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April Releases!

A topic by casskdesigns created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 452 Replies: 11
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Just released a new project ? Post it here and tell people about it.

We will start a new thread each month. 7 days into a new month, the past month's thread will be archived.


I just released CHORELOCK, my game for the Transferable Class Skills jam! It's a two player roleplaying/bargaining game where one person plays as a warlock trying to convince some demons (the other player) to do their chores.

I just released 'Kindergarten Keepers', a solo rpg for the Along Game Jam. In this game you play as the sentient shadow of a kid about to start kinder. As their protector, their safety and happiness is your number one priority. Make it through the 3 days of kinder this week without letting your kid cry and you win!


Finally hit the button on It Was Always About Us (we met in the singularity of an uncaring world), a conversational game made for the Supervillain Redemption Jam where one of you is a superhero and the other is a supervillain. You take turns asking each other questions to learn more about yourselves and your superpowered world, rolling dice with each answer to build conflict lines then fighting to see who wins each scene and achieves their goal. Ultimately it charts the arc of your entire adventuring career, from just starting out through to meeting and clashing with your nemesis, the inevitable forced team-up, the catastrophic crisis event, and of course ending with a timeskip epilogue.

I just released One Trillion Years, a roleplaying game about humanity’s survival in the far future. You create a human diaspora, a collection of people who have left Earth in an effort to survive as the universe disintegrates. You’ll lead them through trillions of years of space and time, play star-faring guilds as they address different obstacles, and inhabit your own characters from the far future.

Submitted for the Mapemounde game jam.

  • Players: 1-4
  • Playtime: 1-2 hours
  • Requires a deck of playing cards & drawing on a map

My daughters made this game during their school holidays: Scribble Card Clash. Draw cards, clash them against each other, level them up, scribble a lot.


Nora Blake and i just released Space Bar, at ! it's a belonging outside belonging game about the patrons of a seedy spaceport bar, with card based scene/situation prompts! 

I just posted my first one-page RPG (well, it's a few more pages, but the rules are one page!). It's called: Freedom or Toaster.

You play as robots trying to avoid capture (and being turned into a toaster) in a busy mall!

Freedom or Toaster

I hope anyone who plays it has half as much fun as I did testing it!

For the #ActualAdultJam I made Totally Real Incredible Things, a short noisy game about adults being tired and busy, and kids wanting them to go look at a thing.

I recently released They howl and grow claws for the belonging outside belonging jam, a game where you play as a group of queer friends who have just graduated and are taking one final vacation together at a cabin you've been to often, before you all move apart and go your separate ways. It takes place on the final night of your trip and there's a monster in the woods. If you make it to morning you'll all be safe, but some of you might also decide to join it, or its presence might solidify your life decisions, or change them...

  • Players: 2-6
  • Type: One-shot
  • Playtime: 1-2 sessions (half the game outside the cabin, half the game inside the cabin)
  • Required: Group character creation, including discussing out loud among players. Some drawing on the maps. If some players are uncomfortable with or unable to do this, it's recommended that other arrangements be made for them. Also, something to use as tokens, but those can really be anything.

Spooky Action at a Distance is a single player tabletop role playing game about humanity’s first contact with alien life. You create a character, called the envoy, who will attempt to interact with the alien. You’ll write about First Contact, what the envoy discovers about the alien, and define the alien as you play.

  • Players: 1
  • Playtime: 1-2 hours
  • Requires 2 six-sided dice and a journal to write in (printable journal sheets are provided with the game)

I made this for the Me, Myself, and my RPG Game Jam, and I'm really proud of it!

There isn't a thread for May yet and my official PR speak has this one getting released on April 33rd, so 4'33" The RPG is going in here. Play a homage to classical music.

  • Players: 1-Infinite
  • Playtime: Less than 5 minutes
  • Needs some dice. Officially, 2d6 for every player but whatever you have is fine.
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