your borders wants its taxes. The temptations of sorcery gather at the edge of your mind. Things, large and small, break and need mending. The Divine is beyond you, remote--but although you've given yourselves over to your Divine, the life that you make here is yours to build together.