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Hi Joseph,

This game has stopped development unfortunately. The game is fully playable as-is, and the Kickstarter was primarily going to build out the "supporting" elements: art/layout/"how to play an RPG"/etc. If there's anything confusing about the current text then I'm happy to work with you to resolve it. 

For more updated rules, a lot of the mechanics for this game were updated and reworked into That might be a good option for your group, and could be played in an "alternate Paris" fairly easily.

Hope that helps, and thanks for reaching out!

Right now weapon prefixes are just for show, they don’t have a mechanical benefit. 

Spend means that you need to spend 1 Mana to activate that Quirk or portion of a Quirk. If a Quirk doesn’t have Spend, then it’s always active. I’ll make that clearer in the next release!

Thank you! Really appreciate the sentiment. And more is definitely coming 😉

Hey Davey!

Glad you’re excited about the game! The current plans are to go to Kickstarter sometime early 2021, so I unfortunately don’t see a print version available until late next year. The current layout is designed for printing on standard letter pages in landscape, and I’ve had good success bringing it to conventions in that form. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make the layout more convenient for you in later versions. 

- Sam

A recorded AP of this game is available here:

Overall thoughts and impressions: the game is really enjoyable. A lot of us needed the cozy, slice of life role playing right now and this game delivered in spades. Having recurring patrons was really nice and we got to have some character development even in the few episodes of each character. This game does rely quite heavily on having good improv skills, as it doesn’t provide a lot of framework to lean back on if the role playing doesn’t pan out. Definitely recommend and I rather want to try hacking out a superheroes version. 

Révolution is a Belonging Outside Belonging game of political intrigue, dark magic, and uprising in Paris during the French Revolution. Spearhead a faction instead of a setting element, and use your strong moves to gain a foothold in the chaos.

Cultural & Thematic touchstones: Assassin's Creed: Unity, Game of Thrones, Les Miserables, Faust, The Dark Knight Rises

Game is currently in Beta, but purchasing the game now will get you access to all future updates and $10 off the final product.

Hey, I got an opportunity to play this game last weekend and wanted to post some feedback to hopefully help develop this game further. 

The game itself is really fun, and the premise is pretty strong. The baker type feels really good, the descriptions are fun, and the Host Aid actually helped keep the game competitive. We never had anyone guess one of the sweet spots, though it might be more likely in a game with more than 2 players.

The things that didn't work: It was hard to differentiate between Preparation and Bake, and maybe changing the name Preparation to Recipe might make it clearer. It would feel better to have both an "episode" theme that covers all three recipes, and a "recipe" theme that differentiates between the three. We wanted to have a cohesive "episode," but it felt weird when the first recipe was Bread, the second recipe was Wedding, and the third recipe was Retro. Similarly, we wished there were rules for doing a "technical" challenge where everyone does the same recipe. 

We had a lot of fun! Definitely keep going and I look forward to V1.0!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I reviewed the jam and gave shout outs to some of my favorite submissions on my blog:

Thanks everyone for a great jam and enjoy your holidays!

I absolutely LOVE this game! The theme is adorable, and it comes through very well in the mechanics and description. I am definitely bringing this game to every convention I go to as a pick up game. 

I'm really happy that the Tarot mechanics blend nicely into the rest of the rules. The Tarot enhances the feeling of the rest of the game instead of feeling tacked on. 

The only criticism I have is that the Queen of Cups session-end mechanic seems hard to use. I don't see any time where I would want the game to randomly end short, and I would much rather the Queen of Cups be kept out of the rest of the deck and the table can decide when they want to end. I would only ever use the optional "You may search the deck for the Queen of Cups, with your group’s consent, anytime you would like to call an end to the session." That just feels more appropriate for the laid-back feel of the rest of the game.

Overall I'm super excited to try this game out and would love to see this filled out into a full fledged game.

Sounds good. Maybe I’ll recruit some people from the jam to have an online play session after the jam is done.

I’m a tabletop rpg designer and I have an idea for a game I’d love to make for this jam, but it’s a Tabletop, pen and paper RPG and not a video game. 

(2 edits)

My envisioning of a 0 card pull is that you draw 2 cards and the other players at the table choose which one you have to use. 

More in depth, the tarot deck is all kept together and the players draw off the top. They can choose to play any card from their hand, or the rest of the players will choose to play one of their cards. 

  • If the card chosen is a King, Queen, or Knight, the action is a complete success. 
  • If the card chosen is one of the Major Arcana cards or the Ace of any suit, the action is a mixed success. Each arcana card comes with a short list of potential complications that the player can choose from. 
  • If the card is not one of the above (i.e. 2-10+page), the action is a miss. 

Players get XP for misses and can apply them to any XP track. If you play a card of the same suit as your draw it is either a critical success or you gain double XP depending on if it was a success or a miss. 

I’ve been working on a game for almost a year now, and I recently made the connection that the FitD ruleset would work quite well with some pretty major overhauls. I just want to get some feedback from those of you who are much more in-tune with the Blades rules. Am I falling into a trap, am I interpreting something so wrong that it could backfire, or is it something that no-one would ever play?

The game is a two to five player, GMless political game set during the French Revolution. Magic exists, and it is up to the table to determine if magic is super common or if only one or two people in the city know of its existence. Each player takes the role of a faction within the city (the Crown, the Cult, the Guild, the Revolution, the Law, or the Church) as well as an important character within that faction. 

Because of the underlying importance of fate and occultism in the game, the table draws cards from a Tarot deck instead of rolling dice. Players can then pick which card they play from the hand they draw. There is incentive to not only pick the highest card, since playing a lower card of the right suit can have long-term benefits that outweigh failing a roll right now. 

Players take turns going around the table and framing a scene they want to view. They can have only their character, or all of the characters, or any combination in the scene. The other players whose characters are not part of the scene take roles as NPCs based on whose faction makes the most sense to control that character. Anyone can call for a roll at any time. 

A key aspect I removed from Blades is that “characters always are good at what they’re doing, even on a miss.” Instead, each character has a smaller set of key skills that they are always good at per above. Anything outside of those key skills has a chance of going horribly wrong. Instead they will pull for the “Tempt Fate” action, which always has 0 cards. A posh banker is not going to look good in a sword fight, and the uncharismatic soldier is not going to look good coercing someone into spying for him with honeyed words. 

Does this sound like something people are interested in? Am I using the wrong system? Or does anyone have suggestions or criticism on how to improve the concept?

Pre-empting some questions: 

  • Most of the mechanics not listed are kept the same. XP, advancement, flashbacks, “turf”, etc. are all pretty much intact. 
  • I am taking significant inspiration from Dream Apart/Dream Askew, Legacy: Life Amongst the Ruins, Sagas of the Icelanders, The Sword the Crown and the Unspeakable Power, and many other games. 

I find it hilarious that you put the "enjoy the game" notes in the GM only section. Players don't get to have fun!

Holy cow, there's a lot of content here. It's really impressive that you got this much out in just 48 hours. Did you sleep?

Some initial comments:

  • Your combat system just is in that annoying grey area between "streamlined and easy to run" and "crunchy and complex" where the rules are fairly simple but it's still complicated and annoying to play out an actual fight. If the game is about the people managing the missions, it would make much more sense to have a single die roll resolve the combat and be done with it. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you beat the super powerful rock monster and sometimes you die to the monkey with a slingshot.
  • Your humor is appreciated and it breaks up the big walls of text.
  • You never explain when to use skill checks or what benefit they give you. You say "Roll 1d6 and add your stat" but never explain what value is "succeed" or "fail".

Honestly I really like the theme. With some adaptation, I would definitely use this as a minigame between Uncharted World missions.


I was wracking my brain to come up with a way to use the property cards effectively, but everything I tried felt like it was better used as part of a different system. Originally I had them be the assets, or blockers, or "boosters" which kind-of acted like the opposite of blockers. All of them felt awkward and unwieldy.

I thought about letting players move backwards, but I wanted to encourage the feeling that they are running out of time. You have to get to the end as fast as possible, and it's a race against the building threat clock. When the game feels like that, there is no incentive for moving backwards.

I'm definitely interested in reading this blog of yours, you should send me a link when you get it up!

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There was a post on reddit last week challenging people to come up with a game that you could play if you were stuck at a house and you only had a Monopoly board.

That was the initial inspiration, and it only made sense to make a game about prison break when I saw the jam theme. 

I agree that I would have liked more art, but c’est la vie. I was running short on time to get the rules published and I’d rather have a functioning game than some nice art. 

Thanks for the comments!

L'Oracle Baroque

Written as part of the #LegacyJam, L'Oracle Baroque is a TTRPG that uses a Tarot deck as a resolution mechanic, magic spirits, and a conduit for divination. Navigate the streets and politics of pre-revolution Paris as a darkness creeps into the catacombs. Interpret the cards correctly to stop the occult horror before it's too late.