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a cosmic card game of belonging outside belonging in a spaceport bar, far from home. 
by Pretty Radical Games.

Maybe it’s not a bar. Maybe it’s a bowling alley, an arcade, a library. Either way, it’s the place everyone on the station comes to relax, to blow off steam, to connect. To leave their worries at the door and find a moment to themselves amid the endless cycle of work, rest, repeat.

Out there, through the windows and past the door, the worlds keep turning and the stars burn themselves out, just like the people. But no matter who you are or what your deal is, you won’t be alone here.

Space Bar is a three-page game for 2-4 patrons. Content warnings for alcohol; the assumption was made that the setting is a bar, though you may choose to play in a setting that is not.

this game was created for the belonging outside belonging game jam.