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What's your wrestling entrance music?

A topic by Sasha Reneau created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 808 Replies: 25
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Mine would probably be this because I'm They Might Be Giants trash. I'm looking forward to your significantly better entrance themes


Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) by Talking Heads? Double Bass by Gorillaz if i was trying to play dark and cool instead of hype


sasha, first off, thank you.

Second off,  my entrance music when I backyarded in highschool was Bad Religion - Generator.  If I got to pick today it would be my friends entrance he used when he pro wrestled which is THIS RIGHT HERE


wait no it's bass boosted curb your enthusiasm


The lobsterdust mashup of the Bee Gees and Nelly "Stayin' Hot" 


can't believe we have a right answer


this rules actually


claaaassic she


Monster Magnet- Gods and Punks.


i mean, clearly wow wow


I'm not cool enough for it, but I want it.

I once made a brief appearance in an apartment wrestling league as Brawny James Dio. I had a bout with the Devil's Gardener during which we, unfortunately, broke a friend's couch and I, tragically, lost the title.

I'm fairly certain I went with "Holy Diver" as my entrance music. It was obvious, but also one of my finishers.


The Hives supply the energy required.

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The Sword, "Celestial Crown"

Alternately, FEMM's "Fxxk Boyz Get Money"


My face theme is The Mountain Goats' "Amy AKA Spent Gladiator 1"

Then my heel theme is The Mountain Goats' "Spent Gladiator 2"


Cardi B's "I Do," always and forever (and also in the last game of WWWRPG I played). 

(for my imaginary heel tag team with my friend, "Nobody Speak")

nobody speak is such a good pull

It's the Kid's pull, I Cannot take credit for it, but it is in fact perfect 


Gotta be X Gon Give It To Ya Maybe

GOTTA be the dhoom 2 theme song, which for some inexplicable reason was written almost entirely in english

("dhoom machale" roughly translates to "make some noise")

"I don't have a character type that I always play in every tabletop game no matter what, why do you say that?"

My first thought is "Just Around the Corner" from the english dub of Card Captor Sakura

I suspect I will be rubbish at this considering I have not watched any of it to any extent in 30years...

Dark Beach by The Peep Tempel


Jet Generation by Guitar Wolf


These two videos started out of sync, for example at the same time:

The second video is not only important for the correct audio experience but to set proper expectations for my wrestling career.

easy pick

The Guillotine, by The Coup

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