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I figured folks could just reply to individual posts to build off ideas. :D

I thought it could be a fun idea to have a thread where we share some ideas that never found their way into games, never got passed the initial "this could be fun" stage, or you just haven't had time to work on. Maybe they'll inspire someone else use them, or you'll find that someone already made a game like it.

I'll start:

A game where you play a civilization that discovers am unmanned exploratory satellite and have to make sense of culture that sent it based on what they included in it.

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It's clunky and really designed for stuff like DnD type games first. That said, after about 200 hours across various games and reading the documentations every few months, I finding Roll20 to be pretty good overall. It does everything to some extent, even if it doesn't do it all well. (especially cards! Gah the card features are so limited!) I'd really love a better alternative, but am glad at least something like it exists.

As for alternatives? I know some folks actually use Tabletop Simulator.

I believe either.

My politics are all over my games and, hopefully, pretty bluntly. Still I do want to make games that anyone is welcome to play as it's not like I will be sitting at their table playing with them very often. That said, I have no problem putting things like "if you believe *this terrible thing* maybe don't play my game or join any community that comes up around it."

it's basically Slack or IRC with slightly friendlier UI. Users can create their own servers and those servers can have different text and voice chat channels. Pretty easy to set up and use, but it certainly has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

There's an official itch one if you want to see how it's set up.

To me, this kind of goes hand-in-hand with a table's comfort with a system and each other. In the actual play podcast, Friends At The Table, they have a phrase "We gotta get off the boat." Which basically means when play comes to a stand still due to indecision. It references a scene in their first episode where the players were all new to the system (Dungeon World) and were basically stuck in indecision when they could have just got into a row boat and went ashore probably without a roll. But the imagined potential for how it could have gone wrong and the unfamiliarity with when to roll was cause for indecision.

I think a lot about the idea of "When to roll" in games with dice. People like rolling dice, but often times it kind of gets in the way of things. I've certainly had better times when there were fewer dice rolls and their results dictated the scene rather than a moment. The counterpoint is that, rolling dice is fun and the most popular games have conditioned players to want to do it often.

Here's some more:

The Skeletons - From the folks behind Fiasco. Another GM-less game. It's about playing some skeletal guardians of an ancient tomb who defend it from adventures and other intruders. It's a lot more meditative and quiet then the description, but you also get to draw some skele-friends. I really want to do a hack/expansion for it, since the game-as-is is a bit content-lite for multiple play-throughs.

Goblin Quest - This is a game about goblins going on a quest of the utmost importance. It's silly and has a lot of cartoon violence. It also comes with a lot designer made hacks that I've never played but always wanted to.

I have a regular group that I usually play one-shots or short campaigns with on the weekends. If I find something that interests me I'll usually post it in our discord to see if anyone else wants to give it try. Sometimes we even play it!

Final Bid - It's a diceless, GM-less game about spending your character's resources to gain narrative control. I've only really played the "1st Edition" (ie when it was just Law's Out), but it really got me to better understand how games could use character sheets. 

What's interesting to me is how many people have such long gaps in forum usage. I've pretty regularly used forums for most of my life. Even in the advent of more commercialized social media like Facebook and Twitter. I'd count Reddit (as cursed as it may be) as just another forum/message board though.

A lot of smaller gaming communities have survived or sprung back up as message boards in recent years (examples: Giant Bomb and Waypoint). Then there's always stuff like Something Awful, which is actually where I found a lot of good indie TTRPGs stuff and groups to play with.

Hello folks,

I'm D. W. aka Dave (He/They). 

I've been making table top and video games for basically my whole life. I've been using to host my video games for years and am very glad that it now has a table top community. I have not released any of my TTRPGs on itch yet, but will be looking for playtesters in a few weeks for some of them. When it comes to TTRPGs I'm very interested in GM-lite and GM-less games that focus on cooperative storytelling as I grew up mostly exposed to very rules-lite play-by-post forum roleplays.


I definitely agree with your thoughts on the puzzle element at the moment. While I like the current chaotic-ness of it, I wish I had more time to implement and test so of the other key mechanics. Even just limiting the randomization would help would make the puzzle element more active. Right  now the only manipulation to the RNG I have is when POW blocks spawn (3rd from the start, then every 5), but it would probably be a good idea to make where they're going to spawn more predictable.  Also having specific sets of blocks that spawn that's biased based off what's in your field instead it being completely random.

The other big thing was actual powers that can manipulate both play fields. Basically the idea was there would be a bit of UI in the center that would say something like "Next Power" and it would go to who ever hit a POW block next. Then you'd be able to trigger when the power gets used via the face buttons.

They would be a mix of pretty standard Arkanoid styled power ups, stuff you'd see in games like Tetris Battle Gaiden, and some ideas I haven't quite seen elsewhere (but they've probably been done before to be honest.) Each power could be used on yourself or your opponent with slightly different effects depending. 

So the whole strategy would be almost more about managing powers and knowing when to use them on yourself for points or protection or using them offensively to trip up your opponent.

As for the strategy you mentioned. It certainly wouldn't be a very high scoring method as your combo resets each time your ball hits your paddle. But in the current form there's not really much room for strats other than "yo, be good at breakout!"

But yeah, it was definitely a lot of fun to work on and I'm thinking about ways to expand on it.

Thanks! Yeah, I didn't really have time to put in much actual GB related stuff other than being inspired by the competitive puzzle game streams they do. I guess I could have made the blocks their faces or something. I more just wanted to get the idea out.

Nicely done. I wish I had better reactions. Can't get more than 2 points.

Very nice looking game. I wish the music didn't start over when you died.

Nicely done!

Played it Firefox and nothing seemed to happen after hitting "start game"



Feel free to check out my game, Void Wisp.

If you want you can check out the High Score Challenge that I've issued youtubers. More info here!

Hello Xeo,

You're more than welcome to check out my game, Void Wisp. It's a simple two button runner where your earn points by grinding a long obstacles. The closer you are to them the more points you earn, but you crash if the center of the Wisp contacts an obstacle.

I've also have issued a challenge to any Youtube LPer to beat my high score. More info here.

Good luck with you're channel!!


I wrote up a very long blog about the design philosophies behind Void Wisp.

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I wrote up a little (ie very long) dev log about the new patch and going to SIX2016

Hey. I have a new video showcasing some of the procedural music: Check it out here.

Hey! Thanks for doing a video! This game should be regularly updated so feel free to check back in again to see how things have changed.