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Thank you so much for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated! Glad you and your group enjoyed it.

Thank you! I’d love to hear a play report afterwards!

Presumably you can draw a hole inside the larger island in this case?

I'm still in the process of my hack, but so far I'm ripping out crews/factions, changing the way dice pools are calculated and chances are rep, heat and stress will change too. Blades has a lot of foundational stuff I really like, but part of my design process is carving away things I don't need and replacing them over time as other parts of the system redesign come together.

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Hello, I'm Monty or darkliquid pretty much everywhere. I've not done a lot of game design per se, though I've written for a few third party Numenera things and self-published my own numenera sourcebook. I've been interested in ttrpgs for maybe 20 years, and pretty much started hacking systems to suit settings and themes I found interesting since day 1. Fate, pbta and forged in the dark stuff is where my current jam is, and I'm currently working on a forged in the dark game.

I'm on Twitter as @darkliquid