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I am still accepting entries, just follow the links and DM me on twitter and I'll get a submission URL cooked up for anyone with late entries as soon as I can. 

I will say that I will be accepting late submissions so don't worry if you can't get things together by the hard deadline! But if you can't get it done regardless, no worries, handle the important issues you gotta deal with.

Hello! I'm interested in putting together a wide and diverse cast for an actual play podcast of the Powered by the Apocalypse game World Wide Wrestling. While I'm looking for a core group to be consistent players, I'm hoping to gather interest from a wider net of players to act as the wrestling roster as fill-ins and alternates to keep the world diverse and interesting!

This is the form if there's any interested folk around: 

Awesome thank you very much!

I'm currently gathering player interest for a podcast project and I was wondering where would be the best place for it? I thought maybe in LFG, but I'm not sure. 

1+ is acceptable as long as it doesn't detract from the experience if someone were to play it alone.

Yep! Starts up tomorrow! 

The jam doesn't officially open for 5 more days and submissions will be open until April 20th! You've got plenty of time, no worries.

Friend, rules are a construct! You're not breaking anything, if you wanna make a hundred games before and submit them day one I wouldn't fight.

I don't even think it's possible to impose a limit, so go wild!

You can absolutely the rip the format, I based it a lot on the Emotional Mech Jam and RPGDF's game jam formats! 

No problem at all! 

Yes! Part of that point is "NOTE: Games that respectfully explore or tackle these themes are exceptions.", so that interpretation is correct. 

Yes, Natalie is right on the money here!

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Hello! This is very early but I wanted to start getting the word around (and give myself an excuse not to back out), but on April 1st submissions will open for my game jam, Me, Myself, And My RPG. 
This game jam will be dedicated exclusively towards the creation of Single Player tabletop and larp experiences. 

The guidelines, which you can also find in the link below are: 

  • The game must be an analogue rpg (tabletop, larp). 
  • The game MUST be playable with only one player. The PRIMARY EXPERIENCE of your game must be single player. Do not make a normal game and scramble for 1-player compatibility. 
  • If the game is still playable by more than one player, that's fine! As long as it doesn't diminish the single player experience. 
  • No games that encourage hatred or discrimination of marginalized group (No Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, Ableism, etc). #UseSomeCommonGoddamnSense.  NOTE: Games that respectfully explore or tackle these themes are exceptions. 

As the jam doesn't open for about two weeks, I'm happy to take any suggestions or questions people might have.