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TTRPG User/Creator Introductions Sticky

A topic by Zeshio created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 10,976 Replies: 165
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Hello everyone! I thought this might be a great thread to start because as a creator I'm always looking to make new connections and talk about projects/collaboration. And if you're not a creator, it'd be cool to hear what draws you to ttrpgs and what you like playing!

My TTRPG experience started when I got thrown into a 2E DnD campaign when I was in college 15? years ago, and ever since I've been really interested in the area, mostly as a player and sometimes DM. 

Looking to explore more of the creative space in TTRPGs, I started creating pixel art projects for Roll20 and for Hex Kit two years ago. Lately, I've been exploring more independent creation of TTRPG content, mostly DnD 5E. I've been challenging myself to stretch out into traditional illustration, layout, and writing. 

Mostly, I'm excited to learn from others and make sweet TTRPG content!

On a more personal note, I live in the Pacific NW, I'm a vegetarian Hindu, and I love cooking. I love reading and comics, and basically would die if I'm not creating stuff. (He/Him)

You can find me on:
Twitter: @Zeshio
Discord: Zeshio #9351

I'm always up for chatting or helping other creatives out. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone!


A good afternoon to us all!

I'm Samuel Mui aka @babblegumsam (on Twitter and Instagram), a South Easy Asian RPG designer from Malaysia. Devoted Christian/Agnostic and Writing student.

I was first exposed to TTRPGS (specificially GURPS) from a webcomic called Irregular Webcomic and I officially joined the Malaysian community as a GM in 2016. I also organize local events for GMs to develop our skills.

I run mostly PbtA games and little else! My favourites include Monster of the Week, Kult Divinity Lost, and City of Mist.

My games focus around introspective explorations of the self and how we relate to others and crack-level psychedelic horror/nonsense. I'm currently working on a PbtA-hack called Magical B*tches, a game about psychics trying to save the world while battling their own flaws and emotions.

I've recently released a game called Word Wizardz forNora Blake's March of the Wizards 2k19 Game Jam. Check out other games there as well! A lot of great stuff.

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Hello everyone! 

I'm Raph D'Amico (he/him) a.k.a. raphdamico (original, I know), designer of digital things and story games in San Francisco. Infinite love for mechs, metaphors, and play to lose. Really excited for this new community and a chance for smaller, weirder, less mainstream games & creators to thrive. 

Thanks DC for shepherding us over here!

I've been into storygames for only a few years, more seriously in the last year discovering the amazing world of larping (I will never forget this one) and for the last year have been working on my own game called THE ZONE, a game of collaborative self destruction and love letter to all weird & dangerous exclusion zones (think Annihilation, Roadside Picnic, Stalker...)

And yeah—#sadMechJam was awesome. Hope I have time to make something for Short Rest jam!


Hi, I'm Tyler, aka Zargo Games, aka Zargo (he/they). I've been designing homebrew tabletop content since high school (though I only started publishing in college) and have worked on homebrew stuff Star Wars Saga Edition, Pathfinder, D&D 5E, and Dungeon World. Now I'm largely focused on creating my own original games, and I'm working on a PbtA game inspired by Jurassic Park where you play as the security staff at a dinosaur park trying to stop everything from going to hell. I also designed a game for the March of the Wizards 2k19 jam called Wizard University Welcome Week!

I'm bi and have been exploring my gender identity and expression, so hopefully that's something I can work into my games in the future.

You can find me
on Twitter: @sorryjzargo
on Discord: sorryjzargo#6433

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hey everyone! i'm marn (she/her pronouns). i've been playing ttrpgs for about four years now, though i've been doing play-by-post roleplay in various forms since roughly 2004-2005! i've tooled around with various homebrew systems/vague hacks of existing systems, but last year's 200 word rpg challenge was the first time i actually ventured into writing my own game for real. for that i wrote banquo at the feast, a shakesperian tragedy "hack" of quick, narrative party games like mafia and werewolf! i also wrote two games for the record collection jam back in january - the dark sentencer (a tarot-based narrative game about escaping space prison), and pick of destiny (a fantasy battle game about rocking demons' faces off). i've also been noodling around with a lasers and feelings hack based on humans vs zombies, a larp/nerf tag game i helped mod for like four years.

i also write a ton (like, a ton) of stuff that isn't games, and i co-host a podcastabout immersive fiction and alternate reality games! you can find me on twitter @corpserevivers.


hi i'm erika i'm gay, i play games to feel sad and kiss girls


Hey we've played Masks together! 👋 from Alloy Ally


"isn't that everyone's goal"?  ;-)

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My name is Riley Hopkins, I use He/They pronouns and I design games and create podcasts! I made Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined (which should be done soon), and some other smaller games, and am the host of the RPG Design Friends podcast! I'm also on a fe actual plays and other podcasts, but yeah!

Twitter: RevRyeBread

Website: Linksmith Games


I’m Atlas (he/thon) or koboldtime, @koboldtime on twitter. 

I’ve only been designing for just over 6 months and only been playing for about a year, but I’ve made quite a few games since then. I’m currently working on my first big game a forged in the dark game tentatively titled Oops All Warlocks. I stream my game design on thursdays. 

I also produce a podcast found @playtestpower called Playtest Power Hour where we playtest games. It’s half an excuse to play games with my friends and half a way for me to support the community by providing playtests.

I’m hoping i won’t be too nervous to post here in the future.


Don't feel too nervous, there's a lot of great people who are willing to help and make connections!


Hey! I'm Nat, I've been playing TTRPGs since probably fifth grade? Due to limited materials at the time we had to make our own, very bad system. I like to think my design skills have improved since then. I mostly run PbtA stuff, but I also run a D&D 5e campaign for some friends. Right now, I'm not working on an actual sellable product, just some game jams when I can. Hopefully that changes soon enough though.

I'm a trans girl, she/her. This comes up somewhat sporadically in my stuff, depending on how intense my dysphoria is at the moment haha.

My twitter is @TinManOz4, and if you want any of my other social media you can DM me.

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Alex/transistence/Aket depending on platform. Pronouns are e/em/ere. The sad mech jam here was the first time I'd published one of m own games for $, and I hope to coninute doing so and supporting others doing so. Previously, I've participated in a lot of anthologies and done some other freelancing. This will likely be one of my more active online presences, but you can find me on Discord at Aket#3324 or on Twitter @transistence.

Right now I'm working on a late entry for March of the Wizards about stacking dice to build a wizard tower, a Short Rest game about a pair of mittens, and two longer term projects that I hope to have on itch someday.

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Hey All,

I'm Andrew C (@halflingcaravan on Twitter and all over the place) and I've been creating stuff for D&D3.5E, D&D5E, and working on my own RPG game system (Beta Maxx Engine which I've got cartridges for X, Death, -thulhu, and other concepts ready to go) as well as  card game projects like Lost Stories, The Other World Game, and in tinkering with a Gotcha Heist Game. 

I'm looking to do more Cooperative Game creation, teaming up with Artists, Editors, and other Writers. If you're looking for people to work with, I'm really wanting to get a diversity of people around me working on projects together because I think it makes for better games.

Edit: He/Him. Responds well to coffee, dark chocolate, cheesecake, debates, and randomness.


Hey! I'm Dora (tho I publish things as S. Gates). I've been seriously playing TTRPGs for over a decade. I cut my teeth on D&D 3.5E, but it's only been in the past year and a half that I've started getting into indie stuff. I've GMed a couple of Dungeon World games and have done a Masks one-shot, but the loves of my life are GMless and storytelling games.

Like a lot of folks, #sadmechjam was my first instance of publishing anything on, but I'd been working on Things, Eldritch and Terrifying for quite a while before that.

Anyway, I'm super stoked about this community. I can be found on Twitter @harpydora. Come say hi!


I'm JR, and I just recently started making my own games. I like mechanics that have a physical aspect (most evident in my newest game, cementville) and I like Jewish stories. My hope over the next year, aside from game jam stuff, is to finish the two projects I started last year: a Jewish fantasy OSR setting and a Pretty Little Liars RPG. You can find me on twitter @wrestlingbubble. Let me know what you think of my games. I'm new and I know I can improve and your feedback is invaluable.  


I'm Brian, I write a webcomic called The Sisters as well as an adventure table-top gaming blog called the Goatman's Goblet. I'm almost always open for collaboration, and can be contacted at BrianWriter#6900 on Discord. I recently published Rakehell, a KNAVE zine on here. I'm sort of an OSR of the newblood variety, kind of a 2016 onward individual via my blog. I've worked on the METATOY/LARA systems before making content for them; and I'm really getting into Troika. I like doing research projects and making big random generator tables. 

I also have a ton of artist contacts, in case anyone ever needs one of those for hire. 


Your web comic is beautiful, looking forward to reading more!




Hello there, I'm Chris. (he/him). I started playing TTRPGs about 5 years ago. I'm always eager to try new games. I work with a creative partner on D&D supplements and adventures. We made a monster cookbook last year. I'm hoping to start work on a fully fledged game soon!

You can catch me on twitter @herewegomez8

Or Discord herewegomez#9683

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Hi folks,

I'm Bogdan aka Syfro (he/him), and I've been playing TTRPGs since I was about 10 years old. Early on mostly forms of D&D, but later branching out into PbtA systems, Blades in the Dark, White Wolf games, and more. I'm currently working on a detective fiction based TTRPG called Grey Cells that focuses on investigation and helping the GM make awesome mysteries. This is my first game project that I'll be releasing and publishing and so far I'm really happy with how it's going!

I'm looking forward to getting more involved with the TTRPG community, helping people, getting feedback and working together to make TTRPGs even more awesome!

You can find me on Twitter @SometimesSyfro, or on Discord as Syfro#5329 :)


Hey everyone,

Michael here (he/him). I've been playing ttrpgs for about 10 years now. Started with 4th ed. D&D and soon after started making custom character classes and rules. I'm currently working on a cyberpunk hack of Blades in the Dark (my current favourite system) called Neon Black. You can follow development of Neon Black on Twitter.

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Like it says on the tin; I'm Levi (he/him).

Playing for...   30-odd years.   Been hacking what I run the whole time; the point at which that became what any given person would call design is, uh.  Fuzzy.

Have been publishing on DTRPG for a good long while, mostly small, free, or PWYW; a number of sources told me "You should look at Itch".  So I'm...  Looking at Itch.


I hope it treats you well! In my experience, the community here is more willing to pay you for what you're worth, so don't undersell yourself! Looking forward to your work.

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I found your play aids for Otherkind based play great. I am working on something similar, from the perspective of Themes instead of Skills. Say, like Mesopotamians.

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Oh hi,

I'm Tenbear and I like to make games more than I like to play them. My first proper TTRPG experience was in 2001 or so, running a pacifist street samurai Bonsai gardener in a Shadowrun campaign. I've got fictional illnesses where I will die if I'm not constantly making something, so hmu if you're in the mood to collaborate on just about anything. I move pixels around for a living and have a small marketing side hustle, but I'm keen to take most roles you don't want to do yourself.



I'm Aleks. Pronouns are they/them. I make games, a lot of which are tabletop role playing games. Been publishing on itch for a while, although not exactly selling a great deal. I also make other kinds of art and write things. I tend to be much more verbose when I'm writing on a topic that isn't me, I guess? The foundation of my method ... is love.


Hey everyone! I'm Liam (He/They). I'm the head designer at Sandy Pug Games, we're a collective of marginalized folx banding together to make cool games. Back when it was just one or two of us we mostly made Dungeon World sheets and setting books. We've had two pretty big Kickstarters (Orc Stabr and Americana), so right now we're focused mainly on producing the latter. I'm really hyped to see people finally coming over to Itch. It's such an awesome platform and we can grow so much here.

SPG does a lot of stuff besides making games. We offer free Kickstarter help for marginalized people, we produce a small video series that helps explain TTRPGs in a quick and concise way, we produce a radio drama set in Americana. I'm also a mentor at the San Jenaro Co-Op, and heading up their first project as a co-operative owned design house, producing a large anthology of very cool small games. Oh, and I just launched a fiction writing project that I'm hoping becomes a collective profit sharing space all about writing evocative stories about games that don't exist.

You can follow me @SandyPugGames on twitter. 


Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you all bring a lot of great experience others would love to hear from!

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hi, i'm j.y. singaporean-chinese 27 bi cis man. i've been interested in trpgs for 15 years, and been playing/making them for the past 10 or so. i think. i love the focused design of small games and the longevity of the larger, traditional fare. games that inspired me the most have been fate core, apocalypse world, and exalted. i also play dnd sometimes, grudgingly.

my current project is 'under heaven, underworld', a modern wuxia game with an original system.

find me on twitter at @king_crackers, on discord as kingcrackers#1379, and my email address is


Hello! My name is Natalie, I use she/her pronouns, and I fervently dislike dice. 


hell yeah natalie is in here


hellllll yeah


Hey I'm Ben Milton, I run the YouTube channel Questing Beast, which focuses on showcasing the best stuff coming out of the OSR/Post-OSR/Adventure Games scene. Started playing consistently about 5-6 years ago when Andrew Armstrong of Dawnforgedcast invited me to his game. I've been designing boardgames, wargames, and card games since I was a kid.

I've published two games: Mithral-best-selling Maze Rats, and Platinum-best-selling Knave. I'm currently working on writing the upcoming "Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Adventure Game" for River Horse Games. I'm on twitter at @benjamilt. 

I saw those tables : impressing !


Hi I’m Devin (he/him). My training and background is as a performer, mainly in physical theatre and clown. I’ve been experimenting with ttrpg and game design in performance for the past couple of years. 

I’m based in Philly and currently teach classes in slapstick, create game theatre pieces, and write a blog about roleplaying games and performance. 

I also love being in the hobby and community as a player. Always interested in trying out new games, improving my skills and collaborating with interesting people.


Olivia, she/her. I've made games for a long while now. I've got a number of indie games out there, and I've written a few million words for other companies.  The vast majority of my words in print came from the World of Darkness series of games, but I also did words for Leverage, Marvel Heroic, Dragon Age, Shadowrun, and other things. My wife and I collaborate on all our games. You can find a number of them here on itch. 

I also write novels, which are conveniently also on itch. The current game I'm working on is called #iHunt, and it's based on my biggest series of novels. It's about millennials hunting monsters in the gig economy. It's economic horror, where eviction is scarier than any vampire.  

I'm based out of Tokyo. My normal day job is as a narrative designer and writer for video game companies,  but as of right now I'm freelancing full-time.  


Your new project sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing your stuff!


Hi there! I'm Abe, I use they/them or he/him, and Play-by-Post games are my thing! I fell in love with the format couple years ago, and I'm working on a a good five or six myself. You can find me on twitter @abemendes, and I'll also be launching a discord focused on PBP and journaling games some time in the next week! Glad to be here.


Hey folks! My name's Ronald (he/him), and you can find me on Twitter @djregular. I've been interested in roleplaying games in some form since I was in my early teens (if we don't count CYOA books and the like), when a family friend introduced me to D&D, then gave me the 2nd Ed. Vampire: The Masquerade corebook for my 13th birthday. Ever since then I've been a player and a GM for a variety of games, though not as many as I'd like in recent. I've got a soft spot for Feng Shui, as it's where I've played some of my longest running games as a GM (in a bit of a modified setting).

I'm currently working on a Cortex Prime-hack for a superhero game that I've described as postmodern comics meets The Wire, and I've also made a short piece of interactive fiction called Play This Only At Night based on a Hip Hop and YA pulp fiction Lasers & Feelings-hack that I made called 'Create & Devastate'. 

I live in the South Bay of the SF Bay area, and I've been trying to dip my toe further into the gaming community in the area in the past year or so.

Your project sounds fun, looking forward to seeing you in the community!

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Hello, To paraphrase some youn'un from the low rises "Where that project at ?"


Hey I'm Takuma! they/she, working on stuff under the name No Road Home. I've been playing TTRPGs since 6th grade but only started making them pretty recently. Started out working on a Japanese/Ainu folklore supplement for D&D (which sadly didn't get very far), but got into making some microgames about a year ago and haven't looked back.  Like some other folks I come from a theatre/improv background, and I'm a big fan of longform stuff. I'm currently working on several things but the "passion project" so to speak at the moment is Stewpot: Tales from a Fantasy Tavern, a tavern simulation tabletop game banquet in the style of Firebrands (although with mostly unique minigames!). Looking forward to hanging out here with y'all!

uhhh links are a thing right? My page is, and my Twitter is @takuma_okada_


Thanks for modding! Your tavern project sounds really cool, I'll have to keep an eye out for it!


Hi! My name is Kazander, I'm a game master and software engineer from Southern California. My first experience with tabletop was playing d&d with my dad when 4e came out, which was a lot of fun, but shortlived. Now, I've been running a d&d 5e campaign for 2 years and I play in a few other campaigns. I want to try more systems and see what else is out there, I've currently got sourcebooks for Dungeon World and Masks, as well as Star Wars FFG and I plan on getting Genesys soon. I also buy a lot of content on DMsguild, and I have 70+ sets of polyhedral dice. I like material things. I want to see more diversity in this hobby. I like Cyberpunk and the Feywild. Neon colors are fun. I lean towards narrative over crunch.

I've been wanting to create more, but I lack the drive and energy. I find being around creative people and seeing what they're up to really helps inspire me to do more, hence me checking out this place!

Totally agree! Having other creatives around really helps me to come up with new ideas and bounce ideas off others.


Hi my name is Steve, or Xjere pretty much anywhere online. I'm new to game design, but old hat to ttrpgs, having started with the "Red Box" in the late 80s. My game preference is pretty broad, but I tend to lean more toward structured settings rather than group narrative settings (most would say Trad v Narrative, but I think it tends to create a false binary), and enjoy playing around with systems meant to invoke a certain emotion of ideal. One a tends to do this exceptionally well (Bluebeard's Bride invoking solitude and feminine horror, Night Witches comraderie, BitD class warfare...).

My current, and only project right now is a Sci-fi module for Bluebeard's Bride called Compass Rose.

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Hello, I'm Monty or darkliquid pretty much everywhere. I've not done a lot of game design per se, though I've written for a few third party Numenera things and self-published my own numenera sourcebook. I've been interested in ttrpgs for maybe 20 years, and pretty much started hacking systems to suit settings and themes I found interesting since day 1. Fate, pbta and forged in the dark stuff is where my current jam is, and I'm currently working on a forged in the dark game.

I'm on Twitter as @darkliquid


Hey there! I'm Anna (she/her), @AnnaLandin on pretty much every platform I'm on. I'm a Swedish freelance artist and illustrator, and I've been an avid player of all kinds of ttrpgs since about 2016, but have been hanging out adjacent to the ttrpg space for quite a bit longer than that. While most of my gaming has been done in Dungeon World or D&D 5e, I've tried a broad range of systems and tend to be drawn to ones that emphasise narrative and shared power over worldbuilding and character arcs.

I play Rue Alder on The Promise Tree, an ongoing Ryuutama campaign that streams on Twitch every second Sunday - and if you've gotten your hands on the Flotsam ttrpg from Black Armada Games, that's my art on the cover (and parts of the interior).

I've only been creating games for a little while - I wrote my first one for the Emotional Mecha Jam - but it seems making games begets more games, because my project list keeps growing. My efforts thus far are Signal to Noise and Steading, but I'm sure more will follow soon.

Love your art style! Your use of color is really nice!


Hi, I'm Morgan (They/Them), I'm a fledgling game designer, I studied video games in university but haven't done much with that education since and Ive only recently gathered enough motivation to finish anything and made my first game for the wizard game jam and I hope to keep the momentum up.


Hey there all! I'm Calum (he/him), and I've been running games for just over a decade now, and designing them (at first tentatively) for about half of that. I'm currently deep into the process of working on A NOCTURNE, my Forged in the Dark game about transhuman space bastards, interstellar warfare, entropy, and the horrors of hyper-capitalism. I'm also working on my as-yet nowhere-to-be-found rpg Free Company, where you play as mercenaries in late-14th century Italy, a project which is ballooning into something huge and unwieldy and oddly Traveller-like, and probably won't see the light of day for a while.

As you can probably tell, I love running and playing (and designing for) player-driven sandbox games.


Morning all,

I'm Eppy (he/him). I've been publishing tabletop roleplaying games for a while now, starting with Dread way back in the day (which hasn't made it to yet but might). Most of my back catalog is Worlds Without Master, the magazine of sword & sorcery games and fiction.

I enjoy experimenting with form quite a bit and  I have an abiding affection for programmable calculator instruction manuals. Someday I'll coalesce these two facts into what will certainly be my proudest commercial failure.

Have you got some more of that Lincoln green development journal goodness ? Following your work is stimulating.


Thank you!

As the weather warms up here, I’m sure my thoughts will turn to spring and the Greenwood. So probably soon, but right now I’ve got another project on the plate in front of me.

Thank you for your kind reply !  (blush)



I'm Austin (he/him), the primary GM and community manager for You Don't Meet In An Inn, an actual play podcast about exploring obscure tabletop role playing games with a diverse rotating cast. We also stream a long term game of Fantasy Craft on Fridays at 6pm EST, and afterwards it can be found on our YouTube channel.

I'm also a TTRPG designer, best known for Beam Saber (which I stream on Tuesdays at 6pm EST on the above twitch link and can be found afterwards on the above YouTube channel), a Forged In The Dark game about the pilots of powerful machines in a war that dominates every facet of life.

I can be found on twitter here.



I'm Martin (he/him), I am currently working on a TTRPG System that can support tons of genres, the first of which is an expansive scifi setting that I am writing. Main themes for the system are "immersion", putting you in another world entirely.

Mechanics are designed with the goal of encouraging creative problem solving, which means that the mechanics tend to "mimic" real world rules. Combat hurts, fighting hurts, you have to choose your path carefully. Fighting a guy in full armor, when you just have a wooden broom, is going to be hard.

I am going to be releasing this system along with the scifi setting this summer, and will be revealing the name and art of the system over the next few months on my twitter (@MartinDubu).


So cool to see so many friends already here and more coming!

I'm Adam, he/him pronouns. I design and publish story games in Michigan, though planning a move to LA this summer to live with my partner in the sunlight. I'm also a touring musician in the band La Dispute, I kinda got started/inspired making music-related or adjacent games that turned into a much more broad thing but still have a lot of influence from 2000s emo and stoner metal music in the games I make now. 

For a while I was making postcard-sized microgames every month on my patreon, but I've fallen a bit off schedule lately thanks to ZineQuest on kickstarter and trying out some game jams on itch. I've also been reconciling lately with charging less-than-cost for those games and trying to find a solution that doesn't make me broke but keeps people happy. 

I'm a big fan of print and make nearly all my games available in physical form at, which is also a decent hub for new releases, character sheets, contact stuff, and social media likemy twitter @WCGameCo and more-active instagram @WorldChampGameCo


DC was recently on the RPG Design Friends podcast to discuss pricing, you might be interested to check it out!


haven't heard this particular conversation I'll have to dig in. while we've never talked, they were a big motivator in making me reconsider how things work and how I can shift my thinking on it!

"to live with my partner in the sunlight"

Choosing to expose yourself to natural light... wow, if that's not true love...




Ben Dutter, he/him, one half of Sigil Stone Publishing. Played D&D with my older brother around 24 years ago, played RPGs pretty consistently ever since. 

I’m a bit of a meandering designer; GMless story games, PbtA hacks, OSR stuff, big crunchy universals, card games, you name it. My wife and I just wrapped up the Vagabond’s Cyclopedia, waiting on proofs. Working on half a dozen things but our next “real” project is Five Torches Deep, a 5e + OSR mashup. 

I don’t really have a strong philosophy or theme as a designer, which I think shows in my weirdly broad scope of work. I guess I’m still looking for something that makes sense to me and for me, y’know? 

Happy to be here on itch!


I also tend to be very broad in the sense that I like creating a lot of different types of things, so whatever makes you happy tends to be the best choice! Glad to see you in the community!

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Hello, you can call me magpie for short and I use They/Them Pronouns. I started playing ttrpgs in earnest recently (withing the past two years). I primarily played PbtA and Forged in the Dark games, (and will hopefully be design a few of my own). My design obsessions are focusing on rpgs as conversation and designing systems to tell thematically deep stories.

I put up my first game, A Long Night in the Mech Bay, for the #sadmechjam earlier this year.  I am currently trying to make a game about people solving  supernatural problems, similar to anime like Mushishi.

And you can find me on twitter @Magpie_Mirror.




Hello! I'm Nicklas (he/him, @nyvinter),  I mostly draw stuff because even small games takes time to write for me. But I'm getting there!

I love GMing games where I don't have to touch the dice as they will betray me not in the end but almost all of the time. As for being a player, I really don't have a preference except that I don't really like the D20. (Give me d12 mechanics!)


Hey, Nicklas! Speaking of d12 mechanics, have you heard of BROKEN ROOMS? It's one the most interesting d12-based systems I've seen, you might like it. 

(1 edit) (+1)

It's on my list of games to get as I've been recommended it.

I almost went with a d12+d8 system for my not finished wizjam game but a normal card deck would be more thematic there.

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Howdy, All!  I'm Brad E (he/him). I've been a gamer for oh, forty-plus years, mostly as a GM. Then I had a turn in the hobby industry as a minor partner in a game publishing company, and got to help edit and develop a number of games, one of which I'm very proud of, though it's long out of print at this juncture.  I want more diversity in the hobby as well, and currently greatly enjoy Blades in the Dark and Forged in the Dark games. Naturally, I'm at game design again, trying to create a truly equitable and non-racist variant of steampunk.


Brad Murray of the VSCA. I prefer "he" but won't balk at "they".

I've been playing role-playing games since around 1977 when I took over reffing from my friend's mother.

In 2009 we published Diaspora, which you may have heard of. In 2011 we published Hollowpoint which you might not have (even though it was nominated for Best Game ENnie in 2012!). Last year we published two new titles and this year I'm going to try to get out three. Currently I'm grooving on a distant cousin of both Apocalypse World and Blades in the Dark for a house system that satisfies my own needs first. I've always figured, though, that I'm not unique.

I publish on Lulu and DTRPG but have brought several titles to itch to see what's what. Impressed so far!

I am @BradJMurray on Twitter and some Atholl (VSCA, he/him)#0864 on discord.


Hi all, I'm Bird (also known as Aidan), and I use they/them pronouns. I've been playing role-playing games since I was a kid, mostly with family and friends.

I prefer to create my own worlds, and have been working on a massive world-build project called Elivera since my youth. Most of my science fiction novels, short stories, and game narratives take place in this universe. I've created some resources for playing in this universe that utilizes Starfinder's approach to dice rolls, attributes, feats, etc (just adopting it to Elivera).  Though I'd love to develop my own system rather than relying on core rules of others. So far, I've been working with friends on a computer game for Elivera, but I'd love to have my tabletop resources refined and available too.

I've also created an alternate history that utilizes Pathfinder classes and combat systems, but it's set on Earth, where dwarves, elves, halflings, and so forth lived along with humans, and how that altered history. I mostly use these resources with homebrew games with friends and family, but have thought about sharing it with the wider public. I haven't published anything in the tabletop genre yet. I mostly just lurk and listen in the community.

You can find me at:  or on twitter @AAidanbird


Hi friends! I'm Jeff Stormer (He/His). I'm a podcaster, game designer, occasional pro wrestling referee and commentator, and the Unofficial Official LARPwright of the Olive Garden Restaurant.

I've been publishing smaller TTRPGs and LARPs on itch for awhile, before running a Kickstarter for Mission: Accomplished!, an RPG of super-spies an office meetings, last October.

I also host Party Of One, an actual play podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences--so if you've published a two-player RPG and you want to promote it on a podcast, let's chat.


Hi, nice to meet you all! I'm Adam. (he/him)

I design a bunch of different kinds of games, but roleplaying games are my thing. I tend to make weirder games - RPGs designed to be played round campfires, game poems, LARPS about post-apocalyptic business cargo cults. I have a few projects on my itch page (though really should get round to adding more). 

I also host the actual play podcast These Flimsy Rituals. And  I'm part of a collective called Furtive Shambles who put on events playing small physical games in places that suit them (the forest at night, the beach, on a walk etc)

Interested to see how this space grows. Hopefully it becomes a nice place to talk about and share design ideas & games.


"yo, it's yr girl, you already KNOW who it is!" -- dj who is not your girl and who you do not know at all

hey! i'm kavi (she/her) and i make Songs for the Dusk with quinn bleiler. you can find me on twitter at yrgirlkv and the game's twitter at songsforthedusk.


Cure is fine. I make game jam games. I am also making a Fall of Magic hack about geese traveling from Canada to go kill god and a firebrands/fitd mashup hack about magic mech support staff. I also shitpost.


Words can't describe how excited I am to be a goose and kill god

I'm gonna be a goose and kill god


Hi there, I'm Nora Blake! I'm a mostly-girl-shaped object who uses she/her and zi/zin pronouns.

I write tabletop games, including the only vampire ttrpg in existence! I also do as many podcasts as I can.

I'm on Twitter & Itch. Happy to be here!


Hey! I’m Dissonance. I’m ttrpg designer, GM, and player whose been hacking and designing as a way to understand my favorite games better. My experience with the vibrant indie-rpg scene inspired me to take up the task of getting my own games out there for others to enjoy.

My perspective: I’m a microbiologist, a relationship anarchist, a polyamorous person, a lover story and of systems. I like to help others grow and share what I’ve learnes with my fellow aspiring designers.

You can find me here and @MothLands on Twitter.


Hello! I'm Laura (she/her, they/them)(@Cheerio_Buffet). I'm a bi nonbinary woman, although it's never been officially proven that I'm not three cats in a trenchcoat. 

I started non-gaming role playing in middle school, made a number of DnD character sheets in high school (to be told "oh, girls would probably just be bored so you're not actually invited), and then started truly playing RPGs 4-5 years ago. 

I'm a player on Tabletop Squadron, a Star Wars Edge of the Empire AP podcast. I also run our Twitter (@tabletop_squad) and do most of the behind the scenes stuff and management outside of editing. 

I've also been SLOWLY working on a game based on reading tea leaves and creating social drama. 


I'm Neal (he/him), and I've been playing RPGs since the 1984 D&D red box; I started making my own games in 1990, but first did so "professionally" (as in, made them publicly available and for sale) in 2012. I have an inordinate fondness for heavily narrative games, card-driven or diceless mechanics, mythology and symbolism, cats, coffee, and esoterica. Most of my work that's worth noting is here on Itch, over on DriveThruRPG, or on my site


Hey y'all! I'm known as Disco on the internet (he/him)! I'm on twitter @HarmonicDisco but I mainly just retweet/signal boost cool stuff that I wanna help support.
I love people and games that help us use our imaginations. I'm pretty much just an enthusiastic supporter of all sorts of different games.
I'm super excited to see this space grow into something awesome!


Hi!  I'm  Mark (he/him).   I have a hopepunk space opera game out, powered by Fate, a 'zine to support it with ongoing adventures,  and am tinkering with what might become a card game about underrecognized ways that people have driven positive change. 

I like and have played in a variety of RPG, play a fair amount of tabletop board games but don't read broadly there, and dabble in video games.

Looking forward to learning about other peoples games and from each other! 


Hi everyone! I'm Eli, he/him, gamer, game designer, cartographer, co-host of Jianghu Hustle, and owner of The Mythic Gazetteer. I've been playing RPGs for most of my life and designing them for the past few years. As a player, I tend to GM often and I love Blades in the Dark, The Quiet Year, Swords Without Master, D&D, Savage Worlds, and a bunch of other games. As a designer, I'm currently focused on a Forged in the Dark game of fairytale bargains and thrilling action set in my original fantasy setting, The Blackwood. I'm sure I'll post a bunch of little games here over time too.

I was recently made a mod there in the Tabletop Games forum, so I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you ever want to chat! You can also find me @ZapDynamic on Twitter and Eli Kurtz (He/Him)#9444 on Discord.


Hi Everybody! I'm Sam, I publish games under "SamChuppMedia" and I typically do systemless sourcebooks that you can technically plug into any system. I do enjoy game design and I am working on a procedurally generated kid-at-heart LARP boardgame in my spare time :) 


Hello! I am Jerry Sköld (he/him), co-creator of Legends of the Wulin. Currently working on an unnanounced project as well as floundering through various smaller ideas for games and fiction. Trying to cram as much tabletop gaming as possible into a fairly busy adult life while taking care of a kid, etc etc. You know the drill. Tastes hard to nail down, but always hot for cool new design (current loves include Blades in the Dark and various PbtA or -adjacent games).


hi and hello! i'm cecil howe; been working full time making rpgs and rpg stuffs for a few years now as an illustrator and writer.

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Hi everybody! I'm Lucian Kahn (@oh_theogony on twitter) (he/him), a gay trans Jewish weirdo and game designer. I designed Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy and am nearly done with Visigoths vs. Mall Goths.


Hi, I'm Cole (he/him) and I'm something of a long-time lurker in RPGs generally. I love reading games and thinking about the theory behind good design (which I've been doing for about four years now), and I've just begun GMing my first ongoing game (Blades in the Dark) in the past month. Hoping to see this community grow and maybe find inspiration to design something of my own in the future!


Hi all!

I'm Randy Lubin (@randylubin on Twitter) (he/him). I design lightweight tabletop RPGs and LARPs that mostly fall under the American Freeform category.

I'm most proud of:

  • Honor Bound - co-designed with Jason Morningstar, about toxic masculinity and honor culture through the lens of an old fashioned duel
  • Behind the Magic - a fantasy mocukmentary game about incompetent adventurers who are trying to save the world but probably going to fail

You can find my published games here on Itch and additional, playable drafts through my studio Diegetic Games.

I'm also designing serious games to help organizations explore the future and explain the present. More on that at my consulting firm Leveraged Play.

Looking forward to chatting with you all on the forum!



I should do this, huhn?

I'm Allie Bustion, sometimes called Mads. @madpierrot on Twitter. My Patreon's over here and I do a fair few posts that are either early access or not gated. I do a lot of things, as my bio says. I don't exactly do one thing when I design games but I do pull a lot from PbtA and FitD for mechanics and popular culture for themes.

My current big things are Misbehavin', a FitD Prohibition era urban fantasy hack that delves into marginalization and (hopefully) let's you feel empowered to make some change, and Parliament of Supplements, a Kickstarted collection of hacks and supplements for various systems that I just never get enough time to work on. I'm pretty proud of the small games I've made that are available on itch.


Hey folks! I'm Kit, aka MxKit or mx_kit basically everywhere on the internet lol, and I have been so into TTRPGs for so many years now, and only recently have had a "wait, I could make my own? I could take systems I love and hack them into my own games? :o" revelation!

My tabletop experience started ages ago (okay, like 17 years ago, back when I was in high school), playing with a friend of the family using systems I'm not even actually sure about they were homebrewed so much. I know we used The Blood of Heroes at least once, though. Then a year or two later a few friends roped me into playing a single session of D&D 3.5, and the rest is history.

I was hooked, and I've been collecting and reading and playing as many TTRPGs as I possibly could for the past decade and a half. Over the years I've discovered and loved simpler and simpler and simpler systems, until in the past couple months I discovered micro rpgs and my mind was blown. While I have a ton of love still for D&D (especially 5e now), d20 games, Call of Cthulhu, and White Wolf stuff, I have utterly fallen for the PbtA engine, Belonging Outside Belonging style games, and hacks of microrgps like Honey Heist and Lasers & Feelings.

My style of games are usually light, both system light/easy to make characters and pick up and just run with, and lighter with less of an emphasis on physical combat. I'm bi and nonbinary trans (they/them pronouns) so queer themes definitely tend to crop up in all my stuff, including embracing non-human and monster identities as a sort of metaphor. I also have a Thing for Soft Lovecraft/Cosmic Fantasy, basically taking all the themes and creatures in his work that he went "eeevil and scary!" about and going "what if they aren't bad?" in my own stuff; I'm working on a couple of games that lean heavily on this.

I honestly don't do much there, but you can find me on Twitter as @mx_kit all the same. c:


Hi, I'm Vincent (he/him). My design partner Meguey and I have been publishing our own tabletop games since 2001 or so, as lumpley games and Night Sky Games. We have a hit in our catalog, but most of our games are small and experimental. I'm happy to be here.

Thank you for your games. Psi*Run and Otherkind rule my world at the moment.


Hey, I'm Blake (he/him) and go by Iverum pretty much everywhere online. I've been playing tabletop games for around 15 years, but I've only ever really hacked at things to play games with friends. I've been wanting to make a push to get into designing more seriously and I'm looking forward to participating in some jams.


I'm Nate, @natetreme on twitter and instagram. I'm based in Louisiana. I make zines, dungeons, music and games including In the Light Of A Ghost Star. I like rules lite games and small print formats, usually with a so called "old school" bent. 

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Hey, I'm Kirt (he/him), aka @xiombarg on Twitter. I cut my teeth on 1st edition AD&D but I've always been more of a science fiction nerd, so I moved into Star Frontiers and then sideways into the World of Darkness and then really sideways into indie RPGs during the days of the Forge. I wrote Unsung and some much smaller, now forgotten games during that time period, some OSR stuff more recently (mostly because a friend of mine is into it), and gotten back into writing indie games with the recent game jams, which is good, since my writing wasn't really reflecting my play preferences which lean more in the PbtA direction.

Also, I guess I like writing run-on sentences for introductions?


Hi, I'm Kirk (he as in boi, not he as in man). I once shared a name with a tropical storm, but then it got downgraded to a tropical depression.

Which seemed somehow appropriate to me.


Ohai! I'm Mike (he/him), been hacking on stuff for a long time, only been active outside my own basement for a year or two. Having a lot of fun with procgen content, minigames, and playing OSR-adjacent adventure games that makes violence an anti-optimal strategy.


Eric Simon (he/him). Most known so far for creating Steamscapes, a post-colonial alt-history steampunk setting for Savage Worlds, and Rockalypse, the Fate-powered game of post-apocalyptic musical conflict.

I'm mostly here to explore side projects and push my design envelope a bit. I'm excited to dive into some jams.


Welcome Eric! Glad to see ya here.


Hey friends! I'm Bronwyn Friesen and inasmuch as I have a game design label I'm calling it La Petite Mort (@lapetitemort). I'm a queer disabled trans woman/enby settler living on stolen land on Turtle Island in the colonial state of Canada. 

My first publicly available game design is Hot Alien Sex (available on DTRPG, probably here soon too though), a game about, well, what it says on the tin, but with a hard emphasis on consent, curiosity, and teaching relational respect. It's also sorta my manifesto on queer/trans/disabled sex. 

I'm also currently working on a LARP tentatively named either "Fucking Steve" or " :eggplant: :eyeroll: ", still figuring that out, about the experiences of queer feminized people when touch- and intimacy-starved in a less-than-idea dating pool hooking up with virtue signalling cishet dudes who just won't stop saying shitty problematic things, more and more over time. 

I've also written games for specific audiences, like "First Look," a game about the first moment of intense connection, "Baby Blues", a love letter to a friend who was having troubles reconciling their nonbinary identity and dysphoria with the desire to be pregnant, and "The Crash", a LARP about the moments between life and death and forming connection with the strangers you see every day. 

I've done a fair amount of design consultation in the past, some developmental editing and copy editing, and supportive emotional work. I'm excited to be a part of the community here. 

Facebook: /TildeSee
Twitter: @SexyFemmby and @Petitemort_ca 

Cheers friends!


Bronwyn! Hooray!

"I'm a queer disabled trans woman/enby settler living on stolen land on Turtle Island in the colonial state of Canada."

can steal a bunch of this and rewrite it for my bio because it's not the same but I love the way you framed it. 

I'm a queer disabled amab/enby settler living on stolen land in <trying to figure out how to describe my area best>

Also eggplant eyeroll ro whatever you end up calling it sounds very interesting.

yeah sure! Use it how you like 😊




I'm Finlam, it's nice to meet you all. I am a successful small business owner who has been involved in tabletop hobbies for several decades.

I've recently released my first product on DMsGuild which made it into the top 70 hottest products within days of release. I am currently working on a new tabletop system and several 5e supplements. 

I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships and we have a great opportunity in the ttrpg community to work together and improve each other. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey as a content creator and artist with you all.


Hello and greetings. I'm Meinberg (they/them pronouns), queer agender, disabled, white anglo. I mostly do weird stuff that makes a lot of sense mostly to me under the Goat Song Brand. You can my storefront here on itch and you can my blogging over on wordpress, and I'm sure if you're interested in finding my twitter, you can dig around a bit from those.

I've been playing rpgs for about thirty years now and I am getting very old, but I try not to be set in my ways. I love weird, experimental stuff, I love pushing the boundaries of play. I'm also a big fan of serious games, as I feel that collaborative storytelling is a medium that has a lot of potential to do good in helping folks to figure out the world and themselves in ways that other media are not nearly as effective at.


Hello! I'm Sam, I'm a fulltime freelance  illustrator that primarily works in TTRPG's . You can find my work HERE

I've been playing RPG's for about 10 years, but most of my time is spent hunched over a hot wacom tablet.


Hi! I'm Chris. I write a blog over at, most known for my Thursdays in Thracia series about old school D&D. I also wrote an OSR-adjacent sci fi game called Offworlders that people seem to be enjoying.

I'm excited to see what this space becomes!



Hey y'all! I'm Q. Glad to be here. I design games, as well as homebrew content and hacks and all sorts of things of that ilk, whenever I get time between work and parenting. I'm glad to see this space exist, and I'm looking forward to getting to know some folks.


Hello folks,

I'm D. W. aka Dave (He/They). 

I've been making table top and video games for basically my whole life. I've been using to host my video games for years and am very glad that it now has a table top community. I have not released any of my TTRPGs on itch yet, but will be looking for playtesters in a few weeks for some of them. When it comes to TTRPGs I'm very interested in GM-lite and GM-less games that focus on cooperative storytelling as I grew up mostly exposed to very rules-lite play-by-post forum roleplays.


Hi all!

I'm galli/half/halfling, your local nerdy transman. I've been playing and GMing D&D 5e for a few years now and was recently inspired to create my own game. It's a big project but one that I find very fun. Recently found out about itch and the amazing range of diverse ttrpgs out there. Hoping to enter some game jams in the near future to get stuff out there while I continue working on my larger project.

Can't wait to create!

Hey all! I'm Jack (he/him).

I've been playing TTRPGs for about 15 years, since my friend's dad introduced us to D&D (and proceeded to murder our characters with a carrion crawler...). These days, I play mainly PbtA games, with the occasional story game. My most treasured RPG possession is a copy of Fall of Magic - what a beautiful game!

I'm currently working on a design for a story game about a group of travellers exploring a fantastic city, with the help of a Guide (which players take turns playing as). It draws mechanical inspiration from Fall of Magic, but I also want it to be a tool for world-building. I'm hoping that people could use it as a prologue to a city-based campaign for another game! I'll definitely be sharing more soon as I'd love to hear your thoughts. I already found Takuma Okada's Alone in the Ancient City, which I'm excited to play soon.

I fit my design work around my full-time job (I work with maps!) and a 10-month old kid - i.e. I don't have much time for design 🙃

I'm Glides (they/them until further notice)

Mainly a player over the last couple years, but want to begin getting into design. Some homebrew for some established systems first, then maybe taking a stab at a system of my own and hoping to god it's not too similar to something that already exists.

What I've played: D&D (3.5 and 5E), Pathfinder/Starfinder, FATE, Dread, All Out of Bubblegum, Everyone Is John, Honey Heist so far. Not a lot of crunchy systems, most of them in one shots, running my very first 5E game currently and taking part in two 5E games and a Starfinder right now. Enjoyment of those are beginning to wear thin because it's very much the "greetings, brave adventurers!" kinda vibe, and that's beginning to not do it for me anymore. Nice enough people, but too many fantasy tropes for my liking for very long.

Looking to expand the kind of systems, and I want to try out something in the PBTA mold to begin with. Still relatively new to all of this. Currently designing my own PBTA type game with a friend, but not sure if it'll ever be done. It's mainly a fun thing right now.

Not really sure how to get more involved, if anyone's got any advice for a newbie in the game design thingie I'd love to hear about it. 

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Hi everyone. 

I'm going to ignore the little voice in my head that keeps whispering "You don't belong here" and introduce myself. 

I'm a marketing manager at a big toy company. (Yes, you've heard of it. No, I'm not gonna name it.) I'm a fairly creative person, with a background in writing/editing/publishing, various music project under my belt, a passion for comics, and more recently, TTRPG. 

About three years ago, I started thinking about designing a role-playing game. I don't remember exactly why that idea came to me, but I think I was mostly interested in two things: world building and using semi-random systems to tell stories. I hadn't played any role playing game since high school, but I figured the best way to tackle such a project was to first study a really solid example. So on a whim, I ordered the three core rulebooks of D&D 5th edition. 

At first, I wasn't even sure I'd be playing. I mostly just wanted to study it and understand it, so that I could then start working on my own system. But once I went down that rabbit hole, it quickly turned into an obsession. Before I knew it, I was watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, joining Discord servers, trying to convince all my friends to play with me, looking for groups online, etc. 

For a while, it seemed like my idea of creating my own system was silly. D&D is such a solid and flexible system that I didn't see the need to create my own anymore. I started DMing a campaign (still going after 2 years) and was happy to just play within that sandbox for a while. 

But as I got more into the TTRPG community online (and especially on Twitter), I kept hearing about all kinds  of super-interesting little indie games with ultra-specific themes and settings. Games without combat. Games about grief. Games about small but meaningful interactions between people. Games designed to take you out of your comfort zone. Games meant to be relaxing and therapeutic. 

So now I'm back to thinking about what I have to contribute to all this.  I still play D&D and I still love it. But I want to do more.

I'm working on my first game. It's a single-player game about petting your cat. I don't know if it's going to be any good, but I'm excited about some of my ideas. I can't wait to share it with people and get some feedback. 

I'm sorry this is so long. 

TL;DR - I'm Yan. I'm designing my first game. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm learning. Nice to meet you.

PS: If you want to follow me on Twitter: @queerdnd


I made this account with our company branding, but forum posts are coming from Stentor Danielson (they/them), aka @ChefStentor on twitter. I was introduced to ttrpgs about a decade ago by Cheyenne Grimes (the other half of Glittercats), and now we design cute, story-focused games. We live in Pittsburgh and foster kittens. Our biggest release so far is Laser Kittens, which isn't up on itch just yet.


Hello, I'm Theron (he/him)! I was active on TTRPG forums years and years ago and started to miss the sense of community there, and thought this looked like a welcoming and joyful place to be.


Hi folks,

I'm Dave (they/them), and I put out a bunch of half-baked games - currently on a more-than-weekly basis as I set myself a challenge for the year. I'd like to do some more longer-form stuff in the future though.

I also do a tabletop design podcast but don't feel too good about going on a marketing offensive as I introduce myself to a new forum!

I don't get to play very often, too busy running games most of the time - I do bunch of conventions, an Exalted 3e game, and a homebrew game Monster Hunter game.

I'll try keep up on this, but I'm pretty terrible at forums!

Can you give the link to your podcast please ?

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I'm Silent Ferrets. I'm genderqueer amab/nb disabled writer/former educator who makes ttrpgs.

I like to start from assumptions of gmless, solo play enabled, journaling and online play friendly and go from there when designing. 

My first favorite game was Over The Edge. My dream campaign is epic level Puppetland. I'm currently working on a podcast where I solo play all the games I oiwn but never got to and try to  make it a cohesive story. Once I get a first season I'll start telling people about it.

Oh wow, your Jonathan-based faves really take me back. :)


Hey I've got plenty of Greg based faves too. :D You're basically an honorary John or something. I'm actually running UA 3e for a twitch stream right now.

Hi Folks!!

My name is Steve Barber, a.k.a. Reverend Uncle Bastard (he/him). I have been playing, GMing, and hacking at TTRPGs since the early 1980s. I am a huge fan of the weird and narrative portion of the hobby, The Quiet Year is one of my favourite games of all time. My creative output over the years has been primarily musical (from experimental noise to bluegrass), but recently I have been attempting to hone some of my RPG hacks and inventions with an eye to releasing them. Looking forward to being part of this growing community.


Hey all. Quorganism here, perhaps more frequently known as Paddy (he/him) from Liberation Industries, an odd little crew here at the bottom of the world who record all sorts of games, though our luck with Twitch has been basically cursed. Been immersed in ttrpgs the last dozen years or so, mostly kicked off with Call of Cthulhu and Dark Heresy, though we suspect the seeds were planted much earlier by GWs Inquisitor and Necromunda. 

Got a couple games here, and a few more over at The Freedom Factory, with the current main project being Bastard Breed, a game about tense werewolf families based of Steve Hickey's Soth, and my own fragmented urban fantasy series, Angeldolls. Always down for collab if you feel like you need weird fiction, obsessive use of playing cards, or a gang of enthusiastic strangers to pressure test your game, complete with sound effects. 

If I had to pick a theme for my work, its generally about picking up the pieces after something breaks, whether that's your home, your reality, or your means to pay rent this month. 

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Hi everyone! I'm Adam. Pronouns are he/him. I started playing RPGs as a tween in the early aughts (D&D, Shadowrun, and some informal play-by-post), then took about 15 years off to pursue other interests before getting into writing them as a creative outlet a few months ago. I've written six short games so far (check them out at . I'm trying out different genres and consider myself a novice, but I'm especially interested in writing the kind of horror games that I'd like to play.

Find me on twitter at @adnroy. (Be forewarned: I write about outdoor sports and the environment for my job, so along with the game design tweets, there are a lot of rants about hiking/the national parks/global warming and mass extinction).


Hi everyone! James here, been roleplaying since I was in grade 3, and making homebrews since shortly after that. :)

In uni I loved playing D&D (2nd and 3rd), all the WoD games, Rifts, GURPS, and pretty much any other game I could afford. Since then I've settled on 5E, mostly because I've been developing a game for 5E, and want rules mastery. :D

The comraderie and friendship are by far the most important draw for me, but it is stacked on a shared interest in fantasty/scifi, and wonderful humour and violence, hahaha. 

Molecular biologist and teacher, as well as recent game developer. To be honest, though I've always loved science and biology in particular, one of the reasons I got my M.Sc. in molecular biology was to gain insights that would help me make my biopunk game. Is that sad, or awesome, or both? :)

Twitter: @genefunk2090, Discord: #9338

Would love to chat about any project, genre, or anything else creative, philosophical, or scientific!


Hi everyone! My name is Giles (he/him), also found as Caradoc in various places around the web.

My first intro to roleplaying was laying on the floor in my room as a young teen and having my mind blown reading the play example at the beginning of the MERP rules. I played MERP and WEG Star Wars for years, and many other systems. I moved away from RPGs and into board games, then back again to miniatures games and RPGs (and board games of course).

I've worked with Spartan Games, Modiphius and Cubicle 7 as a freelance writer, but have been mucking about with my own systems since I first got into role playing. I have only recently decided to start trying to release a few things.

I love RPGs for the fun and friendship they encourage, and the shared stories they create.

If anyone is interested you can find my website here.

My game releases here (only one so far, but many plans underway)...

I'm @caradocp on Twitter and caradoc#3164 on Discord.




It's taken me a bit, but Hi Everyone! I'm Zak, or Molepocalypse/Mole (Xie/Xer) in and around everywhere.

I've been in and around TTRPG spaces for a fair few years now, and plan to release some stuff hopefully in the coming year. And get to know and play tons of games from everyone here.

Twitter: @molepocalypse. Discord: Molepocalypse#8070

Hope to see you all around!



Hey! I’m Jase Robinson, Founder of Freecaster Fables & Forge - and of no relation to one of the most powerful Wizards of the Multiverse. It’s just a coincidence. With a team of writers and artists pumping out massive efforts, Freecaster Fables & Forge creates adventures, supplements and guides for the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. I personally have some skills in writing and designing, and you’ll see some of my work there with the rest of the Fellowship’s. We have everyone from fantasy writers, to modern and scifi, to historical military, so soon enough there will be something for everyone.

My goal is to build a community comprised of every gear of the publishing production line, from concept creators and ideas-people, to artists, to sales and marketing. We're starting small and there's not much publicity yet, but we're all hopeful and working hard. 

Most of my projects are available as a pre-release to subscribers of my Patreon, which you can check out here.

We are also on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter if you'd like to follow us on any of those platforms, or at our official website.

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Hello! I'm sort of double-posting, because I just did a shorter intro over in the general games, but I wanted to say hi to my fellow TTRPG people, too.

I'm Misha Handman (he/him), usually known online as FrivYeti. I've been writing for RPGs for maybe ten years now, although I only have a handful of publications under my belt. I've also been wandering around various RPG sites, where you may have seen me putting together campaigns for Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine or creating my own rules to run Sentinels of the Multiverse campaigns, and then writing too much fanfiction about the campaigns that I run (or, back in the way, writing just way too much Exalted fanfic!)

These days, I have a small Patreon over at, and  I've been adding an increasing number of cool TTRG folks on Twitter to balance out the angry politics parts of my feed. I saw that various people were doing things over here, and decided to wander over and check it out, and here I am! 

Big fan of the Forged in the Dark, Powered by the Apocalypse, and Belonging beyond Belonging communities, so I'm pretty excited to be here. I'm planning to take part in a lot of game jams going forward, so hopefully you'll get used to seeing me around. ;) 

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hi all! i'm quinn (she/her), nonbinary nightmare ttrpg player/gm/creator. i've been hanging around the ttrpg scene here for a hot minute but i'm glad to finally start releasing my work. i love roleplay/narrative-heavy games and especially enjoy playing solo-ttrpgs, which i sometimes stream over on twitch. i first started in on dnd 5e homebrew and am glad to be wading further and further into the indie pool! you can find me over on twitter @quinnntastic_ <3


I had somehow missed this thread!

Hi! As you can guess from my nick I'm into narrative games, almost always GM-less, and I'm also an amateur game designer. I started with it as a challenge to see if I would manage to design a game... then I got hooked and participate in jams from time to time.

I'm currently writing a game for NO DICE jam about conspiracy thrillers. It feels a bit out of my comfort zone, because it's a genre I don't know very well, and the game feels quite different from the other stuff I have written.

If you're into narrative, GM-less games covering topics not common in RPGs, do check my games :-)


Hi. My name is Greg Stolze and I've written a lot of game material over the last twenty years. Probably best known for WoD/DELTA GREEN/UNKNOWN ARMIES stuff. On Twitter as @gregstolze, got a web page at and an actual play podcast up at . I am blessed by historical accident with a good name for SEO. 

Currently readying for the launch of TERMINATION SHOCK and tinkering with a two player romance and/or thriller game called MILLION DOLLAR SOULMATE.


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I'm Jon. I don't like autobiography, so written introductions are... not fun. But here we go anyway:

I was sucked into RPGs at the age of about five when my local library dumped off all its Fighting Fantasy gamebooks for cheap, but didn't start playing them with other people until my teens. The story goes Warhammer Fantasy Role Play > Call of Cthulhu > Vampire: the Both Of Them, with a simmering side order of Iron Kingdoms (d20 and proprietary) and a second course of indie and OSR titles (my fave is probably Backswords and Bucklers).

I'm doing a PhD on "interrogating death in role-playing games." It's on hold at the moment, because of life, but it's an exercise in media archaeology: a walk through the evolution of RPGs as a mode of play, using How Games Treat Death as a yardstick. The chapters are: death, difficulty and the adversarial model; death as transition between spaces and storylines; games interrogating game death. I've also presented on games and the Gothic tradition (a lot of Warhammer and Vampire in those talks, as well as World of Warcraft), and have a chapter on Vampire: the Masquerade in the Palgrave Handbook of the Gothic that might actually be out next year.

I've been trying to make my own games, on and off, for years. The proprietary fantasy one failed because my co-author cared about explaining how dragons could fly and I didn't; the OSR one failed because I realised I didn't actually want to play D&D; but then I started mucking around making shorter story-prompt games and those seem pretty good so far. My first game with the San Jenaro Co-Op and my first solo game are both out VERY SOON and when I came onto itch to set up the publisher account I remembered the forum was a thing. So. Er. Better late than never, sorry I only came in when I had something to sell. I doubt it's quite the done thing, but I really don't like introducing myself. I mean, look at all that. Three paragraphs? Who do I think I am?

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Hello, all!

My name is InkSpecter, or Inky.

I have been gaurding copies of D&D v1 and v2 virtually all my life, but have never really had anyone to play with. I am an artsy and writesy sort though, and could never get the intrigue of RPGs out of my head. Just recently I stumbled across the greater RPG community and games beyond D&D 2.0 when I began to do reseatch for and write my own system.

That system was GachBuster, the WiP of which is on this account. :) I've since set it aside as it's a project with too many passions pulling it every which way. I'll battle that hydra later! I've have ideas for loads of TTRPGs, stories, worlds, and even card games that I just have to bring to fruition!

I'm not sure why I never thought about joining before... I don't think  I ever realized it was a  place for anything besides video games! So I'm  very excited to explore this community as it's been  positively recommended to me by devs on twitter. :)

My current project is NerdBirds. Its a narrative oriented  game that emphasizes  player driven character design and choices, set in a gritty but humorous scifi universe. We're always looking for more players and testers! Hit me up at InkSpecter#1040 on discord to join. :)

Would love to chat rpgs, role playing, and even check out collabs! 

My twitter is @ink_specter and you can explore me more at <3


Hello Peoples!!!

I'm just starting out with a soon to be released first game.  Can't wait I'm so excited.  I will be posting on here on release.  Basically its an 2D RPG with a new storyline type concept.  Hopefully it succeeds, and hopefully get others like you involved as well.


My name is Chad. (He, him) I haven't made any games but I read them and I think about them. I collect books and PDFs and I meet authors and illustrators and talk to them. I don't have many opportunities to play so I'm mostly interested in Solo and gm-less games. I draw and my art has appeared in a couple other rpgs. Planet Psychon by Chris Tamm and an upcoming supplement for Four Against Darkness. I'm on MeWe and Facebook (Chad Robb) and my email is


Hello! Not sure if this board is dead, but I'll introduce myself all the same. I am a player and DM for D&D. I got started actually playing about 2 years ago. Over the past few months, I wrote a single-player gamebook-style  5e game in Twine, using the OGL. Twine is a utility for writing choose your own adventure interactive fiction games. I wanted somewhere to easily publish my game, and that's when I discovered I'm surprised to find people selling tabletop content here, but even more surprised that no one else has published a solo gamebook that uses an interactive fiction approach.


Hi, I'm Judd. I blog about gaming at Githyanki Diaspora and podcast with Daydreaming about Dragons. I just started making pdf's for Trophy Gold, practicing layout.


Hi everyone! I'm Umbra, (he/him) maker and player of games for the better part of the last two decades. My preferences these days are for games that let me front-load my prep by setting up a compelling scenario, and let goal-oriented PCs loose in a world that bends and fits to their needs and wants. Currently playing SWN and Mindjammer, and sporadically running a Dishonored game when technology allows. 

Outside of gaming, my big passion is in math. Trying my best not to let it overlap too much, lest my designs start getting too complicated. :P

Hey, I'm JustAFatYeti, I've been playing TTRPG's for about 5 years now.
I got introduced with D&D5E but have played pathfinder, witcher, shadowrun and a bunch of other smaller titles.
I've recently released on itch my own homebrew "mod" for D&D5E, that introduces new systems, mechanics, classes and more. It's called Astraria and you can check it out below
I've recently discovered a whole load of awesome TTRPG's on itch that I'm desperate to try out with friends once lockdowns ended. Yokai Hunter's Society, Lancer, and Ex Novo.
I'm happy to discuss anything TTRPG and hopefully even play some with you folk.

Hi folks!

My name is Stéphane "Alias" Gallay, I live in Geneva, Switzerland (mother-tongue French).

I'm playing TTRPG since 1982, designing my own games since slightly more recently. I've already written and published a sci-fi RPG Tigres Volants (first version in 1990, most recent in 2006 with 2D Sans Faces, currently developing a new one), I also co-wrote the RPG adaptation of French comic book Freaks' Squeele (tongue-in-cheek superhero university), plus some minor stuff left and right.

I'm just tipping my toes in with the development of the new version of Tigres Volants, now called Erdorin:2300. It's in there:

Yes, it's in French*; sorry.

(* For values of "French" that include weird Swiss colloquialisms and horrible puns.)


Hi all 👋

I'm Tanya (they/them). I've been gaming for 30yrs, making my own games and helping out with games clubs for most of that time. These days I'm based out of Edinburgh in Scotland. I'm @TimeOfTribes on twitter, though I'll be glad to see this or any other forum take over from that hellsite.

I've recently been involved in helping coordinate Edinburgh Indie Gamers, a games club exclusively focussed on small press and indie games with a strong focus on inclusivity. We have just wrapped on doing some fundraising via Kickstarter by producing a zine for #ZineQuest3. If anyone here is local then give me a shout and I can get you added to the club discord server.

Design-wise my games are informed by anarchist communist politics and queer liberation. I also tend to make games without any randomisers, either guided freeform or token economy stuff. I only add dice when I want things to feel capricious or unfair. The pandemic has led me towards releasing some of the games I've put together over the years, and so once a few other projects are wrapped up I'll be putting my own games up here.


Nice to meet you, Tanya! This is still a very quiet space, but we're going to slowly try to make it a bit more active (if we can do that without tempers flaring too much). So please feel welcome to stretch out, makes some posts, and invite other chill peoples. 


Hello, I'm DeReel. I tinker games and see a well kept but small place here. I'd like to settle in for a few months and see how it works.


Hi, DeReel, welcome aboard! It's quiet here, but we're around. Please feel free to post if you have questions or interesting discussion ideas, and reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.



Im Corms and Im relatively new to the creation of tabletop games as I recently just posted my first one! At this point, Im looking to learn more about tabletop games, explore different concepts/mechanics/ideas, and meet some cool people! Making (and continuing to work on) my first game was such a blast that I figure I should explore it a bit more! 


Hey everybody, I've been sitting on the sidelines watching all the exciting stuff happening with and elsewhere in the world of TTRPGs these past several years, and have recently started to dip my toes back into the RPG community.

I mostly work at the intersection of tabletop gaming and my love for early modern / Renaissance-era history.

My two primary projects right now are both designed for that era: a miniatures skirmish game and a rules-light narrative RPG with OSR sensibilities. I'm calling that one Long XVIth, tenatively.

You can find more at my blog,


Hi All,

My name’s Simon Burley. I write Table-Top Role-Playing Games.

The first game I published was Golden Heroes - the UK’s first Superhero TTRPG - was back in……


Since then I’ve self published a range of games. 

I’m also known for going to to more conventions than anyone else in the world. I got up to visiting 26 cons in the UK in 2019 - one per fortnight -  before the pandemic nailed me to the ground. How did I find so many? Well I also went to non-gaming cons to demonstrate TTRPGs to try and spread the word about this wonderful hobby.

I’ve come on Itch to explore this new outlet for my ideas. I don’t know yet how involved I might get in the community here.


Welcome Simon, great to have you! It's awesome to see someone who's been deep in the ttrpg process!


DEEP is the key word. I consider myself as being at the bottom of the the pool. I typed up my first game on a manual typewriter and paid for someone to type it on an electric typewriter! Games Workshop published that first game.

Apart from that, everything I’ve produced has been bashed out on a battered old laptop in my bedroom. I don’t use advanced publishing software or 3rd party editors/layout specialists etc. However, I think my books look OK.

And the GAMES themselves are good. 

I just spend more money going to conventions to “promote” them than comes in in profit.


Welcome, nice to see you here!


Hello! :) I'm Michał Przygodzki, in the internet called as Mansfeld.

I blog about TTRPG since 2011, almost only in Polish, as Twierdza Powszechna (current WordPress, earlier at Blogspot). Currently preparing for some English debut, but it's only a sidenote. I'm writing about RPG Theory and how particular games work. Plus some occasional session reports, but I'm making them rarer and rarer...

Also, I'm a TTRPG designer, because of release of October Rust. I used to make some smaller works before, but only in Polish and I never actually ended them.  One of them had potential as "story hack to Mensch ärgere Dich nicht", the other was an ironic 1-page diceroller towards Cyberpunk hype. 

I did some TTRPG content before (as you may guess, in Polish), including some collection of monsters for Dungeon World, cooperation with Polish site Poltergeist. Overall, I'm trying to be active since 2010, just in 2021 I decided to go seriously & into English territory...

I have some plans for October Rust follow up (like two supplements), and maybe I will design another TTRPG in 12+d8 months.


Hi Michał, welcome. It's a pretty quiet forum, but it doesn't always have to be! Even when we're just lurking about, we're still here.

At least there's so many TTRPG submissions in! :) Here, in Poland, the indie rpg scene looks like "only two autorhs & their buddies do a lot of work + some accidents once in k4 years". 

Hi, I'm João Paulo Francisconi (He/Him), or Nume (@numefinorio on Twitter) for internet friends. I have been writting on and off for TTRPG since 2008. Mostly in portuguese.

This is my game, Cosa Nostra! 

I also write on my personal blog RPGista (@blogrpgista on Twitter) in 

And those are my books for Tormenta, a fantasy tabletop RPG from Brazil 

Those are two of my articles in english, "A history of the Brazilian RPG Scene" and "History of Brazilian RPG Magazines", that I think will be of interest. They're a little out of date (the originals are from 2014, and the first article got a update in 2019) and are by no means a very credible source (I even wrote that Dungeon Crawl Classics was a brazilian game because I didn't knew the original or the translation, just that it had been launched), just what I could remember. The RPG Magazines article needs some update as well, nowadays we have several digital magazines that have been made possible by Patreon-like initiaves, but since I don't have money to buy into those ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hello everyone!  I'm David and new to this community but I'm so happy to be a part of it now!  I'm not a creator yet, but I've got some ideas that I feel the need to put towards creating in the future.  I hope in the future my thoughts and ideas can be enjoyed by others.  Anyways...

Born in 83', I am no stranger to the arcade scene that was going on at the time and also no stranger TTRPGS!  My first experience with role playing was in high school.  I went to a local used book store in New Orleans and purchased a soft cover copy of Tunnels & Trolls 5th edition (If I reall correctly).  I'll tell you what, that was a fantastic introduction to the world of TTRPGs.  The system was fast, brutal, sometimes slapstick comical, used only d6s, easy to get up and running, could be played solo (which I still do to this day) and most as hell!  Before I started purchasing Solo and GM adventures from the publisher Flying Buffalo Games proper, I wanted to see how far I could push my amazing 4 dollar purchase and what I could create with it.  This is when I learned about one of the most wonderful aspects concerning Role Playing games.  There's no limit to reach nor a boundry to push through... 

 Any RPG core book to me is symbolic of a paradox.  Each one that I own now calls out to me and says, "Hello player/GM, here is my set of rules for this system I've created, they're provided simply to provide structure so a game doesn't turn into a shouting match, but to be honest with you, I want you to modify these rules and structures to your liking!  Work the game and system forwards and backwards and see what happens.  In other words, player/GM, as long as you don't upset the game balance and understand the sturcture of my rules and their purpose, that's when "my rules" cease to exist any longer.  When the rules cease to exist...your only left with a world to explore.  A world formed by your beautiful and complex imagination.  The possibilites are endless....Have fun!"

Since my introduction to this scene, I've played and GMed some one shot games for quite a few systems.  After high school, I started working at a local Books-A-Million and shortly there after my knowledge of "what's out there" became a lot larger. 

My favorite systems to date are Tunnels and Trolls, Call of Cthulu, Of Dreams and Magic, Battlestations, Mothership, GURPS, Don't Turn Your Back, Bean: the d2 RPG, The FATE Core System, FUDGE and The Fantasy Trip.  There's plenty of other work for other systems in my current library of TTRPGs and modern board games, but those listed above are my go to systems.  

What draws me into this world is a complex question that I'll try to end with a great, but simple quote from an author I still read to this day...

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Anderson

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Hello, I'm Mars!

I'm a college student, artist & general bug fan.

I have been playing games for around 4-5 years now! Currently a GM & Player. I've spent most of my recent time working on my own TTRPG projects these past two years.

My current project is Paratype, a game I made to combine my interest of bugs & post-apocalypse games

Twitter: @Megasoma_Mars


Hello, my name is Iris. I'm a writer and artist when the fancy strikes me

I've been writing homebrew for nearly fifteen years, but I've only just put out my first project to be seen by anyone other than my immediate friends. It's called Seeking Sunlight, and it's a dungeon crawler about building and protecting a town in a world that is just one huge dungeon stretching out in all directions.

Seeking Sunlight by Iris the Nazgul (


Dang, I love worlds that are just one huge dungeon stretching out in all directions!


Hey, all 

I started posting games to Itchio about a year ago, but I'm just getting around to an introduction.  I go by Xosh (him/them), but folks might know me better as M. Belanger. I'm US based & a crusty old GenX goth.  

When I'm not writing or running games, I'm making books like the Dictionary of Demons or working with Osbourne Media on one of their paranormal shows.  I've done contract work for WotC, run Mind's Eye Theater LARPs in the World of Darkness at Origins & GenCon (back in the 90s when all of that was shiny and new), and written for Onyx Path, among others. 

Like a lot of you, I started gaming when I was quite young. A program at school introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons when I was nine & I've been hooked on RPGs ever since.

I favor horror and Gothic genres - like my latest offering here on Itchio, Lonely House, which is a hybrid novella and journaling game. In the past year, I've been really getting into writing one and two-page mini-games like my post-zombie apocalypse piece REMAINS.  There's a lot of freedom in creating indie games, especially ones that exist only as downloadable PDFs (for example, I can't think of a single company I've written for over the years that would have allowed me to create something so irrepressibly queer as Midnight's Kiss). Indie games can be short and sweet and quirky and exist simply for the sake of existing. I love it.

Anyway, I have to talk too much about myself for my day job, so I'll leave it at that. I like this space and am happy to have a place to share my work.


I'm Andrew (He/Him). I've worked on and subsequently abandoned a couple different systems before managing to complete my first one. I enjoy magic system development and speculative evolution. I'll respond most readily here on Itch.


Good day everyone!

My name's Bee.  This is my first post here.  I grew up with TTRPGs as my family were nerds from the 70s/80s.  I don't know what system I first started on but I've dipped around many.  AD&D to 5E, Call of Cthulhu, FFG Star Wars, Ryuutama, Shadowrun, GURPS, Savage Worlds, 7th Sea, and many more.  I've played for decades now and I still love the hobby just as much as when I began.

I've been working on a system since around 2015, so almost 10 years.  Initially it was kind of a side-project as I played other campaigns, but I began to fully immerse myself in the creative process around 2019 and it's taken off considerably since then.  I'm currently playtesting it with my local crew, but I thought I'd start trying to find a way to get feedback on a larger scale.  I thought might be a good place to do so!  So I'm looking for advice on how I can better it, even if only one other person ever plays it.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hey everyone, just found this thread and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Ross, and I am a TTRPG developer. In 2022, I released Lofi Bards To Study And Relax To, and I'm currently working on my new game 'Warped: A Manic Multiversal TTRPG'! The core premise of ‘Warped’ is that you don’t just play a single character. Each Player plays as a team of alternate universe variants of their own character, each with their own powers and abilities. Throughout your missions, you will switch between these Multiversal Forms, using their abilities to fight off your opponents, surpass your obstacles and achieve your goals. Nothing is off the table, meaning your adventuring party can contain everything from a Werewolf to a Cyberpunk and a man Made of Ice Cream. It’s wacky and bizarre, but that’s reflective of the chaotic Multiverse itself!

If you want to check out my work, you can download the 'Warped' demo for free!


Hello! My name is Anton, I'm from Russia. I am not a professional artist, but I have a great desire to become one. I am a fast learner and, with the appropriate support, I can master any complex graphics programs. I've been doing a completely different job for most of my life. Now I want to fulfill my dream and start doing what I love. I really love creating New Worlds, creating unique characters, costumes, objects, and environments - from illustrations to short stories. I really like the themes of fantasy, science fiction and the post-apocalyptic world. I really want to find a job in the gaming or animation field.

I am looking for financial support in order to create!I have several projects that can be implemented as comics, as books, as cartoons or even games!