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Heaven in the Dust

A game about flawed Greek gods struggling with scarcity and mortality down in the dust and dirt of a hostile world; 3-6 players.

Heaven in the Dust charts the gods' messy relationships and decisions as they attempt to build community and find happiness on a foundation of shifting sand.

It gives us lonely roads and towering smokestacks, empty bellies and heavy hearts, fireside camps and strangers' barns; old grudges, swift infatuations, messy loves, precarious community; lilting folk songs and raucous jazz, and always The Fates singing in the back of your head, asking "what are you gonna do now?"

Play as one of 9 playbooks:

  • Persephone - Queen of Flowers, Queen of Fields.
  • Hermes - Friend of Ramblers, King of Roads.
  • Hades - King of Iron, King of Steel.
  • Ares: Knight of Judges, Knight of Jails
  • Hestia: Queen of Cookfires, Queen of Camps
  • Apollo: Prince of Lyres, Prince of Light
  • Dionysus: Queen of Pleasure, King of Pain
  • Aphrodite: Queen of Beauty, Queen of Bonds
  • The Fates: Maker of Trouble, Framer of Scenes

Is Heaven in the Dust at all dustbowl/great depression inspired? Or inspired by other similar events around the world? The description feels like Greek Gods in the Grapes of Wrath and that idea interests me. I mean I'm interested even if not, but I was curious.


Absolutely! Grapes of Wrath is even on the mediography list. 

That sounds amazing.