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I need to change my avatar to something better.;/

Anyway been moving my art and webcomic talks over to peertube:

My other channels I post music I did in Musescore themed around my setting I will be fleshing out over time.

Absolutely, I still want to do a 2.5D series set in a hybrid of Cyberpunk and Magical Realism.

Wow, that's why RPG Maker MV too. Does this involve lots of scripting?

You could have something slightly granular: what I'm immediatly picturing is something like scrollbars for each area of content. For example some words might have a great deal of sexual content, while other may only be mature in terms of violence. In this approach, the one who pick the content can figure out whether it works for them based on the severity of any given factor.

Sources of inspiration: Interestingly enough, privacyfeatures as a firefox addon. You can toggle different features on and off to suit your needs. This is something I'm envisioning for ratings systems.

Generally I tend to list my work as free, although eventually I'm considering a pay what you want thing. It just depends on how long the project is.

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I was semi-considering using the board devlogs as maybe an early dev posting thing. Then maybe, once a project is further along, I'd use the project specific devlogs if I want to communicate any detailed news about something.

I tend to use project specific devlogs for things like notifying when I might take a hiatus, for things like either last minute editing, or if I might extend a project. (There was a time I'd write a lot of web serials.)

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It seems French is available. I assume this is for the website itself? (Currently learning French.)

Erp, I mean as in someone who has skills in French should take the job.

I only do poetry videos for now, but would like to follow anyone's dev channel.

Not just a post earlier. Thanks.

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Just thought I'd add, racism and lgbt phobia isn't cool. And that's what Pepe The Frog images represent.

Seriously, if it's so weird political channel, there are lots of servers I can join.

I might depending on the genres involved.

I admit i prefer XP graphics though.

I'm still thinking about it. Mostly because discord (not so much specific communities) has been making my increasingly uncomfortable lately. (For context, I'm a huge introvert, so notifications are an issue on phone.)

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I like listening to different ethnic music: 

Trans woman, orientation not determined. Transhumanist anarchist, with some green tendencies.

Experimented with Cyberpunk, although I'd say my work's a close cousin to Cyberpunk these days.

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I'm a novel, novella, short story, and poetry writer. I tried making games in the past, and might someday like to get back into it. Back then I used to use a very specific RPG engine that made everything easy, without having to worry about coding. Kind of weird looking back on it. I cancelled the project at the time, which later reincarnated as a short story.

When I'm not writing, I like building simple artificial intelligence. Especially chatbots, which is sort of like Visual Novels, but inside the terminal, and with a lot of applications beyond video games. I'm also a huge fan of spicy food (crazy spicy food), and French Press coffee at the local coffee shop.

Oh and while I have ventured in Science Fiction, I prefer Magical Realism.

I absolutely look forward to seeing how this develops. Is there a time limit for making a donation?