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Aaron Griffin

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#1 is intentional! While the jam is about folklore monsters, I want this ultimately to be a game about "haha it's just superstition and not real" if someone wants to run it that way. That's *my* take on folklore :)

I should definitely put examples of phases in there! I'll work on rewording things for a v4

I gotta do something without words. Gypsy Jazz has been on my brain recently, but I often go back to the Shadow of the Colossus OST.

Jay, this is a wonderful progression of the best World of Legacy. I love what you've done with it.

With all stats starting at -1, does the game start fairly weak and chaotic? I can't envision how that'd play out.

I decided to submit this a little early and continually work on that to see how itch behaves. Feedback appreciated

it should have been set to one day: here's a new one -

Sure! I threw this up, but am not in marketing mode right now

Maybe we can make something cool from it

Haha "but you have to interact with Reddit users" says it all.

The things coming out of these days are totally my jam and I want to know where you folks hand out - these forums seem active but they're not the hip-hop-happening space.

Where yall at?

I'd like to hear more about this lingo that was used (without needing to wade through actually listening to the podcast) - do you have any specific examples?

Curious: does this game use any mechanic like The King is Dead where you can ultimately "win"?

Ah, no. I thought we were just listing games

That depends on what the definition of "good" is


Exactly - I can play any game with my best buds and we're fine because we know each other so we'll. Games with strangers, con games, for example, need safety tools because not everyone knows each other.

Content warnings may often suffice for heavily GMed games.

Nell, this game is amazing. I want to see more of this idea - particularly branding a colonizers mind with fear