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I tried following the discord link but it said the invite has expired.

Congrats to everyone who completed it.
I'm sad I only finished 2 of the 3 I wanted to do for this, though I'm well on the way for the 3rd one.

Are there still online coop drawing tools that could allow a long distance play of this? 

I like making links in Interstitial. Roll to make links is a great way to initially form and also color player reactions.I also like anything that lets you ipck a bunch of of weird questions to show player priorities. Like "how can i do x" and suddenly that is an important part of the story even if ti wasn't before.

I would just add that the chapter in the book about what Belonging Outside Belonging is and is not is very helpful and has a lot of important things I'm working on a belonging game, I refer back to it heavily. 

Does Avery Alder fulfill orders through their gumroad or have someone else do it? Might have some good advice. I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head. It's not the same but it might help.

Yup. pushed back a week.

There's a specific chapter to look at in Dream Askew/Dream Apart that talks about this. The threads are important and part of the design ethos as much as the concept of like principles are to a pbta game. It might be a Belonging game but it would stray much further from Avery's original concept. 
One example in the text is that without lures to encourage player interaction, that might result in more separation among the players and even a larp that had lures but made them more difficult to do might result in something moving towards the edge of the framework. 

I suspect a good way to look at it is less as a binary and more as a spectrum where the elements might gradually shift it further afield from what the system was originally designed to express. The book itself is also highly recommended and is, in my opinion, one of the clearest pieces from a technical writing/teaching perspective and does a great job getting at the essence of what the system is and what it brings to the table.

I think it wouldn't be inappropriate it just might be Belonging inspired instead of an actual belonging game. Avery actually talks about this in a chapter about designing your own belonging game int he core book. If you go over to the belonging jam, you there are some resources you might find helpful.  

Interesting. I like the idea. So is the evidence of the New Chronology something that is a lie convincing something didn't happen or stuff that pushes changes in the time line? 

I"m glad this was helpful and more glad that is was encouraging. You've got some great ideas here and helping people feel good abotu good ideas is like... my issue statement. #carebearwarrior? 

I'm curious about this and want to follow its development. I think what you have is definitely neat and could result in a bunch of different games. 

That makes sense that we need the outside setting elements. We need the belonging that we belong outside of. I think it's really neat.

First thoughts:
I really like the setting map. 

So to clarify my understanding, you play a pokemon and their trainer? Can you trade away one of the roles temporarily to make scenes easier with your pokemon? 

I like the Fire playbook quite a bit. 2 suggestions on it: 
Feud with a friend might be better expanded to something like start/act on a feud with a friend. Maybe. Something that makes it a little smaller.  I'm imagining feud as a long term fight and that might be a misunderstanding. 

Go over your depth might be better rewritten as "get in over your head" or "get stuck in something you can't handle"

I like how you're implementing duo and shared moves. 

I really like the other roles as well. Lots of neat moves. 

Do the pokemon and trainer share tokens? 

I also like the setting elements. I think there is a lot of potential there. I wonder if the constant battles element should be darker to highlight more of why we left but that may not be necessary. 

This is really an excellent draft in my opinion.

Ok. My love of 2nd is why I have interest in 3rd. I wonder what went wrong.

oh i like simpler mechanisms too. i was htinking as a mental exercise to help someone see how they relate. instead of just "i brood and am lincoln" something about "broody lincoln ends up doing x" in scenes might be a helpful hint. like how the moes work in pbta or belonging. haven't seen nobilis 3. is it worht a look? 

Every time I read Dungeon World, which I like, I think about how much better it could be.

I like this idea so much. So how can I help it along? I was listenign to the interstitial podcast and I've heard the option for using interstitial to use that to use playbooks to form the different versions of hte same person but I like the way you're approaching it instead. Maybe a combination of this separate section on the character sheet that is also like "how this impacts actions" for example.

So my Mecha-Earhart has the her no buts and yes ands but the next step of chargen is that: 
Earhart doesn't eat, has enhanced phsyical ability, flies under her own power now, and is powered by steam and eats it. That might make it interesting. That way the changes go from "quirky observation" to "game effect"

The theory and tools for teaching the game are actually what drew me to pbta first more than any specific mechanic. I've been wanting to rewrite dnd using pbta just to better explain it to people. 

There's a chapter on making your own BoB games int he core Dream Askew/Dream Apart book and the stuff that seems most central beyond "how to easily do what I did" is focus on the communities instead of conflicts and the different perspective on what the game needs to be. There's not usually much combat in a BoB game for example. She talks about making a larp and how that would change how lures work and whether that would be an issue and doesn't really make any specific pronouncements. I suspect she might play it fast and loose but that is an assumption on my part. 

Either way Dream Askew I think is a very influential game with a lot to recommend it.

Heh you're right. What I ended up doing was making three games for it, 2 are already out. I decided I should try to please him first, then please this other person with the vampire game, then please myself for dice heavy. I wanted to honor the intent of the jam and the constraint. If I get the third one done, I'll put it out there too.

I really appreciate the feedback on the ideas/if it counts stuff. I was wrestling with it.

The reason I mentioned undying and alone on silver wings is because my first reaction was "hey that's not pbta" before I took a closer look.

I believe you can but you might want to put the name of the jam in the title and describe the rules in the post. It looks like you might be making a video game jam. If you also accept table top role playing games, this is a place to post for it.

Have you looked at Undying and Alone on Silver Wings? Both mark themselves as Powered by the Apocalypse and yet they challenged me to what might mean at first. 

In this case I'm looking at 2 version, I have one that takes the tokens and makes them basically also count as "bestowed favor" on minions. That's my vampire game right now.

I also have one that gets very tactical for a single conflict then drops all the dice and stuff and goes back to the normal game unless there's another INTENSE moment like a combat or something.

Oh that sound pretty good. Is the culture of fighting a setting element? I could see some people considering it overwhelming but I'm not opposed to playing both and if you include hack rules where people can play 1 or both then there's enough. I dunno. If you want someone to review it, I'd be happy to.

If I were to take the time to make it I woiuld probably have some pokemon and trainer ones to allow for cuddling. If we focus it, the roles could make it clear enough. At least that's what I'm thinking. I like enabling PCs and providing options as long as it keeps the same method.


I wish I knew more about Swords Without Master. I like the idea of a gm-less mash game. And the tones you use have great names.

The title should be 5 Napoleons! Or something else. This is great.

no worries. I love weird ideas. The basic mechanic of Quiet Year is a map and card based hard decisions as well as creating projects. If you listen to the first story arc of An Atlas of the World Unknown podcast, it gives a pretty good idea of the mechanics though it does hack it to include some other stuff like Spindlewheel and his own hacks. But it shows how the projects work and can be canceled and that sounds like it really serves your idea.

This one is titled: I'm bad at coming up with these because I always want to clarify what I meant by the instructions: 

Let Go

should pcs be both? maybe someone wants to be a pokemon? and someone wants to be a trainer? I'm not sure what would be best. i could see both working.

That makes sense too... though your first idea requires us to respond to the whole thread. Forums are weird. :D

Belonging outside belonging game where you just hang out with pokemon, no battling.

That is a pretty neat idea. I'm thinking of this something like with Quiet Age's projects where there is a timer counting down to actually resolving a project. All along you'd be defending various interventions like raising taxes, issues, and people would be trying to disrupt it politically (possibly resulting in cancelled projects) and you still only find out about it after you put a bunch of other stuff in play. It's a brilliant idea, possibly best suited to a game inspired by Microscope or Quiet Year that allows the global or regional scale to be the focus with zoom ins for scenes.

I wonder if this should be its own section instead of just a thread. There's going to be a bunchof these if everyone buys in.

Great thread idea. Should the norm be people jump in with what someone else's idea gets them thinking about? 

Like for you idea, my first thoguht was "everyone brings something: weird, vintage, they made it, something else" and that's part ofthe stuff included in the satellite.

I just figured out how to set up a game that is paid so that they are free copies in limited quantity that people can claim. 

If you go to rewards and have the reward price set to $0 and a limited number, you end up having a few giveaway copies set up that don't require you to do anything else. Assuming I understand everything that I read, that is. Thought this might help a few other people.

Thanks. I've already made two games that I felt were explicitly NB and one where nonbinary is a character type that is encouraged. So I figure I might end up with my next project just involving this. I'm excited. Thanks for including me!

After I finished my first game design document for this one, I realized that I just was trying to remake World Wide Wrestling. Oops!

I'm going to make  belonging outside belonging game about a bunch of people who don't get wrestling but have tickets to a major wrestling event. Maybe? or dungeon wrestling. 

I just released Dream Alone, a solo Belonging Outside Belonging game about wishing you were part of a community, primarily from the perspective of being an assigned male at birth nonbinary person. 

I'm referring to it as a "Not Belonging Outside Belonging Outside Belonging" because I'm a silly person.

Right? Dustbowl poor but also Hera... so cool.

I like it quite a bit though there are some pieces that could be clarified.