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That is excellent to hear! I am excited!

I'm curious if it has any rules or concepts related to the early or final Samurai Flamenco plotlines? I enjoyed the littering,  trash, umbrella, and earnest heart to heart conflicts though I could see those being outside the scope of the game.

I want to try this so much. I may not follow the instructions exactly but I love the concept.

I would prefer a pdf mostly because I read offline if possible. Though I can see the worth of the devlog since that would allow discussion if the topic calls for it. So I guess both. 

Love this. Though I accidentally re-rolled before I was able to finish recording what kind of game "Throne of the Person Who Added Dracula to 5E" would be. Maybe add an export button if you can? This is very fun.

Going to be honest, actually was reading through this a bit and a couple words grabbed my attention and gave me the idea for a game titled "Prism Queen Settlement." More useful than you might think.

Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to mess with power/stamina. I wanted to let it create a little mini-version of the attack phase that exists outside of the level system (so it's kind of an all or nothing instead of a whittling down using damage) but I'm also thinking it might be worth it to just cut it to keep it simple. I think I might actually mesa round with doing some "how does this card work in basic tcg" to explore how it really works. And I'm really leaning on the figur eit out as you go and have fun" rule as central to making this work. Thanks for the feedback!

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So that's all I've got at the moment. I'm still kind of mulling over ways to simplify it or make it more fun. Right now it feels a little too "Rules heavy/mtg manual" to me and I want it to be more "i can use my favorite cards in some other game all mashed together." Please feel to jump in/comment/wherever.

Basic TCG MTG card v.0001 artifacts

Unless otherwise stated these cards are colorless. 

They are not creatures unless specifically stated to be so. 

Otherwise they function like normal basic tcg cards.

Basic MTG card v.0001 instants

These cards have the following passive: 
(instant): may be played at any time in between or in response to another player's actions, including not on your turn. You must be able to sacrifice cards in play to pay for this card or have mana sources in play to pay for the card.

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Basic TCG MTG card v.0001 enchantments

They basically function just like normal Basic TCG cards.
Cards that enchant a specific thing need to be attached to another card of the type they enchant.

Basic TCG MTG card v.0001 sorceries

All of these cards have:
(Passive): After doing their written effect, they are sacrificed.

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Basic TCG Magic the Gathering Rules: v.004 Creatures 

This is a scenario that doesn't change the rules or endgame of Basic TCG. It simply enables the use of Mtg cards as part of Basic TCG decks. 

A card's level is it's mana cost (total up the number of mana symbols and the number of colorless mana a card would require to cast, that is its level)

Optional Combat Rules if you want to be able to make creatures fight: 

A creature's power and stamina are independent from its level. So if you have a level 2 creature with  3 power and 3 stamina, an action dealing 2 damage would remove it from play but it would need to face a power 3 or level 3 creature in combat to be removed from play.

If a card has a +1/+1 token on it, that affects it's power, stamina, and level. So if a level 2 creature with a +1/+1 token takes 2 damage, it would still be in play a long as it has that token.

If a temporary effect such as a spell or instant give a bonus to stamina, that gives a bonus to level as well only for the purpose of determining if the card is removed from play when taking damage. The card can be removed by taking additional damage or by the end of the effect giving it the bonus.

Any creature card has the following action: Attack: Choose a creature controlled by another player. If the creature's stamina (or level if it does not have stamina) is less than this creature's power, it goes to the discard pile. (The goal here is to give creatures ability to attack like in MTG). If that card's power (or level if it doesn't have power) is equal to or higher than this creature's stamina, send this card to the discard pile.

Any creature card has the following passive: (Blockable): When this creature uses it's attack action, the player whose card is being attacked may block the attack with a different creature if able. They then compare power and stamina (or level) as normal. 

Most abilities should be used as written remembering to fill int he blanks as you go.

Some common abilities:  (First strike): If the attacking creature can send the attacked creature to the discard pile, do not check to see if the attacking creature also gets sent to the discard pile unless both have first strike. 

(Flying): If the attacking creature can fly, it can only be blocked by flying creatures and creatures that can block flying creature. 

(xxxxwalk): If the attacking creature has the ability to walk, if the defending player controls terrain or a card containing terrain of the specified type, the creature may not be blocked. 

(Poison): When attacking, the creature also deals damage to the creature it attacks. 

(Deathtouch): If the creature attacks a creature, that creature is sacrificed at the end of combat

(Defender): The creature cannot attack

(Protection): The creature cannot take damage from, be discarded by, or be target by the color of card it is protected from. (Protection from white suddenly got a lot more powerful?)

(Reach): The creature can block flying creatures

(Regeneration): You may discard a card from your hand to prevent the creature from being discarded from play

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Basiic TCG MTG rules v.0005 the basics

A card's level is it's converted mana cost. Total up how many colored mana symbols and uncolored mana it would take to cast in MTG. That's the card's level. You do not need to generate specific kind of mana for basic tcg mtg cards. A basic land has a level of 1 but can only be played as your 1 free level 1 card on your turn.

Otherwise the card functions like a normal Basic TCG card.

Damage works as usual for Basic TCG, impacting level.

When deciding if a non MTG card counts as a certain type of card, decide it amongst yourselves filling in the blanks as you go and always be having fun.

Is a duck a creature? Probably. Is an egg? Maybe. 

Is an oven also an enchantment? It would be funny if it was so yes? 

Generating Mana: If a card generates mana, it instead generates an equivalent number of levels that you can use for playing cards. They do not need to be sacrificed unless that is part of the ability.

Tapping: If something would cause a card to tap, it is an action that uses up that card action. If something would not cause a card to tap, it is a passive that should be considered in effect. If a card has an ability that doesn't cause it to tap but does seem like an action, using the  action allows the card do the action several times in a row at once but then that's its action for the turn. If this card can take other actions as well you can use those other actions  but if any of them require tapping, then the action is gone.

If an action requires mana, you can also generate mana by sacrificing cards in play or discarding cards. A sacrificed card in play is worth a number of mana equal to its level. A discarded card from your hand is worth one mana. All mana is colorless so don't worry about that.

Llanowar elves can be tapped to generate one green mana. That means as an action Llanowar elves can let you play a level 1 card or contribute 1 level to a larger card. 

Sensei's Divining Top lets you spend mana to look at the top three cards of your deck and put them back in any order. You can do that as many times as you want in a row as an action since this doesn't require tapping. But there isn't much point to it. And you have to spend mana each time you do it.

So my jam idea is to create conversions so you can fill out your deck with a bunch of random cards you have on hand. Or invite that friend of yours who has 30000 unused magic cards to play and they can just grab a few of the ones with the best art. Or if you happen to have the complete set of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? movie trading card maybe you can use those. But also I like to try different odd things in design so my process, if it is acceptable to the mods, will be to write it here in this thread so people can comment or suggest or whatever. This Most likely will result in a simple looking pdf with no frills because I don't really have a graphic design brain. But that's my plan.

I had an idea for a "converter" of sorts that lets you basically use cards made for other games in your deck or mix and match. I'm not sure if it's in the spirit of the jam. My first thoughts were about basically using the cards I have in a mixed big  bo (Magic the gathering, some vampire tcg, some from a few other) and gradually including other things. Maybe even incorporating weird stuff like movie trading cards or something if I get a good idea. Then they just work like regular basic tcg cards. 

Another knock out from Batts.

A simple summary: add numbers and text to some art to turn them into random tables to help generate dungeons, treasure, NPCs, etc.

It also serves as an effective proof of concept for how a game could makeuse of tables and art assets to help create a sense of world. Imagine if that drawing of a city block in the supplement was ALSO an encounter table instead of just being something pretty to look at while reading the book. My favorite is probably the photograph of cluttered shelves that doubles as a "what's on the body?" generator. 

This also made me laugh. It might also be a joke? It's hard to tell?

10/10 want to use as is and want to adapt it to make my own using art assets for various campaigns. 

I just got around to reading this. Glad you're still updating it. I really like a lot of the ideas and ways this works and I hope I have the spoons to do a deep dive or run it sometime soon.

Thanks. I hope you like the changes. I really wanted to focus on a certain tone so I hope they add instead of detract.

I enjoyed it very much. At the trial, I marked not guilty and then the game was stuck with no option to do anything. Please let us know if you update it/bugfix it. It was quite enjoyable and strange.

In the quickstart the Creating New Character move looks like it's about to copy the text from the Write Your Epilogue move but then cuts off mid sentence. I'm assuming this is an error and that we're supposed to make new characters as we play. Any guidance? 

I looked in the downloads and don't see it. Has it been removed? (I'm not sure I can afford it anyway but I thought I'd take a  look) 

A series of one shots or minicampaigns for 2400 where we play all the different 2400 games but sometimes reuse characters or reference events to inspire new characters or use former NPCs as PCs etc etc etc. Just an early brainstorm because I like all these.

1. I know I certainly won't be invited back after drinking the entire pot myself!

2. Thanks. I really enjoyed the nature of the game. I wasn't sure why I had that sense upon first reading the description but I appreciate clearing it up. I have more than a few people I think who will get a kick out of this game. It's really great.

I enjoyed playing this but 2 questions: 
1. Is there a way to reset it so I can play again? 
2. From the description I was a little nervous there would be a jump scare or surprise trauma twist which might just be me being over-conditioned by bait and switch games and videos. Everything bad that happened in my play through was because I was an atrocious guest. Is there any sort of "sudden twist" that the player might be shocked by? I want to recommend this to a few people who would be amused but also have anxiety issues.

Will do. This actually automates my least favorite part of game design (making character sheets) so I kind of want to just do this for every game from now on.

Wow this is great. So.... how do you want us to handle it if we then go on to make this game? Credit and a link? $$ and licensing? Because this is amazing.

Simple framework that removes the anxiety management of kickstarter and lets you work at your own pace while sharing a game. It seems like it would be effective. I very much dig.

I now am mentally thinking of it this way forever now.

Unable to faithfully recreate the physics of dungeon crawling... until it is. Game Design lol is a very neat framework that lets two players basically make the game they want to play as they play it. It's sort of a ritual for summoning games into being and very much frees the game from rules carried over "just because" while also encouraging players to bring in rules that they want to interact with. I very much look forward to playing versions of it.

Thank you for this. I hadn't even realized I needed this and now I can actually mess around with my copy of the original.

I adore these sorts of activities to interact with text. Creating a character using specific parts of a book seems very fun and I look forward to playing this.

Wow.So could be any sort of supernatural creature but really focuses hard on the separation from society and the way they interact with people and learn about what happens. Best for a character who doesn't necessarily have supernatural powers so much as a supernatural origin, or who only gets to use those powers in situations that would require a custom move. You could also do the child of a witch family who doesn't get out much but all the magic they do has to be done as a group so requires custom moves. Very interesting and focused, the moves suggest scenes. Their romantic angle interests me the most since initially when turned on, they can ignore it and be naive and they have a kiss move instead of a sex move and spend XP to change to something else. Flavorful and interesting and the stories almost write themselves with this playbook which is something I love.

I was just rerolling and found an idea I absolutely love and want to use in a game design. I don't know what to say but give it a couple spins and you might find something really neat.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

I really like the ones I've read and have a very selfish request. Would you be willing to also put all of them together in a single zip file for easy downloading? 

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Oh you added a download button! That's perfect! Thank you! I'd add a star to the rating if I hadn't already given 5! That's great!

This is neat. It took me a bit to figure out how the the "choose your bullet" rules work but then I realized I was reading it wrong. I wonder it ends up feeling in play.

This is very cool. When I tried to screenshot the idea though, the shift key (part of windows screenshot) updated so I lost the text. Can you add an export button or adjust what advances the text so I can grab the text easier?