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Hi! Excited to try and finish one of my many backburner projects. My project is a ttrpg setting for a game I’m currently designing, though the setting is being built to be usable for multiple things.

Emberheart is the last city, built around the fading light of a dead god’s heart. The Cold Dark is creeping in from outside the divine body and the city stands, the last bastion of light and warmth, holding on as long as it can against the inevitable end of all things. It is a world built with flesh and blood and bone, where magic is alchemies worked from divine humours and the strange denizens of the city, the refugees from further out in the body and even those strange creatures from Outside all fight and huddle together to make life have hope and meaning before the end of all things.

Thank you so much for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated! Glad you and your group enjoyed it.

Thank you! I’d love to hear a play report afterwards!

Presumably you can draw a hole inside the larger island in this case?

I'm still in the process of my hack, but so far I'm ripping out crews/factions, changing the way dice pools are calculated and chances are rep, heat and stress will change too. Blades has a lot of foundational stuff I really like, but part of my design process is carving away things I don't need and replacing them over time as other parts of the system redesign come together.

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Hello, I'm Monty or darkliquid pretty much everywhere. I've not done a lot of game design per se, though I've written for a few third party Numenera things and self-published my own numenera sourcebook. I've been interested in ttrpgs for maybe 20 years, and pretty much started hacking systems to suit settings and themes I found interesting since day 1. Fate, pbta and forged in the dark stuff is where my current jam is, and I'm currently working on a forged in the dark game.

I'm on Twitter as @darkliquid