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Do you have a portfolio? 

I'm in a few but I'm not particularly active on many recently. The RPGdesign subreddit has one, and its the only dedicated game design server I'm I'm as of now, but then you have to interact with Reddit users. I also talk into a relative void on Twitter sometimes. 

Intensely Average

By user: BalefulSticks


I travel a lot, and I've been to my fair share of good and bad hotels. Never, however, have I encountered anything so aggressively *plain.*  The moment I walked into the front door, I was confronted by a basic grey room with a lone receptionist, who checked me into my room after a brief wait. Inside my room was a single bed, a checkered carpet, and a TV. The service was fine, but nothing spectacular. The pool was closed the entire time I was there, sadly not opening until I packed my bags. Most amenities were the same way, come to think about it. Regardless, it was fine. My room was functional and it was relatively inexpensive. If you need a cheap, decent place to stay I'd tell you to go here.

sorry!! give me like an hour

Horrific service. Cannot recommend. 

By user: Crewtater


I'm honestly shocked at how poor the staff acted during my visit. The only time they would even come near me was when I was in the dining area and a waiter had to quickly interact with me to get my order and deliver my food. I don't know what I did to deserve this kind of treatment, but I'm not happy. Room service wouldn't even come when I called, they didn't even pick up! If this is the company's idea of a prank, I am not amused! 

Is this shade about us saying we should start without you

Alrighty, what do we need to start? 

I like this

Hey all! I've recently had the desire to create a system focused around a bestiary of monsters. I'd want to support a few different styles of play, one where you play as more or less a Pokemon trainer for these creatures, one where you play as these creatures, and one where you play as a human side by side with a single other creature. The first one is probably the one that would get cut, since it'd have a huge amount of bookkeeping along with other issues. So I guess my question is what would you like to see in a system like this? What should I learn from video games in the genre, and what should I shy away from? 

I think I'm more into the idea of a motel than a hostel, personally

I say so, they haven't been on Twitter either

Oh jeez oh fuck I said I would do this

I think I actually have my submission figured out mechanically I just need to finagle with formatting and such

Maybe we could name the hotel something generic like it's a motel or something? We could go a lot of directions. 

I can't think of anything off limits for me 

Daily posts per person is probably ideal

Checking in

I'm interested! 

embarrassingly recent actually haha... I used to be frequent on the nuzlocke forums, and i was frequent on the forum on a pokemon fan game until we moved to discord. Other than Pokemon stuff, probably three years ago? I actually really like forums, sad they're becomimg more and more rare

When you say single player, does that include the GM? 

what's a game 


Hey! I'm Nat, I've been playing TTRPGs since probably fifth grade? Due to limited materials at the time we had to make our own, very bad system. I like to think my design skills have improved since then. I mostly run PbtA stuff, but I also run a D&D 5e campaign for some friends. Right now, I'm not working on an actual sellable product, just some game jams when I can. Hopefully that changes soon enough though.

I'm a trans girl, she/her. This comes up somewhat sporadically in my stuff, depending on how intense my dysphoria is at the moment haha.

My twitter is @TinManOz4, and if you want any of my other social media you can DM me.