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hell yeah!! one of my all time favorite VNs. always happy to see an update!!

This game is very good.

Am I still thinking abt how concretely hollerith deals in mech-as-mirror, as extension of our fears and assumptions about war and bodies? maybe so dot gif

Mine would probably be this because I'm They Might Be Giants trash. I'm looking forward to your significantly better entrance themes

This is fantastic!! The resolutions are guided and specific and the stats tied to how many cards you can pull--how many chances you have at getting a good result--is very cool. I like that there's room here for counting cards during a scene--keeping an eye on your Killjoy's luck as it were! 

This is so lovely and dreamlike! I really like how this game encourages you to really engage with the imagery and meaning of the tarot cards, and the characters' lacks and affinities towards the suits are a great way to abstract strengths and weaknesses. 

I really like the use of the minor arcana suits and ranks in setting up scenes, and the end resolution is really cool. Well done!!