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In my home game, we took a (real life) 9 month hiatus, and when we came back, we said "I wish there was a game we could play to fill out what happened to our characters in that time."

Lo and behold! One game of Timeskip later and we've met new characters, new enemies, shifting alignments, and not one, but TWO new pets.

This game rules!!!

Sliding in two years later to say: We said "No" originally, but the answer turned out to be "Yes":

1. Ooh, y'know what, there will be NOW--a lot of the Back Issues stuff I have planned is just "whatever strikes me as a fun addition to the game," and that seems like a perfect thing to flesh out. (I also am working on an in-depth character creation system to bolt on, along the same lines.)

2. I have thought SO MUCH how to use these alongside one another, in a way that's more in-depth than "running both games in the same city" (which is also a perfect option). Something I'm thinking on a lot.

The way I screamed in my living room when I saw a email that said "Beyond the Rift v2.0" in my inbox, though. You have no idea.

I'm so beyond excited to dig into this!! Back once more into the world of Mnemonic we go.

Absolutely--the rules dictate what happens to the Hero, but there's no rule that says the Hero can't be six people.

If you thought the game was "apolitical" then you misread about half the text in the game. I'm glad the CityScapes were there to make things more explicit for you.

This game is lovely! The progress mechanic is really clever, the artwork is charming, and the really perfectly hits on the story you want to tell. As someone who is always, ALWAYS looking for more solo RPGs to play, I'm really excited to dig into this and start building my farm!

Great question! I'm going to add this as a note in the back of the book, but: What I've been doing for shorter APs is instead of using a full deck, pulling the top 10 cards off and using that as my "deck." The only thing to make sure of when you do this is, if there are any kings in the mini-deck you've pulled, that you add in the Ace of the corresponding suit. Then, just shuffle in the Joker into the back half of your mini-deck as usual.

I feel you RE: Olive Garden not getting back to you. I've been there.

Answer the Frakes questions for yourself!

Have you ever had the desire to write your initials in wet cement? Yes, but I've never done it. Never had the right opportunity.
You ever gone mountain biking? I don't know how to ride a bike!
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Even more extremely powerful than I already am.
What's the right tip? Nothing less than 20%.
Have you called a plumber to your home lately? 
The last time maintenance came to my apartment was a few months ago, to unclog my shower. 
How superstitious are you? 
Not terribly.
How much money would it take to make you spend a night in a cemetery? 
Less than you'd think.
Would you display this as a trophy? 
No, but only because my apartment is small and I don't have space for it.
Do you have a pet? 
I do! A cat named cleo!
Do you have a sweet tooth? 
love chocolate!
Do you believe in the power of a curse? 
For as not-superstitious as I am, I definitely believe in a good hex.
Have you had your hearing tested lately? 
Not since my last health exam, unless I'm mistaken.
Planning a trip soon? 
Not under the current circumstances!
Can you remember the tallest man you've ever seen? 
WWE Superstar the Big Show.
Do you love to go a wanderin' beneanth the clear blue sky? 
Who doesn't!?
Have you noticed what big stars real estate agents have become? 
Not really, no.
Are you careful with your personal records? 
Very much so.
Does your computer ever seem to have a mind of its own? 
No, it bends to my will, as I am extremely good and powerful.
Have you ever visited a Chinatown section of a major city? 
Often, Philly's Chinatown is home to some of my favorite spots in the city.
Have you ever visited a flea market? 
love flea markets!
Have you ever visited a truck stop? 
Have you ever had a job as a waiter? 
Shockingly no!
Have you noticed how many successful restaurants are theme based these days? 
Not really, no!

Hi! This is an amazing tool for categorization--is it possible to search by "players supported?"

I started by putting together a list of inspiration matches; most of which being literal mask vs. mask matches, with a few mask vs. hair matches and career vs. career matches mixed in.

After talking about it in the general ideas thread, I decided to move forward with this completely ridiculous idea and see what happens: The Pro Wrestling Game Slam 2K19The premise is very simple: Make a game telling a story about the on-screen or off-screen world of professional wrestling.

A collection of wrestling LARPs is something I've held onto for a very long time; originally, I planned to try and make an anthology, but recently realized a game jam would be a better fit for the project.

Very excited to see what people come up with for the jam.


The realest callout post

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The other major advantage of a jam as opposed to a collection is, a jam presents the opportunity for spontaneous design--something I noticed a lot of during the Sad Mech Jam. People who said "oh, these games are cool, what about a game where..." and then made a game. That's something you couldn't really get making a collection, and something that I think is really valuable to the community/hobby as a whole.

I have been sitting on this idea for an anthology project for a long time, that I'm starting to wonder if might be better suited for a Game Jam?

The premise in a nutshell is, "Pro Wrestling RPGs." Tabletop RPGs and LARPs built around, or meaningfully involving, My Favorite LARP, Professional Wrestling.

I have several wrestling-themed games I've been meaning to finish that I've wanted to publish in an anthology together alongside works of other creators... but I'm starting to think that a Game Jam might be the better option. There are pros and cons to each approach, but I've never thought of it as a Jam before, and the idea is intriguing.

Ooh, dang, I'd definitely be into that.

Echoing a lot of what has been said here already, I'm always a little more "on" for an Actual Play game, for better or for worse. If I'm off-the-mic, so to speak, I can retreat inward, think about my next move, snack on chips, or just be a silly bits monster if I want to be. That audience awareness is a powerful motivator in terms of how I approach a game or a character, and I think it's something that can be stifling, or it can be really empowering if a game, or a player, or a session, really makes the most of it.

Games? Never heard of 'em!

Hi friends! I'm Jeff Stormer (He/His). I'm a podcaster, game designer, occasional pro wrestling referee and commentator, and the Unofficial Official LARPwright of the Olive Garden Restaurant.

I've been publishing smaller TTRPGs and LARPs on itch for awhile, before running a Kickstarter for Mission: Accomplished!, an RPG of super-spies an office meetings, last October.

I also host Party Of One, an actual play podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences--so if you've published a two-player RPG and you want to promote it on a podcast, let's chat.

My face theme is The Mountain Goats' "Amy AKA Spent Gladiator 1"

Then my heel theme is The Mountain Goats' "Spent Gladiator 2"

Everything said here has been fantastic so far. I can't echo the comments enough.

The one thing I'd add is, a player count classification would be tremendously valuable, as a way to sort physical games across the entire category. It's something that isn't always readily apparent by description or tags, and can be a key selling feature for games designed towards certain group sizes. If I'm looking for single-player or two-player games, being able to quickly enter in that information would save me a ton of time.