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Brad Murray of the VSCA. I prefer "he" but won't balk at "they".

I've been playing role-playing games since around 1977 when I took over reffing from my friend's mother.

In 2009 we published Diaspora, which you may have heard of. In 2011 we published Hollowpoint which you might not have (even though it was nominated for Best Game ENnie in 2012!). Last year we published two new titles and this year I'm going to try to get out three. Currently I'm grooving on a distant cousin of both Apocalypse World and Blades in the Dark for a house system that satisfies my own needs first. I've always figured, though, that I'm not unique.

I publish on Lulu and DTRPG but have brought several titles to itch to see what's what. Impressed so far!

I am @BradJMurray on Twitter and some Atholl (VSCA, he/him)#0864 on discord.