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it’s a fun experience. I hope you enjoy!

A new game from Cezar Capacle!!! 🤩 As a musician and jazz fan, I'm excited to dive into this one.

Alright, fixed. Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out!

Sure thing, permission granted. Please do come back with a session report.

Thanks! I'm glad you're excited about the game. I'm fueled by feedback, so please let me know how your Halloween game goes.

As for your question:

You can gain LIGHT in a few ways:

  • When you PIERCE THE VEIL and roll 7+, choose to forgo your HOPE and PAY THE PRICE.
  • When you FACE DEATH and roll an empty circle, choose to make a noble sacrifice and PAY THE PRICE.

Likewise, you can gain Shadow in a few ways:

  • When you PIERCE THE VEIL and roll 7+, choose to claim your HOPE.
  • When you FACE DEATH and roll an empty circle, choose ruthless survival instinct.

You start off with 0 LIGHT and 0 SHADOW.

The first time you FACE DEATH, you cannot die. And instead will choose whether you survive while making a noble sacrifice (gaining LIGHT), or survive through ruthless survival instinct (gaining SHADOW).

Later when you FACE DEATH, you may roll a circle with LIGHT. This gives you a choice... do you let your character die now, and BECOME LIGHT, or do you roll 1d6, adding the result to your first roll, for a chance to survive?

If your additional roll lands on an empty circle, then you again can choose between noble sacrifice or ruthless survival... but it MIGHT land on a SHADOW circle, in which case you have no choice but to die and BECOME DARKNESS.


Johnny got into some trouble with a poltergeist and rolls to FACE DEATH. He gets a 4, but honestly it doesn't matter, all of his LIGHT circles are empty. He decides to make a noble sacrifice, marking +1 LIGHT. For his PAY THE PRICE, uh oh... he rolls FACE DEATH again. He rolls 1, which he just marked.

Now he has a choice... does he want to die and become LIGHT, or roll again? He chooses to roll again, rolling 6, for a total of 7, an empty circle. He decides he doesn't have it in him to make another sacrifice, and chooses ruthless survival instinct, marking +1 Shadow.

Later in the game Johnny gets into trouble with an evil possessed doll, and ends up having to FACE DEATH. His initial roll is a 4, which is a LIGHT circle that he previously filled in. But he is still hopeful to make it out of this thing alive, so he rolls again, getting a 3, for a total of 7... uh-oh. His attempt to survive didn't work, and now he must die and BECOME DARKNESS.


I hope that helps!

omg thanks, and sorry I missed your comment. It works well with 2-4. I’ve found 3 to be a sweet spot. I haven’t tested it solo or with more than 4.

Overall, 1-5 would be the range I’d consider. I believe they’ll shine with 2-3 gm-less. With 4-5, they might benefit from one of those players acting as a facilitator.

Thank you!

Another amazing game created by a favorite designer of mine. I love the map and locations in this: packed full of ideas for compelling NPCs and adventure seeds.

One Night Worlds is a collection of zero prep, gmless, one page ttrpg that uses the Push system as its core, but the Campaign Edition includes playbooks and setting elements that are inspired by Belonging Outside Belonging.

One Night Worlds: A collection of zero-prep, gmless, one page ttrpgs is 1500% funded with 6 stretch goals unlocked!

the campaign runs through the end of August 2022.

I did a solo actual play of The Wretched on the ol’ youtubez.

Check it out if you want to see someone go from “never read it” to “played it in under 45 minutes…

You betcha… Great work!

Thousand Year Old Vampire is an award winning solo journaling game designed by Tim Hutchings. In this horror game, you create your own vampire and explore themes of memory loss and the passage of time. The game has a unique storytelling system that is based on prompts. Every prompt modifies one of five traits (Memories, Skills, Resources, Characters, and Marks). This makes for an enjoyable and replayable experience. The game is 188 pages and has an evocative layout and design. I highly recommend this game!

A Modern Prometheus is a tabletop roleplaying game that uses the firebrands system. The game is for two players and is divided into turns. Each character has their own minigames to choose from.

The pdf has a great layout and is about 40 pages. The game is set in a gothic horror genre and uses coins, dice and tokens as the game's components. There are optional rules for more players. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Eventually, I plan to do a recorded play through of this game. But for now, I took a VERY short look at the game for a Youtube Short.

OK, OK... I might just be posting this here now just to help Sam get a signal boost on this game, but hey... she didn't ask me to, I just think Sam deserves it for all the work she does to promote other people's games.

Check out this promo for The Fires of Chaterra as part of One Night Worlds.

Get notified of the Kickstarter Promo here:

This is now a part of One Night Worlds: Zero-prep, GM-less, One Page TTRPGs. Kickstarter is launching soon!

this is so cool!

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ooooooo… Tantalizing! Something to look forward to… I can’t wait!

Those surprising elements and the word list oracle (Oracle 3) are great tools to keep a solo player on their toes. They generate great moments like that, and take your game in unexpected directions.

We've come to the last episode of my solo play through of The Outcast. What a ride! In case you missed it, you can see the episodes leading up to this on this playlist:

But without further a-due, here is the finale episode:

What a great system Cezar has designed in The Outcast. You should definitely pick up a copy if you haven't already.

Thanks. I had a lot of fun with this one. I like weird twists, and I like the way that The Outcast prompts you to add “surprising elements”.

I’m so excited to give this a look. I love solo, I love space, and I love your work!

In session 3, my playthrough is heating up, and getting weirder. I'm having so much fun with this game.

I kept it going. Here's part 2 of my play through of The Outcast.

I saw some great work, and I can’t wait to cover the submissions in upcoming videos. Which I’ll post as video comments on each submission’s project page.

Any chance you'd be willing to add some community copies for Jam participants?

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I had such a blast playing The Outcast. So why not share it here? If you're on the fence about the game, go ahead and give it a try. It's an excellent addition to your ttrpg collection, and a ton of fun to play.

Here is part 1 of my playthrough of The Outcast:

It’s funny, I had thought of doing a Push game as well. But I just don’t have the time to pull it off right now.

one way I think it could work well is if you WEREN’T characters in the primary ensemble of Pooh’s friends, and instead were just other creatures of the hundred acre wood. That way, you could run into the cast as NPCs with Matrix entries that reference them in some way.

yea, it’s more that I’d like to avoid homicidal killer Poohs.

Ultimately, I won’t actually police anything. But I think I was more thinking that Winnie the Pooh is lovable by kids, and I’m hoping that won’t be tarnished.

Still working on it?

how’s it coming along?

how’s it coming?

oh that sounds so cool!


So glad you submitted this to the Winnie-the-Pooh jam. I'm looking forward to covering it soon.

I finished this up in 6 “days”, and had a blast doing it. It was a Partial Success. We lost our beloved security officer, but I can’t wait to prove myself on my next mission.

I’m having a blast playing as Captain Colada (so named after the drink I was enjoying when I began playing). Here’s my “play-by-thread” tweet storm actual play: