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this is a takuma okada callout post meet me in the field of honor at dawn

A topic by Riley Hopkins created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 1,141 Replies: 13
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in this thread me and takuma okada will play meet me in the field of honor at dawn.

this is my characters opening line up of traits. I will await your response.

(to be super clear I got my friends permission before challenging them here)



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come at me

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For those vastly confused here are the rules:


First of all- takuma what is our setting? Should we draw for it?


That sounds like you're looking to figure out the Field of Honour! here are the cards I drew for it


Excuse me none of these posts were made at dawn.



The realest callout post


It’s always dawn somewhere.


Unless your field of honour is Mr. Worldwide, there is no way it is always dawn there




Our Field of Honour: A large fireproofed barge on a river of lava.


Ok! Hell yeah- Let me describe my character here- I'll just explain stuff and then address what cards influenced them.

I am a floor manager at a local lava processing plant, we take in lava, take all the heat energy (or whatever i ain't a science they), and then just spit out rocks on the other side.  I've found someone higher up on the chain from me is potentially leaving their job, either being forced out or retiring, and I am going to take it. (Merchant, Luck,our field of honour)

I want their job because I need to remake this whole organization, we aren't nearly as efficient as we can be. Look at how much we could learn, or do! So once I get their job I am going to rebuild this whole company and make it much much better. (Gilded Lily, Blizzard)

Which is a believable goal for me, I've always slipped in and out of positions in places, usually staying behind the scenes, but I'm ready to grab for power. (Changeling) The only thing keeping me down? I don't know jack shit about chemical reactions or science or anything that goes with the MECHANICAL side of this place. but i don't care. (Tender of Blooms)


So unless your person is the DIRT ASS WORST, It looks like I'm playing Heel in this match up hahaha, My characters name is God's Accomplice and their pronouns are they/them. 


Dirt Asswurst is the name of my sausage company

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