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Oddly satisfying and stimmy! Played on Steam Deck

I managed to update and expand a game draft based on playtesting and release it for sale on itch! Submitted it to the jam

I'm not sure what's going on here. I think I'd need to see your export settings

Just created a Discord server for the jam!

Just created a server for the jam:

That sounds fine to me to create a game like this for the jam!

The download link is broken now :(

If you think that that aesthetic contributed to the look of the Internet during that era, it should be fine, though it's not really the focus of the jam

Every time I extract from the zip file, there are no character sheets in the Character Sheets folder

Played this on my Steam Deck. Nice!

I received a copy of this in a recent Drivethrurpg order despite... not having ordered it. Is it fate?

The issue has been solved after I emailed support. Looks like because I bought a bunch of games at once due to the sale that it looked suspicious to the automated system, so the sales had to be reviewed before releasing the keys

This says it comes with a Steam key, but it's not showing up for me on the download page

This doesn't run on the client on Mac

Ooh! This looks really cool! Glad to know people are still writing online LARPs! I actually developed a LARP discord bot over the course of the pandemic to enable inventories, items and searchable channel-based locations, contingency envelopes and various abilities for games like this. If you're ever interested in using the bot, feel free to reach out! It's not publicly available yet, but I'll work with anyone interested in using it. Here's my website about the bot with documentation on all the commands and an intro video:

That's perfectly fine!

This says it will run on Mac but I downloaded it and there were only .exe files to run on PC, no Mac app

It's a really old laptop that I use for playing small PC-only games (my main computer is a Macbook). I literally found it on a free stuff table a few years ago. It says the graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 7520G. Driver version is 15.200.1055.0.  Scanning for an update said this is the best driver for this card, but it's from 2015... so it's probably just that the computer and graphics card are too old. I mostly use it for RPG Maker games. Someday I'll get something newer

Found the log file. Here's the relevant part:

info startup: Initializing user interface rendering...

error window: Application creation error: java.lang.RuntimeException: asset not loaded: shader/gui.json

at com.lezliz.b.g.a(Unknown Source)

at com.lezliz.rainnskye.b.e(Unknown Source)

at com.lezliz.rainnskye.a.a(Unknown Source)

at com.lezliz.window.MainWindowNative.a(Unknown Source)

at com.lezliz.rainnskye.Main.main(Unknown Source)

Still didn't work :(

Mac app wouldn't open :(

Mac app wouldn't open, even after multiple tries (the usual way you open an unsigned app)

This game crashes every time I try to open it on Windows :(

The error message said "Run Time Package non trovate. Installare RTPe.exe"

I tried copying over the RPG_RT.exe file to where it was missing, but I just get an error message when I try to run it. It says I need to install something. I have the RTP installed already

Game wouldn't load data when I tried to play...

Yes, that’s fine

Totally counts as mythology! Feel free to interpret "mythology" however you wish

Saw this game on the Jimquisition Game of the Year awards, so I'm downloading it!

Will there be a mac build?

Will there be a mac build?

Will there be a mac build?

Will there be a mac build?

Wow, this was very good. As someone who has a personal experience of religious trauma (though nowhere near what the protagonist experienced), I related a lot to the sense of internal struggle as they began to want to be a part of the real world and connect with people outside of the cult, their feelings of worthlessness as a result of being told to feel that way by authority figures in the cult, and the intense scrupulosity. While the cults in this game were of the fantastic sort, they still addressed aspects of the real world experiences of cult members and those who leave cults that most games and other media don't address. This humanizes survivors of abusive/high-control religious groups. Thanks for making this! 

In the mac version the ground of the garden shows up as bright pink. Cute game though

Ran into this error: 

wings The (lowercase:) macro's 1st value is the number 0, but should be a string.

I've only played through once, but wow, I'm impressed that this was made in a week!

There are entire categories on this site for Books, Comics, Tools, and more. Also, it's a major hub for indie physical games (tabletop rpg, card games, LARP, etc.) Not just for video games. This is exactly why I'm hosting the bundle