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Shadowrun: Negasonic Teenage Warhead (NTW), Spike baby Dwarf aspected mage. Witnessed the Night of Rage, Lived in the Ork Underground until until kicked out by the Orks and Trolls. Lived in the Barrens as dwarves weren't welcome in goblinoid communities, and not accepted by humans and elves.

During a run was attacked by his own team: a couple full fledged mages who had a beef with him being aspected. Do to financial reasons, hand and broken bones replaced by cyberware, cutting him off from a portion of his magic.

He is the product of living on the fringes of cultures, but never feeling accepted by any of them. Not mage enough, not human enough, not different enough. 40+ years of cynicism and exclusion.

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So it sounds to me that the tool itself isn't the problem, but the implementation people have of it? I think a lot of people haven't been properly educated in its use, and that is a major concern. I doubt many people have looked at the documentation, and aren't using the rules of it because they never took the time to learn the rules.

Specifically to the second point: the Xcard is there specifically to negate the need for verbal response. As someone who has had to use the Xcard during a panic attack, it is much easier to touch a card, than verbally express myself, and I think that's kind of the point? That while it might still be difficult, it is easier than the alternative.

If someone at the dinner table stabs me with a fork, do I remove the fork or the person from the table?

Safety tools are just that: tools. And tools used for a very specific purpose. If someone isn't willing to follow the intent of those tools, then we must ask both if the player will follow the intent of any of those rules, and if we want that kind of person at our table.

as for the point of impetuous of using these tools, that will always be there to some degree, until the day we learn to read minds. Because more games are going digital, however, we can make it more accessible by making it more anonymous. In my campaigns on roll20 for example, I have a custom deck built with one card that's just a giant X. Anyone can play from that deck, and no one can see who played it.

Well, I was looking into systems I might use for a French resistance game, and aside from the supernatural elements, every part of the system fits exceptionally well. The crew system is a good way to express building your cell, trauma the reality of wartime espionage, timers for the intensity of missions, and heat for the threat of the cell getting discovered.

Honestly it only needs a few weeks to serve my purpose.

I think we see a lot of narrative tools presented as modules or splats in most AAA games. DnD's adventure books give a very distinct narrative guide, Shadowrun's lore books and Vampire's city books give a ton of narrative direction through plot hooks. This isn't feasable for indie devs, but similar could be done within a core book.

When we talk about safety tools in a ttrpg settinv, we're usually discussing tools to reduce bleed and strengthen alibi (distancing yourself from your character prevent out of character fights, played trauma, etc). I don't know if those tools would translate well to a game that has no characters, and therefore bleed.

I am however in favor of any tool that helps create an environment where players can enjoy playing, so safety tools for non-ttrpg games may look more like accessibility tools.

Hi my name is Steve, or Xjere pretty much anywhere online. I'm new to game design, but old hat to ttrpgs, having started with the "Red Box" in the late 80s. My game preference is pretty broad, but I tend to lean more toward structured settings rather than group narrative settings (most would say Trad v Narrative, but I think it tends to create a false binary), and enjoy playing around with systems meant to invoke a certain emotion of ideal. One a tends to do this exceptionally well (Bluebeard's Bride invoking solitude and feminine horror, Night Witches comraderie, BitD class warfare...).

My current, and only project right now is a Sci-fi module for Bluebeard's Bride called Compass Rose.

Monster Magnet- Gods and Punks.