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HELLO EVERYONE! If you were around earlier in the year, I ran a game jam dedicated to creating Single Player ttrpgs and LARPS. Well, I'm doing it again! 

You can find the jam itself here

And all information pasted below can be found on the Game Jam page itself: 

Welcome to ME, MYSELF, AND MY RPG Part 2! This is a game jam dedicated towards making tabletop games that can be experienced alone.  This is the second time this game game jam is occurring, and you can check right here for all of the entries to the Spring Edition of this Jam!

Submissions Open November 1st!

Submissions Due December 20th!

I encourage you to share this jam and the games you submit on twitter with the #AloneGameJam tag! 

Jam Guidelines: 

  • The game must be an analogue rpg (tabletop, larp). 
  • The game MUST be playable with only one player. The PRIMARY EXPERIENCE of your game must be single player. Do not make a normal game and scramble for 1-player compatibility. 
  • If the game is still playable by more than one player, that's fine! As long as it doesn't diminish the single player experience. 
  • No games that encourage hatred or discrimination of marginalized group (No Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, Ableism, etc). 
  • Hacks are fine, Plagiarism is not. 
  • #UseSomeCommonGoddamnSense.  

NOTE: Games that respectfully explore or tackle these themes are exceptions. 

 This jam is organized by If there's any questions about this jam, feel free to @ or DM me on Twitter @RadioAirHyper! 


Hell yeah, thank you for doing this again.


o__o I didn't think that there were other people in the world that thought building an entertaining single player tabletop game is even possible... That is something I have been thinking about for years....


Yeah! There's a good glut of singleplayer RPGs around the little indie scene here on Itch. 
This is the link to the singleplayer jam I ran earlier this year, with a good Thirty singleplayer games to browse through!


I'd love to join the jam, but your link only leads to a white page.. : ( 


Just confirming that the link to the jam tells me I'm "blocked", which makes no sense.


Strange! The link was working for others earlier and I've just updated the link, so it should work now, but let me know if this same error continues.


now this one works, thank you ^^ / 


Yes, all good now! :)


You should definitely go for it! I made a solo TRPG awhile back for a jam, and it has been surprisingly successful. Clearly folks want more and you may just land on a winner too :) Plus, it is fun to challenge yourself and get feedback.