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Will there be a mac version?

Will there be a mac version?

Did you ever make the mac build?

Will there be a mac version?

Thanks! Will try it out!

Will there be a mac version?

Will there be a mac version

Will there be a mac version?

Will there be a mac version of the full game?

I started a game project about a week ago, but then got hit by tropical storm Isaias and lost power for 3 days, then internet has been spotty ever since. I haven't been able to finish the game as a result. Is it possible to submit late or submit a placeholder page?

I remember making something that was basically this in elementary school. I called it Rock Paper Scissors Extreme and it quickly became popular all over my school and other area schools. Guess I was a game designer in the 2nd grade!

I like this. Even though my time at Stanford was sorta hellish due to poorly accommodated health issues, I still have a lot of good memories. I too LARPed at the School of Ed (and also History Corner) and played HvZ. I never graduated (see: health issues), but I was supposed to be Class of 2015. I also make games about queerness

Otherships Jam 2 is going on right now and it's a ttrpg jam about underrepresented relationships:

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Will there be a mac version?

I'm also interested in a Mac version of this game

Late submissions are fine! Just message me on Discord or email me at metaparadox11 AT gmail DOT com when you're done and I'll send you the late submission link, no matter how late you are.

Thank you! Paypalled you the money!

I tried again and the same thing happened. Is there any alternate way to pay?

Ah, thanks! I'll just try again

PayPal shows the payment for the game, but when I was checking out it didn’t go through properly, so the game isn’t showing up in my account. What can I do to access the game?

Nah. If you don’t see the point, there are hundreds of other jams you could join.


I created a Crowdforge page:

So far there’s only 13 people in the jam, so I’m not sure there would be enough people to justify creating a server for the jam specifically yet (I’m at my server limit, so I’d have to leave a server to create a new one too), but I can create a crowdforge page if you need to find team members. Also, I run a moderately sized Queer Game Dev server linked on my profile that I’ve talked about the jam in. You don’t have to be LGBT+ to join, just respectful. I also run a zine server you could meet people in if you’re creating an analog game.

I run a Queer Game Dev server with a ttrpg dev channel. You don't have to be queer to join as long as you're respectful and follow the rules.

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I just created a new ttrpg jam centering diverse relationship structures! Non-ranked.

If you know of any games or resources I could list as examples on the jam page, let me know!

Thank you!

Can you export a Mac version?

Can you export a Mac version? I'm assuming you're using Ren'Py, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Re-downloading the game

Hey, I'm really sorry for not sending you the game key earlier. I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately and for a long time was unable to even open messages and emails due to anxiety. I got a new medical diagnosis and was also attending conferences and conventions I'd said I'd attend months before, which has left me pretty exhausted as well. I've been struggling for months to pull myself out of a figurative dark pit and attend to my obligations. I tried messaging you the game code you requested on Discord, but since you left the server, it wouldn't let me send it to you. If you email me or message me in some way (contact info is on my profile page) I will send you the code.

There's only a few hours left, so I won't have time to finish anything. If it runs again, maybe I'll try then.

Does the full game come with a Steam key?

If I buy the full game here will I get a Steam key?

When are you going to upload the mac build?

Thank you! I will leave a comment when I get around to playing through the game!

Will there be a mac version?

I will buy the game when you upload the Mac version.

I'd buy the untested version. Thanks!