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It uses its own system! You can see the basics in the Kickstarter Preview PDF document.

After you roll, you decide which die is the good thing and which die is the bad thing. If you get to roll extra dice (when the GM agrees that it's something you're good at or that you're prepared), you decide which is good and which is bad, and ignore the ones you don't use.

You can email ettinjiggywithit at gmail! I'll be revamping the game sometime next year so any feedback is appreciated.

There's no hard limit on number of players! It'd mostly depend on how many players you're comfortable playing with at once, I think.

This sounds awesome, let me know how it goes!

French deck! Basically, everyone gets a hand of cards and works together to solve problems by playing cards with a total that's (hopefully) below a target number. Cards are played face-down and you can't say what you're playing, so it's possible to go over by accident. Playing a card by yourself is easier but never as good, and you can get more cards by roleplaying (including screwing yourself/other people over). The aim is to make it to the final challenge with a good enough hand to overcome it.

Games? No thanks.