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if you buy it it comes with a licence to use in whichever project you like, non commercial and commercial.

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I did it! =w= I won! That being said, I'd question my sanity too, if I were in a dark forest at night and suddenly walked on top of all trees... ; p But I think that's probably because of the time restraints. I really liked the paintings ^^ and sound design.

Good job, very creative. ^^  Seeing the enemy health gave me a bit trouble, it's not so easy to spot. But I loved your humorous intro scene and sound effects! The premise (partly) made me think of Utawarerumono... but you'd only understand if you played that, lol. Oh yes, I also did not realise there was a bottom floor at first ^^

Hi, thanks a lot! ^^ ( artist here ) Happy you checked out our game! There were actually 3 (or 4, counting the photo girl ) more playable characters planned, that would feature different mechanics and play styles. (Among other things)  But that turned out to be a bit much, for the jam's time limit. However, it still was a very fun project to work on. 

yes ( )

Thank you so much!
Glad you could enjoy it. : ) 

gotta say, those be  some high value pixel art assets!

Hello! Thank you for your interest - This game was only available on during the strawberry jam and voting. (free of course) If you are still interested, you can now support the game and its bonus content on gamejolt as i encountered unsolvable paypal issues with itch io.

Thank you very much!

Oh, thank you : )
I just used the original's character art and animations as a reference, and thought about how to best present them in the limited space. 'Made some rough concept sketches of simplified, chubby SD versions of everything and then interpreted those in pixel art (sprites) with some strict limitations.

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This is so beautiful ;_; The vivid colours and happy animations are really appealing. But is there really a way to get past stage 3? ^^;  I lost all my lives there... getting stuck so early. Or are there only 3 stages, maybe? ~ For some reason it reminded me more of Sega Mega Drive than NES. Maybe the palette.

Hi! On my screen, I can't see the "ON/OFF" button, so, I can't start the game ; v ; 's there any way to fix that?

Thank you! It made me feel a little nostalgia, too. ^^ 

Thank you very much! : D

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So it's basically "Rival Schools" meets "Bully", featuring -as the name would suggest- nerds.  Amazing that it was put together in a week. It seems simplistic, gameplay-wise but it has good animations and pretty dope low-poly models with lovely textures and everything. The background looks great, too. Don't know if everything was hand made from scratch, but from the visuals, it looks very PS1.  You could fool someone with the screenshots any gameplay, that it's a lost PS1 game. Only thing that could need improvement here is the music, which - is good music but - doesn't really seem to fit. 

It's pretty neat, the art caught my attention - but some of the arrow inputs seem to not match up with the beat or the melody.  If you want to polish it, you could also unify the pixel art style so that it is all the same pixel resolution for a cleaner look. Anyway, fun entry! 

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I liked it : )  I halfway expected it to be a "Parappa the Rapper" demake tho haha ^^ 

I scored 101000! ^^ great!

It's Super Mario - but everything's a brick! ^^ 
Great execution and it somehow even reminds me of something of that time. Anyway, nice work! Ah wait now I read it - " Tetris Device " - guess I had one of those, then.. : D

Thank you! : D

Don't miss the controls : D 

That's super cute. I loved Pop'n' Twinbee.
And the colourful 3D design is very neat!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you got the hang of it, haha. ^^ 
Thanks for the compliment.

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Hey, thanks so much for playing, eevee!  : D 
Yes - it was my goal to not make it about immoral exploitation, but more a fun / consent thing - even though its about alcohol~ I am glad you noticed this detail. ^^

Hi actiniumhydroperoxyl ! Gosh, thank you so much for the very detailed feedback! All the elaborate writing and analysis you did - much appreciated. I am glad the game surprised you, and that you could enjoy the unusual gameplay. ^^ Sometimes, a bit of experimentation is all you need, and unusual concepts require unusual solutions in RPGmaker, haha. 

Haha! Thank you very much. ^^ 

Thank you very much ! It's most important to keep an eye on the limit bar on the bottom left.
Here's some beginner tip: The first drink never seems to hit as hard as it really does. (The bar may not rise very high but really it does, so don't be fooled) 
Drink's strength is lowest on top left and highest bottom right.
When it's a really a close call and you're in doubt, better try beer. When there's no beer left, sacrifice trust to get a new batch. It will be worth it in the long run. Eventually you will probably learn and remember the optimal drink combinations for each situation. Thanks for playing! 

Thank you very much for the comment! Always keep the limit bar on the bottom left in mind. 
Here's some beginner tip: When it's a really a close call and you're in doubt, better try beer. When there's no beer left, sacrifice trust to get a new batch. It will be worth it in the long run. Eventually you will probably learn and remember the optimal drink combinations for each situation. Thanks for playing! 

Huh! That's some real-life hacker stuff right there, man... XD

Is there a way to contact you (or, the programmer) for a commission?

Of all the games I checked out, this is the first one that made me  think " I need an adult!! " XD Haha. But well made - the aesthetic is nice, the setting is curious. : ) The idea / kink, I think I have heard of it before, somewhere. But yeah I am too squirmy and scared of crawlies to even finish it... ^^;   
Even tho you made it really good. 

Thank you for your feedback, Impy! I'm very happy you liked the game and Mimyu. 
About the victory screen locking up - I will investigate, but I -guess- it might happen when you click on the screen, while the victory screen scenes play out. ^^; in any case, my apologies for that. The ending scene and password fragment you get are randomized and a matter of luck. Don't push yourself though, there is nothing too exciting in there in this version. 

Hey, thank you so much for playing! 
Some parts may still be a bit wonky or glitchy, so it is possible that that happened. ^^;
The game has a few different final scenes though. : )

Well. I had to get a bit creative. ^^ 
Thank you very much for playing!

A cookie - or rather - strawberry clicker game ! :  o  -  I was fascinated by it after only a few moments ^^ it's relaxing and calm. I like it.

ooh, that's so cool, a clicker game : o how long did it take you to code?~ neat!

P... pretty hot... ^^; yeah... and a bit frustrating.... *lol*  But fun writing! There was something there and I enjoyed the journey.