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When is the last time you used a forum?

A topic by Riley Hopkins created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 2,227 Replies: 46
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Here's a fun question that is just enjoyable to think about, when is the last time you regularly used a forum?

I was on a proboards for a legend of zelda advice column where people would respond in character as characters, so it's BEEN A MINUTE SINCE I'VE BEEN ON A FORUM.

also do we get forum signatures, do I have to open up my photobucket account again


Smashboards. And I wasn't even posting, just reading through em sometimes. It's been a real long time. *looks into signatures*


i just was digging through gaiaonline and I am broken hearted to report that my old signature no longer exists, because my account is dead. it breaks my heart, I'll need to make a new macro for formatting my posts too

Deleted 1 year ago

The last time I was on a forum was when I was seriously writing homebrew content for D&D 3.5 on the Giant in the Playground forums. So that was like 10 years ago. I cut my teeth on that BBCode. I spent so much time formatting tables for D&D classes I could do it by heart in a text editor without previewing the post and still have it be spot on 9 times out of 10.

Deleted 3 years ago

I remember I tried to play/run some play by post games on GitPG when I was in high school. I did not know what I was getting into at aaaall.


I cut my designer teeth on GITP! Haven't posted there in *logs in real quick* four whole years! I hear you about that BBCode. XD


It was definitely the first real design community I took part in, and it really helped me get excited about the idea of design. I'm glad for it on that level, at least.


I used to attend some roleplay forums with friends of mine about twelve years ago. I did look around for active forums last year, but I think a lot of that kind of discussion has moved to Reddit and social media. Glad to see it make a comeback here :)


i'm sitting here refreshing a main page of a forum for the first time in years, it's bringing me BACK


My first forum was for the ARG Vanished run by the Smithsonian/MIT Education Arcade, and after that I ended up on the forums for mobile MMORPG Celtic Heroes? Which I haven't checked in a few years, but it hasn't actually been too long. 2-3?


actually fairly recently, because forum rps are seeing a resurgence with tumblr dying off...but i haven't been truly dedicated to a forum since unforum (a big arg community forum) died back in 2017 :(


thank you curewiki for my new forum signature


*sits in rocking chair*

I use to moderate for a LiveJournal community that was pretty well known in certain circles back in the day... Before that, I was on Gaia, like, a lot.

I was queen batastard on the primary Twilight Fan Forums from like 4th grade to 7th grade. My name was a slightly mispelled version of my dog's name, and my avatar was badly drawn pyramid. 

excuse me can we swear on this christian forum



Probably back in middleschool on the Maplestory forums, as well as an RP and General Muckery zetaboard my friends from the Maplestory forum made ages ago called Ninja Giraffe. It was a wild time.


I dabbled in a few forums in middle and high school, but the only place I really used was the Essential Anime Forums, where I, a fifteen year old, was made a forum admin in the peak ::glomp:: era.

Sure was a time.

The only forum I've ever been properly active on was the Lego Messageboards back when I was in secondary school. It's been a while.

Ive not had much experience with forums but the last time I followed any with regularity was the Fable 3 forums just before that came out


About a year, I think? ... but that forum kind of dried up and died pretty quickly because it was very insular. My activity there lasted for maybe a month, before I gave up.

Before that, it had been.... 10-15 years, maybe? I used to hang out on hobbyist novel-writers' forums in highschool.


I spent a little bit of time on the Waypoint forum in late 2017! Before that I think the last time I was a regular was on one or two of the general/off topic GameFAQs boards a decade or more ago?

I've honestly never regularly used any forum. I've casually browsed a few gaming forums, but I was never particularly active in any of them.

I spent years and years over on the Penny-arcade forums, after my roommate got me into them.  But I kinda fell off a couple years ago. 


Consistently? Probably around 2011ish when I first GMed Fantasy Craft and was on that forum constantly.

Oof, let's see...I think it was some play by post forums I took part in like 4-5 years ago? 


My last time visiting a forum was probably looking through Giants in the Playground for some half remembered homebrew thing.

The last time posting on forums would be Gaia rp guilds aaaaagges ago.

I'm still a regular user of and a new user at the Gauntlet forums. There was a time I stopped using them -- mostly while G+ was peaking -- but they fill that hole again.


It's been a hot minute. I tried to use the Waypoint forums for a while, but keeping up with forum posts is hard for me alongside Discord.


Man, for me, it really has to have been back in the heyday of the Forge.

I can't believe there's a RPG forum in the world that hasn't banned me yet! Shocking oversight. Disgusting really.

Like twenty years ago, moderating a young writers speculative fiction board. Unfortunately it was killed because the owner of the site turned out to be completely flipping nuts.

It's pretty nice to be back, actually.

I was a moderator for Legendfire: Writing Forum for several years, and it was a great writing forum of decent folks, but the last two years of its existence was just a mess. We closed shop in 2017 because it was too much for my friend (who owned the site) and myself to keep it alive what with all the stuff that was happening that year. Plus the moderating team had internal fights that turned too problematic, and there wasn't a lot of reliable folks to find for moderators. So, for those exiled writers from that forum, I created a discord server, and most of the good peeps migrated there to talk about writing and game narratives.

My college buddies used a forum to track our campaigns. But the last time I was in forum forum was probably the Serebii forums as a 14 year old? So it's been a hot minute. 

About 10 years ago on Luelinks 


About 10 years ago I was a regular on a small local forum.  I met many good friends there, most have simply vanished but the few that I remained in contact with have been with me since, despite the forum's demise 8 years ago. 

Presently, one of my best friends happens to be a person I met there, and another person from that place happens to be my significant other (for six years and counting.)

Thinking about it, it's insane just how much some obscure small forum I joined on a whim back then impacted my life.

embarrassingly recent actually haha... I used to be frequent on the nuzlocke forums, and i was frequent on the forum on a pokemon fan game until we moved to discord. Other than Pokemon stuff, probably three years ago? I actually really like forums, sad they're becomimg more and more rare

Well, the Gauntlet forums that opened like three days before these here XD

But it's all a weird throwback to late 90s/early 00s, tbh. All the more so with the same typical silly and unnecessary and childish drama that's cropped up, already.

What I notice most is how ways of communication have changed. I think what I miss in forums are reactions; a like or <3 is not quite enough but I also  am more sensitive to a posting a reply with some semblance of content and not just a "this. so much this" or something.

But I'm glad there are now places to have persistent and public discussions/longer takes; I never really got into being active on G+ and while Discords/Slacks are good and important, I'm glad this aspect is being covered.

And to be clear: I think it's a good thing to have multiple such places and not just one central location. Ideally they have strong overlaps. I strongly hope we take an open minded approach to each other, learn of each other and not fall into us vs them camps.

The big question I have is how the values of those more private/closed communities that these have sprung out of get to be propagated and lived in these public spaces. I'm excited for this, here, especially because who has taken the lead for this space that is tied so closely to creators' ways to distribute their stuff.


This is my first time ever using a forum and I'm a young millennial.


I used to be on Proboards forums a lot, for Play-by-Post RPing, and until a few years ago I frequented Giant In The Playground where I ran a play-by-post world-building game called EMPIRE! until 2015.

It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I'm a regular over on the Something Awful forums (yes, they continue to exist). I know that community has a bit of a reputation online, and it's largely deserved. The tradgames sub-forum generally tends to be chill with a more progressive edge to it, so it's definitely not as bad as some parts of Something Awful.

I was a mod on for a while, haven't been regular over there for at least 2 years or so now.  It was a good place, but I found a different community around the time I got into RPGs on twitter, and then Discord servers, and now I've gone full circle I guess!

I was the admin for the Beamdog forums for a few years, it was a ride. :)

Aside from that, I used to play pbp on RPGCrossing, and was a moderator there too for a bit. It's been a while since I posted there at all.

What's interesting to me is how many people have such long gaps in forum usage. I've pretty regularly used forums for most of my life. Even in the advent of more commercialized social media like Facebook and Twitter. I'd count Reddit (as cursed as it may be) as just another forum/message board though.

A lot of smaller gaming communities have survived or sprung back up as message boards in recent years (examples: Giant Bomb and Waypoint). Then there's always stuff like Something Awful, which is actually where I found a lot of good indie TTRPGs stuff and groups to play with.

I don't think I've regularly used a forum since... junior year of high school? Maybe? So like 2007. I was obsessed with the work of some author and got Involved with her forum for a few months. I used forums all through junior high, though, starting in like seventh grade, and then I fell off them for other platforms. 

Probably about a year and a half or so, maybe two since I was reasonably active on one.

I can't really remember but I love forums much more than most social media. I can't process the other ones very easily. Does G+ count? It dying is part of why I'm going back to #forumlife. 

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