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Drawing / animating live? Post your channels here. Sticky

A topic by Amos created Dec 02, 2015 Views: 2,164 Replies: 17
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It's so nice to watch people draw!

Beginners and advanced artists welcome, post your channels, whether you're on:

...along with your schedule (if you have one) and what kind of things you usually do on it, with a pics if you can! (here's how)


Thread's looking a bit empty for now, but here's a recommendation from Jay Tholen (Dropsy's creator):

I'm hanging out with Jesse while he pixels the WORLDMAP for Douglas Circumstance, come chill:

Hey there!

I typically do pixel arts for Virtually Competent games live on Twitch, Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30pm EST, and sometimes randomly on Saturdays. I'd love for ya'll to come join me and hang out and such!


Does anyone get much viewership doing art streams on Twitch?

Dunno, I mostly get people from my tumblr where I post the link. A friend and I will multi-twitch and we both get some randoms just from Twitch I think. It does have a game-art creation section now, which is nice! :D

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It's not live, but I have done pixel art process videos before. Most of the videos are timelapses, but in the one I linked I talked about the sprites I drew. If anyone's interested, my channel's on Here on YouTube.


I'm trying to stream on a near daily basis from 6:30 PM to 7:30 pm PST while I'm drawing full, traditional animation for my game Guinea Pig Parkour.

Here's the link:


I have set up a youtube channel where i'll let you see over my shoulder while i work on pixel art at high speed accelerated videos.. Hope you find it inspiring and useful.

Check it out at:

Hi, I'm doing live artworks, usually each week on wednesday (between 9am and 17pm CET)

My twitch channel (it's still new):

I do Paintings/airbrushing as you can see in my DA gallery:


What's up everyone!
I stream character design for games every Tuesday from 3-6pm on

My Deviantart:

Twitter @Dinmoney

Instagram @Dinmoneyart

Hiya everyone! I drop here my Twitch channel, I'm still not really used to it and I mostly stream live digital painting/drawing but I'd like to do some videogame streaming too in future. I'm going to start streaming 2 times at week (I'll soon announce exactly the days and time), so here it is:

Thank you

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I present you with a ticket to the Secret Screenings Stage. Tonights subject; "About the Author"

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~The Storyteller

I'd love to start live streaming. Anyone else here in Australia? The lag factor somewhat ruins live streaming. Even with a 'good' connection, for some reason it lags. And people can't stand lag. Then again, maybe it's my end. Or the tools I'm using.

All of that being said... A new satellite was launched (Sky Muster), which - they say - will give Australians 25mbs internet speed. We'll see. But that would be sweeeet.

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Hi Amos! I'm new here. Thanks for making this thread. I really like the Itch community and have started following some interesting creators here. ^u^ 
I make comics and games and I stream my work live here:  :) Tue. & Thu. between 3 and 5 pm GMT-5 

Image may contain: 1 person, text i create some pixel art ;)


I do pretty regular livestreams of digital painting scenes from my games in progress on Saturdays around 4 PM EST.  Here's the stream channel:

And here's my regular youtube channel where you can see some of the previous streams:

I don't this is live..