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I've found 3 or 4 to be a really nice dynamic, historically! 2 player also works like a dream. with 5+ it tends to get a little rowdy, which can be great especially with the Festival mode. Thanks for asking!

super charming! very beautifully laid out, i love all of the customer descriptions. such a playful use of tarot. definitely going to try this out!

the art and layout are gorgeous! i love the concept of making this broadcast while watching the map burn. tight, concise, and intriguing. well done!

this was phenomenal to read. it has so much heart and genuineness, isn't afraid to explore such a wide variety of feelings and reactions to scenarios. i've never read a journaling game quite like it! thank you so much for sharing it. :)

I haven't seen the gentle correction before! very neat safety addition. really thoroughly considered premise and table culture, i appreciate that a lot. i love the premise of a moot, very playful and practical and thoughtfully constructed. a wealth of color to choose from in play, and very cool playbooks!

absolutely obsessed with the chef hats. this is cute as all get out and even has minigames??? that's incredible

very clear and evocative art, an interesting system flipping the usual high-as-success, cool playbooks and a great premise around which to roleplay (or just focus on the board game elements--both seem fun!). good stuff! :)

very impressive! i love the character creator and all the little buddies that wander around. the art style is absolutely killer, very distinct. :D

a very cool concept. i would love to try this interface someday, and am really intrigued by the idea of sculpture as controller.  :) thank you for putting this together! i liked reading about all the ideas you're drawing from for it.

very neat tool! i text rped on many an instant messenger of old; i would have loved to preserve those chats, and, even better, index them for ease of access. i can see discord pbp players getting a lot of mileage out of this!

very cool implementation of your concept! it's hard not having the language for what you mean or who you are; it's very clever to turn that into something playful yet still full of meaning. :)

sounds like a really interesting premise for a vn/point and click! the character sprite is an intriguing looking person, i want to know more about them already :D and i'm always a sucker for tarot elements.

a really cool concept! thank you for sharing it. i enjoyed reading through your process (congrats on your infinite escalator :D) and am intrigued by the near-identical stops. your writeup really conveys what a gamble it is to talk to strangers, how frightening and dangerous that can turn out, but ultimately how rewarding it can be to try and make friends in a new place.

I would play 60 hours of this. thank you.

very interesting thesis! i dig how surreal the landscape feels. :)

I'm intrigued by this concept! measuring out energy is always a challenge, not to mention fending off creeping thoughts. it does feel like things get steadily harder. interesting stuff!

heavy hitting and well written! the interface is unique and really does feel like shuffling through papers and memories. thank you for sharing this!

i really liked moving through this space as the protagonist worked through hard thoughts. lovely and well put together (and great music! :3)

i love this. exactly what it says on the tin and yet i was not prepared for it whatsoever. very cool to include the credits in the game space itself!

a very meditative experience! reminded me of digging in minecraft, haha. i loved finding the little objects that populated the space, made the digging feel rewarding.

i feel extremely seen going down and trying to see all of the dialog of the hot alien on board. :3

excellent stuff! very moody, very beautifully rendered, and the story is unveiled at a good pace. i like the banter between these two a lot.

i'm so surprised by what you've gotten bitsy to do in this! i would have never thought of that final screen, haha. this was very cute and i'm glad i played it. :)

very fun and very simple! i like the UI and the music is great. i especially enjoy bouncing the longer lasting stars like a juggler, it's very satisfying. :)

expressive, beautiful, straight to the point! I enjoyed interacting with this a great deal.

getting close to people is such a scary prospect, i think this game portrays that vulnerability and that trust and that danger very well. also the sort of dreary task that is putting together a profile on something that is not quite what you're looking for...tough stuff! thank you for sharing this.

well presented and sharply written, i just wish i could full-screen it to see all of the text!

i love the scrabbliness of the visual style! and i definitely appreciate the effects colors :3 thank you for sharing this!

an intriguing story! i liked the way choices subtly nudged the world. unfortunately i got stuck where claremont and vlad did on the road :c hoping to see more of this!

what a cool concept! i liked going to each island and learning about the culture there through the architecture and chatting with the other curators. the art style is simple but strong and serves the game very well. the unincluded features are intriguing too!

very pleasantly laid out and while quite simple i think it's effective! a good proof of concept and i enjoyed the loop at the end. :)

a very beautiful little game! the animations are wonderful and though it took me a moment to understand the controls i really enjoyed trying to optimize my movements to get the most points. very fun music as well!

I'm VERY bad at this kind of game haha! but i was really charmed by all the voice acting and sound effects, and enjoyed being rewarded with different flags. :)

I didn't get very far--just to "and they do a really good coffee here!" and then i couldn't progress any further--but the presentation of this game is excellent and i appreciate a good bird picture when i get to see one. hopeful to see more of this!

the first thing that captured me was the music--great stuff! the art and the story work so well together. i love the doll in the mirror, and the ending got me, not gonna lie. :) if this is unpolished, i'm excited to see what else you bring to it!

it may be semio-autobiographical but i sure felt a bit called out playing this! :P i went through and picked the right choices the first time and then went back and picked the wrong ones just to see what would happen--I'm so pleased with the direction you took those! what a good life, and ever getting better.

any game that lets me flirt with ghouls is a good game in my books. :3 a short game, but very colorfully written, and fun to poke around in.

great music! very cool font treatment and a very well put together game. i somehow managed to take damage despite the gentleness of the enemy aggro, haha. good tutorial and fun animations!

this is really cool. i really liked the spending and refilling of morale as i took on this difficult conversation, and choosing when to push and when to back off for my own sake. a really good abstraction of how hard it can be to talk about important things with folks you have a hard relationship with. (and i liked selecting the tool--the "not a pen" is my favorite. :3)

a beautiful space! a real dream house tbh, i'd love to live in a place like this someday. really beautifully laid out, and i had fun rearranging things and changing up the plants in the garden and picking up notes to see what sort of folks live here. to think of all the drama that happens in these walls... :P