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There isn't a thread for May yet and my official PR speak has this one getting released on April 33rd, so 4'33" The RPG is going in here. Play a homage to classical music.

  • Players: 1-Infinite
  • Playtime: Less than 5 minutes
  • Needs some dice. Officially, 2d6 for every player but whatever you have is fine.

Hey all, there's a 2 word RPG Jam happening starting today and going for forever, as seen at and at #2WordRPGJam on twitter (careful there's an edgelord in that hashtag as of now)

I was wondering if anyone here made any 2 word RPGs and would want to share them.

Let me kiss Jesse and James.

Also my Masks character, a zombie singer who had a different stage name every time she open mic performed somewhere.

Lady Magma Encarta the Driven, the Fiery, The Enkindled Among The Darkness, The Living Strength of the Encartas, Favored Of The Sun, Our Unconquered Flame, Our Glorious Lady From Whose Footsteps Springs Life and Warmth, The Devourer, The Brightest In The Infinite Night, Scourge of Navies, Seated Upon A Throne Of Obsidian She Rules was a noblelady made entirely of fire whose skill with fire magic is matched only by her self-righteousness and ego. She was a complete heel.

It's a Fall of Magic hack where the players are playing as geese. The story prompts and several of the character building choices in the beginning reinforce that the players are petty and vindictive.

Kill your gods.  All geese are bastards. War is terrible.

Alright, I'm back to recommend. 

First I want to recommend Hearts of Magic: Threads Entangled. It's a hack of Firebrands where you play as one of several factions of Fey vying for control over The City in an escalating cold war. It's very good and very evocative.

Next is Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined. It uses the Powered By The Apocalypse engine to enable you to tell Kingdom Hearts-inspired stories with a focus on interpersonal relationships. You can make your own characters or go fully kingdom hearts and make some ambitious crossovers. A playtest actual play podcast of Interstitial can be heard here

Ascendancy is a cool hack of The Spire that uses The Resistance System to tell the stories of psychic cyborgs trying to find their own way in a city at war.

Finally, Facade is the only vampire rpg that exists so if you want to play an rpg and be a vampire, you have to play Facade.

While whether or not games are good is debatable, there are a lot of games out there. So let's help each other find some good tabletop games by recommending ones you enjoy.

This is interesting. I hadn't really thought of player moves as ways for them to influence the conversation before. This and the responses have given me a lot to think about with the direction of one of my games, and thank you to everyone for posting.

Dirt Asswurst is the name of my sausage company

Unless your field of honour is Mr. Worldwide, there is no way it is always dawn there

Excuse me none of these posts were made at dawn.

Cure is fine. I make game jam games. I am also making a Fall of Magic hack about geese traveling from Canada to go kill god and a firebrands/fitd mashup hack about magic mech support staff. I also shitpost.

Gotta be X Gon Give It To Ya Maybe

if games are good then why haven't they won an Oscar