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Who's on Discord (or whatever)?

A topic by Aaron Griffin created 20 days ago Views: 107 Replies: 9
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The things coming out of these days are totally my jam and I want to know where you folks hand out - these forums seem active but they're not the hip-hop-happening space.

Where yall at?


I definitely talk to a lot more people regularly on Discord, although I do talk about design on Twitter sometimes too.


I'm in a few but I'm not particularly active on many recently. The RPGdesign subreddit has one, and its the only dedicated game design server I'm I'm as of now, but then you have to interact with Reddit users. I also talk into a relative void on Twitter sometimes. 


Haha "but you have to interact with Reddit users" says it all.


Should we start one?

Sure! I threw this up, but am not in marketing mode right now

Maybe we can make something cool from it

I tried following the discord link but it said the invite has expired.

it should have been set to one day: here's a new one -


I run a Queer Game Dev server with a ttrpg dev channel. You don't have to be queer to join as long as you're respectful and follow the rules.


I'm still figuring out discord but this is awesome! Thanks for sharing!