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D. W. O'Boyle

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Nicely done. I wish I had better reactions. Can't get more than 2 points.

Very nice looking game. I wish the music didn't start over when you died.

Nicely done!

Played it Firefox and nothing seemed to happen after hitting "start game"



Feel free to check out my game, Void Wisp.

If you want you can check out the High Score Challenge that I've issued youtubers. More info here!

Hello Xeo,

You're more than welcome to check out my game, Void Wisp. It's a simple two button runner where your earn points by grinding a long obstacles. The closer you are to them the more points you earn, but you crash if the center of the Wisp contacts an obstacle.

I've also have issued a challenge to any Youtube LPer to beat my high score. More info here.

Good luck with you're channel!!


I wrote up a very long blog about the design philosophies behind Void Wisp.


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I wrote up a little (ie very long) dev log about the new patch and going to SIX2016


Hey. I have a new video showcasing some of the procedural music: Check it out here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Hv4EsJUfKo

Hey! Thanks for doing a video! This game should be regularly updated so feel free to check back in again to see how things have changed.