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Lovely; thanks!

Ahah that explains the problem -- I see no connect widget.

One minor thing perhaps, but it would be great if the representative image for the title could be the shape of a book instead of the shape of a computer monitor. As an option, I mean.

All of the links to the discord seem to just link to the discord app site and not the discord invite code. Could they be updated with an invite link instead?

Warehousing wouldn't be the right way to proceed. Instead a partnership with someone that does print on demand would be appropriate -- a place that does just-in-time printing and shipping.

Yeah this would really seal the deal. A partnership with Lulu or Lightning Source would be awesome.

Brad Murray, owner operator of VSCA Publishing since 2008. Our first release was Diaspora, a very successful hard sf FATE game for tabletop play. Now our offerings are rather more diverse. I've brought our non-Fate offerings here.

My professional life revolves around securing safety-critical control systems. As me anything!

Just joined to add some distribution points to my tabletop games and so far I've brought over three VSCA titles for sale here.

Callisto, a play-by-email role-playing game in which players can only act by writing letters to each other.

Hollowpoint, an action rpg that emulates the comic style of 100 Bullets in a short one-shot format.

The King Machine, our latest role-playing game designed for online play and low stress for the ref. This is the beginning of a series of games, all sort of Heavy Metal style psychedelic fantasy. In this one you play an intelligent ape struggling with the fact that the king is the wrong king.

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