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Shadowrun: Negasonic Teenage Warhead (NTW), Spike baby Dwarf aspected mage. Witnessed the Night of Rage, Lived in the Ork Underground until until kicked out by the Orks and Trolls. Lived in the Barrens as dwarves weren't welcome in goblinoid communities, and not accepted by humans and elves.

During a run was attacked by his own team: a couple full fledged mages who had a beef with him being aspected. Do to financial reasons, hand and broken bones replaced by cyberware, cutting him off from a portion of his magic.

He is the product of living on the fringes of cultures, but never feeling accepted by any of them. Not mage enough, not human enough, not different enough. 40+ years of cynicism and exclusion.

:/ feels

Is it allowed to contact developers to buy license of their games?