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Cool! Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad you liked it.



Cool, thanks for sharing.

Sure :D

I appreciated it. 

THanks for the feedback. Yes it is a small bug. Ill fix it soon.

You can use it commercially on your own projects.

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:D LOL. thanks for sharing

Not available right now.


Thanks for tho feedback I will definitely  consider it.

Thanks! Great game, I love to see what devs make with the assets.

Thanks, I have updated the game with the restart button. I accept whatever you can throw in the support button. Cheers! 

Visit the sage with the letter

Hey, Could you download the and let me know if the crash happens. It will run the second floor to speed up the testing.

Thanks, For the detailed explanation, I will test it and fix it asap.


Not available right now.

Will fix it thanks.

That's it nothing hidden. Thanks for playing.

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. Sorry for the unintentional lockdown (will fix it). About the grammar I'm not native english and only had one month to make this game So couldn't help it also I wanted to be as cryptic as old games with grammar errors.


The sage error is fixed. I'll look into the skull bug. I still learning Godot will try to add a save feature soon.

Thanks for the feedback.

In What platform this happens? When does it happen?

I'm glad you liked it. I'll update the game soon to support game controller.

Thanks for the extensive feedback I really appreciate it. I put the epilepsy warning.

Thanks I'll look into.

Please elaborate if you can.

Oh, you are right. Just fix it. Try again.

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Report found bugs here

Thanks, Try again. I have uploaded an HTML version too.

Good idea!

I will make more previews later.

No, that would be a different pack. Cheers!


Thanks, I'll watch it tonight!



You are welcome!