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Alright, I'm back to recommend. 

First I want to recommend Hearts of Magic: Threads Entangled. It's a hack of Firebrands where you play as one of several factions of Fey vying for control over The City in an escalating cold war. It's very good and very evocative.

Next is Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined. It uses the Powered By The Apocalypse engine to enable you to tell Kingdom Hearts-inspired stories with a focus on interpersonal relationships. You can make your own characters or go fully kingdom hearts and make some ambitious crossovers. A playtest actual play podcast of Interstitial can be heard here

Ascendancy is a cool hack of The Spire that uses The Resistance System to tell the stories of psychic cyborgs trying to find their own way in a city at war.

Finally, Facade is the only vampire rpg that exists so if you want to play an rpg and be a vampire, you have to play Facade.