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Games. Good?

A topic by Rufus Roswell created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 1,913 Replies: 33
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Discuss this important, hard-hitting question. 


yeah i guess




Who can really say?


they are bad but i am also bad


if games are good then why haven't they won an Oscar

damn you got em


Games are the new Leonardo Decaprio 


There was room for games on the door. 


games climb crawl through snow and shit for three weeks and make a movie about it


meet me in the horse of honor at dawn


i thought they smelled bad.......


on the outside....

(1 edit) (+2)


a game killed my father


Tough one... I'd start with what we know, which is games are art. Is art good?



Im gonna go with a definite......maybe?


Games good. Other than the whole not having enough time to play them all... 


Games exist in a hyperstate of good and bad at all times. All games good, but also, bad. The observer collapses the waveform and makes one of these true


Games? No thanks.




what's a game 


I’ve never played a game before so I can’t truly say


Games... If you absolutely have to play a game, the trick is to salt it at least an hour before cooking, but preferably more, even overnight; and then to pound it out to about 1/4-inch thickness. A mallet works best, but honestly, if worst comes to worst, just get a big can and beat it up until it's where you want it to be. But honestly, why go to all that effort? 


Games? Never heard of 'em!


Gamer? I hardly know her!

That depends on what the definition of "good" is


Games don't exist. That was swamp gas, or a weather balloon.


(metal gear voice)


damn, true





tf no

Roll d6. If you get a king, queen, or ace, games are good. If you get a heart, games are neutral. If you get a spade, games are evil.
If you roll an odd number, games are chaotic. If you roll an even number, games are also chaotic. If you choose not to roll because that is against the rules, games are Lawful. Otherwise, games are neutral. Imaginary numbers are real.

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