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What's your "gotta get work done" music?

A topic by slasherepoch created 18 days ago Views: 106 Replies: 9
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When you just have get work done, what do you put on to drown out the horror and noise of everyday existence?

Rules and clarifications:

1. It can absolutely be an album, a song, or even just a genre, but more specific is, I think, better.
2. If you have the ability to post a link, please do!
3. If there are explicit lyrics, please call that out (because I'll almost definitely listen to some of this music at work :-) )
4. Put a little something in there about how this became the choice!

I'll start: I use the Day of the Dead OST because I can't get work done if there's lyrics, at over an hour it's the right length to knock out a chunk of something, it's got a relentless energy to it that works in the movie and for getting things done, and because I listened to this a whole whole bunch to inspire me when I had to write a zombie game once.


I've been gravitating to a lot of Mongolian metal / throat singing lately, and building up a playlist of that. Not being able to understand the lyrics and the deep rumble through a lot of it keeps my head from getting distracted with what's being sung and just enjoying the music while my brain's elsewhere.

I don't have a whole album to specifically offer but I'm liking The HU (but they don't have a full album on Spotify yet), Nine Treasures, and Tengger Calvary.

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LoFi tunes are always the best for spacing out and going into work mode. I'm sure there's some stations on Spotify or something, just type in "lofi" and I'm sure hundreds of stations will pop up, any will do. The genre of music mostly consist of instrumentals and remixes. Buuut, if you were looking to maybe evoke a dark theme or mood try Abominable Putridity, Cannibal Corpse, Gutteral Slug, and their all in the genre of death metal or subgenre grind core lol or try Nargaroth their sorta like viking metal 


I figured out that there are a number of video games that I totally zone out to, so I made a youtube playlist of the music from them. I can get a lot of work done if my brain is fooled into thinking it's playing Dwarf Fortress. :D


For any project I'm seriously working on, I'll create a custom station on Pandora that evokes the moods and themes that I'm looking to capture in the game. For my current epistolary RPG playtest, I'm playing the ghost of an old blues musician who sold his soul o the devil, so the channel is formed from "Me and the Devil Blues" and "Hellhound on my Trail" by Robert Johnson. When writing for my game about lonely dinosaur people, it was a combination of Koyanisqaatsi by Phillip Glass and the soundtrack to The Dark Crystal. When making a game about substitute Grim Reapers, it's all old bluegrass spirituals, French-Canadian folk songs and upbeat songs about depressing topics ("When Will You Die" by They Might Be Giants, "More Bad Times" by the Presidents of the United States of America, etc.) 


I gotta do something without words. Gypsy Jazz has been on my brain recently, but I often go back to the Shadow of the Colossus OST.

lately it's been bdg's playlist of 'castle chase music' (music with a dance beat that also sounds like someone is chasing you through a castle)

uhhhhh Mostly Pokemon and Sailor Moon and Utena OSTs.

With an occasional sprinkle of Bug Heaven

I usually turn on some Two Steps From Hell  songs on you tube . They have made a lot soundtracks to different films and games. They are great.

I really enjoy listening to a studi ghibli soundtrack playlist when I'm writing (My fav are the Spirited away ones) and if I'm drawing then just some good old lo-fi music