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:/ feels

holy shit what a name 

Some of y'all have written EPICS about characters you've created in ttrpgs. Let's make a megathread of as many as we can. So, 

tell me about your character. 

tf no

easy pick

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Sandy Pug Games
Takuma Okada 
Allie Bustion 
Eli Kurtz
Mabel Harper
Nora Blake 

This thread will be updated as moderators come and go. If you have any issues, contact any these individuals.  If you have any questions specifically for us or about moderation, feel free to leave them here. Thanks.

Now that you bring it up, no, that's something we've forgotten to list. Our mods are
Sandy Pug Games
Takuma Okada
Allie Bustion 
Eli Kurtz
Mabel Harper
Nora Blake 
and myself. 

it should now be visible

From my limited experience with hacks I would say dont be afraid of moving away from the core game. Get rid of anything that doesnt fit what you want to accomplish with the system. 

100% on this. We're not excluding them by bias. We're currently unclear on what DnD and Fate content is allowed, but once it's clear we'll fire up spaces for them. 



i'm gunna go youtube some fly fishing 

also i'm hella juiced to learn about the OSR community through this forum. i've heard great things. 

Smashboards. And I wasn't even posting, just reading through em sometimes. It's been a real long time. *looks into signatures*

If people are making OSR games, there's an OSR subcategory here.

Monsterhearts is nothing like World of Dungeons, true. If there's a huge disparity and we need more space for growing subsections, we can make them. This place has existed for a few minutes. Give it time to exist so that we can see what we need to change or alter. 

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Welcome to the TTRPG forums.

It's our job as members of this community to honor one another, show each other respect, and to uplift one another by keeping the gates open for everyone. In this space we can shape a culture of personal and professional value. Of care, the sharing of information, and of promoting a better standard for how we are treated and how we treat each other. In order to achieve this goal, the mod team has established the following guidelines, followed by our expectations for behavior. 


Listen to those who are more informed than us when it comes to their culture, background, gender identity, or social standing. Missteps happen; apologize, and move on. Don’t put the burden of explaining on others and try to do your own research. Respect the boundaries of others. If a conversation becomes uncomfortable for someone, be understanding. Don’t pry; ask if it’s okay to move forward in a conversation or if it needs to come to an end. If someone throws the X-Card or draws a line in the sand, it’s full stop. Respect people’s pronouns, and what name they prefer to be called.

Facilitate the lowering of gates by being an envoy of our community. The conversation is what’s important, not the pace. Listen first.  

Warning Level Offenses

Hate speech is not allowed here in any form. We don’t use, promote, or normalize language that intends harm based on the rights and respect of physical and mental ability as well as racial, cultural, national, gender, and sexual backgrounds.

Derailing threads by moving focus of a conversation in a non-natural and malicious manner. Keep self-promotion, detailed theory, and/or miscellaneous conversation in their appropriate spaces.

Piracy and theft. Stealing and/or reskinning exact works of others and claiming ownership is an offense. Distributing copies of work that are not your own creations or without the permission of the creator  

After two warnings, your account will be suspended for a week. Upon returning your next infraction warrants further suspension up to and including a ban. If an infraction is clearly intentional or alluded in bad faith, the result will be a suspension or ban.

Bannable Offenses 

 Posting illegal content of any kind. Doxxing, general and targeted harassment, and deliberate disregard of boundaries. Public debate of moderated deliberations within the forums, save in Feedback discussions. Warning level infractions that are malicious, targeted, or extreme violations (judged at Full Mod Team discretion).

Those who are known to engage in the above listed offenses outside of this forum are not welcome and will be subjected to immediate expulsion.

Any information brought forward to the moderation team is held in full confidence and anonymity.

We have a home to live in. Now let's treat it, and each other, with the respect we deserve. Let's get to it. 

We hella forgot LARP. 

LARPs definitely need their own subcategory. 

i dunno why I always call you Takuma Oda in my head. i will drill Okada in.

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ALSO most definitely OSR as a subcategory. most needed.

Recommended mods, if they accept:
Takuma Okada
John Harness
Allie Bustion
Nora Blake
Cass Kat
Mabel Harper
Ben Scerri

Hey Leaf. Thanks a ton. I'l like to put myself forward as a moderator. 

Also, some subcategories I think are necessary are:
Forged in the Dark
Original Systems
Game Jams
General Hacks
TTRPG Theory 
Narrative Games



Hey Leaf, it's DC. We recently spoke in a brief email exchange. 

Everything posted here has been on point, so I want to cover a different need. 

Having our own forum is wildly important due to the departure of Google+ in the coming months. Most established designers have used it as a tool to connect to the community at large, and we've had many failed attempts at replicating a similar space sense.

The two sides of the coin are that we have a place to begin transitioning tabletop RPG community communication to, while you receive a direct line to the creator base, much like this post. 

The framework of Blades is there, so you'll be comfortable with most of the mechanics if you've played it. But there are new/different mechanics, a new setting, and a different core focus. 

26 I believe. The sheets have 7. 

No problem!

All the playtesting was done off stream, but that's going to change soon! I'll be running sessions on Twitch in October. Possibly sooner. 

Hey! If you purchase the game now, you WONT have to purchase the complete game. I'll be updating the game, so anyone who purchases now will be able to download the complete game later. The price will increase wont be a factor for those who purchase the game now as well.

The game is currently a full experience as a Blades in the Dark hack. But the complete version will have it's own goals, more content to build from, and some general improvements.