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Welcome to ME, MYSELF, AND MY RPG Part 2! This is a game jam dedicated towards making tabletop games that can be experienced alone.  This is the second time this game game jam is occurring, and you can check right here for all of the entries to the Spring Edition of this Jam!

Submissions Open November 1st!

Submissions Due December 20th! EXPANDED TO DECEMBER 31st! 

I encourage you to share this jam and the games you submit on twitter with the #AloneGameJam tag! 

Jam Guidelines: 

  • The game must be an analogue rpg (tabletop, larp). 
  • The game MUST be playable with only one player. The PRIMARY EXPERIENCE of your game must be single player. Do not make a normal game and scramble for 1-player compatibility. 
  • If the game is still playable by more than one player, that's fine! As long as it doesn't diminish the single player experience. 
  • No games that encourage hatred or discrimination of marginalized group (No Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, Ableism, etc). 
  • Hacks are fine, Plagiarism is not. 
  • #UseSomeCommonGoddamnSense.  

NOTE: Games that respectfully explore or tackle these themes are exceptions. 

 This jam is organized by If there's any questions about this jam, feel free to @ or DM me on Twitter @RadioAirHyper! 

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a solo rpg about tiny people and helpful giants
a short game of strange, beautiful, and dangerous detours
A mysterious monument. An ill-fated expedition. A storytelling game for 1-3 explorers.
a game of arts & crafts, and murder
a collection of solitaire games for you, the player
a call and response of gender discovery
A practice of liminal storytelling.