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yeah totally!

hehehe it's spooky season!!!!

You can, just not through Itch! You can buy the zine at two different online stores now, Heart of the Deernicorn and Knave of Cups.

Not yet, sorry about that. I wanted to get them out last month but ran into some financial/shipping issues, I'm hoping to have them out end of September/early November.

Umm I don’t really have much but I do have this collection from a while ago. Mostly I would just recommend reading and playing whatever games you find on Itch that you think are cool!

ah sorry, no worries! Yeah I was initially going to move end of the month but it doesn't look like it's happening, so hopefully I'll have them shipped sometime in August?

hi! there were no more community copies left when the playtest launched, and the playtest is free to join! there will be community copies from the crowdfunding campaign at a later point that will be available here when that happens as well.

Hi! I haven't sent them out yet, but should be within the next month! I'm tracking down a few more people who haven't filled out surveys yet, thanks for waiting!

I love all of this. I love seven most of all, but I love all of this.

I think it really helped to hear someone say it's okay to say boring and wrong shit. Thank you.

And I agree about "I want to make games like I cook meals for my family"

I care about cooking almost as much as I care about making games. And I approach them in similar ways, I think. And relate to other people with them in similar ways. I should think more about this. Thank you.

hi! feel free to share it with other people! I just don't want to host anything i didn't work on on the page for payment. I will hopefully be putting out a black and white version soon, but please feel free to share the booklet pdf you made wherever!

alright, the survey should be fillable now!

yep! sorry I thought I had set them to be live but apparently not! Will post an update when they’re actually live.

I would really like to offer shipping outside the US but I don’t know how easy it will be right now so I’m planning on figuring that out after I’ve fulfilled the international Kickstarter orders I have! Sorry for the uncertainty 

yes! you're meant to end the game with 4 town experiences compared to the 3 adventurer ones you start with, so the first one you get in first step is kind of a free one. 

Yes! I'll be releasing the PDF on itch on this page once it's done! There have been some delays because of COVID and some other things but it should be available in the next couple months!

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Yes! That's referring to the dice placement prompts sorry, I know some of the rules are a bit clunky as I've kind of re-designed a lot of the games, they'll get cleared up in a future update.

My go-to game in quarantine.

ahh I'm so glad you liked it! 

no that’s super valid! The thought did cross my mind recently that it might not be the best word choice for ex-smokers and this only confirms that. Will look into alternatives for the next version!

here's a quick guide thing i did to pwyw games on itch that i think are  great to learn different aspects of design from!

players just choose whichever challenges they want to do, in turn order! if you run out, players can choose something that was done already. The game is over when you’ve succeeded (won a number of coins equal to the number of players+2) or when every player is knocked out (when every PC/named NPC has had a coin flip come up tails)

also it’s not really a ton of information you can just write it down on a blank piece of paper, you really only need to keep track of ratings and NPCs and then keep whatever notes you need

oh I’m so sorry I forgot to add it, I won’t be able to until after the con I’m at but I will soon!!

Yeah I worried a bit about it not being clear enough and I guess I was right! It’s simply what number quest you are on. So starting at 1 and going up by one each time. Also yes thank you for pointing out the typo!

sorry this is the tabletop section for game jams and it looks like this is for digital?

I’ve only played without jokers, although I’ve thought about an extra rule for them occasionally. Whatever’s most interesting to you makes sense I think

I definitely talk to a lot more people regularly on Discord, although I do talk about design on Twitter sometimes too.

Hey just wanted to check, are tabletop/LARP games allowed as part of this jam? 

yeah that sounds fine

thank you for sharing. I love leviathans of all kinds, and this was really touching!!

Our Field of Honour: A large fireproofed barge on a river of lava.

It’s always dawn somewhere.

That sounds like you're looking to figure out the Field of Honour! here are the cards I drew for it

A mass migration to seems unlikely, given DM’s Guild. I’m also not super familiar with OGL/the SRD but we don’t really want to have to deal with legal issues related to putting D&D content on either.

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I did in fact write a story game that uses chess and has safety tools! But yeah in general people have an understanding of what chess is, and what the pieces do, and what the outcome is. People know what happens in a chess game before they start playing, even if that's approximate. There's very little uncertainty in content, and then of course chess doesn't necessarily come with narrative, although it very easily can. 

If a game involves other people I'd most likely say yes! The improvisational aspect of RPGs is definitely part of it too. These both come down to uncertainty: we don't have a script written out, and we can't know what other people are thinking, and both of those things combined can go badly. 

Single-player games though are a gray area. I think usually content warnings would be enough, but if something unexpected comes up in say a video game a pause/eject button would be good. At least in solo TTRPGs you can walk away when you need to.