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Our Pantheon

A GMless TTRPG about gods creating a world and the people in it · By D. W. O'Boyle

Share Your Worlds! Sticky

A topic by D. W. O'Boyle created Dec 25, 2019 Views: 236 Replies: 4
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Hello Folks,

This is a thread to share the worlds and stories you've made with this game! If you played it for an Actual Play this is where you can post a link to it's session/episode/podcast/etc.

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Pangea, our first try. Four gods who hardly tolerate each other tried to take over this world of flying mountains and acid lakes.

As an advice, don't make the map this big, it gets difficult to interact with weach other until late in the game. I do have some feedback of the game too.

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Awesome looking though! I had not considered hexes. 

It does look too big. In the next release version of the game I recommend a map of 12 columns and 8 rows. I find that size is kind of a goldy-locks zone where it's big enough to get a lot done but still requires players to interact a lot more.


I just played in a two-player game and cleaned up the map so that it was readable. Here is the original:

This is a really excellent updated to Dawn of Worlds! I had a lot of fun playing. Hopefully I'll be able to get a five-player game running within the next few weeks, I'm interested to see what kind of weird and cool world we make then! This world eventually ended when, during the chaos phase, I rolled a 6,6 and narrated that the source of magic (A giant collapsed volcano previously inhabited by sapient lava-blobs) exploded.

Other interesting things that came out of this world were Deer-People who worshiped their own predators (giant flying parasitic ghostly blobs), a faction of rebels against that way of life (who eventually burned the deer-people's capital city) and a desert full of metallic cacti that absorbed electricity from storms (the Humans would unsuccessfully try to harness this energy against their foes, the puffer-bat people, but failed to do so just before the world exploded)

This is great!!!