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Completely understandable! To be honest I found that beautiful track without description / song name somewhere on my hard drive and did NOT remember where it came from - but it fitted so well as a placeholder and  the deadline for Monster Month came too close for comfort. =w= It's sad I have to replace it at all, but I already found a few free alternatives. Still, thanks for the feedback, Neco. ^^ 
PS: The 3rd animal is supposed to be a cat.. =w= 

Wow, thanks so much for playing and even recording w/ commentary! ^^ That was lots of fun to watch - well played! You pointed out some interesting things like... stuff I might want to re-name =w= Lube-Oil... I get it... *lol* the red 'greasy' liquid too maybe. Anyway, subscribed to your channel, keep it up! 

I liked it~ ^^ would be even better with illustrated art.

Do five bucks really make a difference? o_O 
I mean, I never tried that method but... I always thought it was bullocks ( since I almost never click on ads, even with ad blocker deactivated )

Hello, thank you for the reply -
My, that is interesting to learn. 

The core audience is so different?
Curious. I heard  Va 11 Hall A was started out on itch, and that's a pretty interesting game. ^^ Well, among other very fascinating and popular titles. Of course, I suppose mine can't really compare, it's more in the pervy weeb trash* direction. It's the best I can do. But that would explain the difference in follows and back up your theory.

Anyway, thanks again.

*still a big labour of love though, quite honestly.

Hello itch.io!

I will get straight to the point -
It has been a month since I uploaded my project here as well as on the 'rival' site (g**ejolt)...
Now you would think both sites are comparable when it comes to pulling attention to your game but...
I gained only 2 followers on itch.io, while gaining close to 400 followers on the jolt. 
I put the same amount of care and effort on the presentation on both sites. But only one site generated ~14 new followers a day. The other site, not at all... so if course I ended up being more active and involved on the site that's more active. 
But it still does make me wonder, considering a month has gone by and the difference is so big. 
Why didn't my project get any views / followers here? 
Did i make some mistakes? Maybe in tagging? But I'm pretty sure I use the same tags on both sites...

Oh well, thanks for reading. : )