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Here are all the answers: 

Thank you for sharing. I love seeing the assets at work.

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50 pixels Height

yes you can.

It's ok . you can use it commercially too.


Glad you find the assets useful.  Happy gamedev!

Great, Happy gamedev!

Yes, If you are using them for code or a game template. 

No if you are goin to redistribute them as artwork or part of other art assets.

Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International




Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately I’m not available at the moment. 


It was Patrons only. Now its public to promote my patreon campaign and future work.

Fixed it. Thanks for the feedback

You can. Credit is not required. Enjoy.

no at all. Enjoy.

Cool! I love watching  my work put to good use in gamedev. Cheers.


Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately I’m not available at the moment. 


Pretty Cool!

It's ok. Sunny Land its a free asset.


Is just that screen in 5 layers and a HUD in the style of Final fantasy.

Sure, no problemo. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the heads up!


CCBy 4

According to Patreon they are charged upfront (if set)

I think:

1- I think keys shouldnt be revoked if they stoped beign patrons. They should stay on their itchio account since they already paid for it. 

2- For me this is not a problem since patreon charges upfront to my supporters. In my understanding Supporters are charged as soon as they become patrons since I set my campaing to charge as soon as they become patrons. I'm not sure if there's a delay between charging supporters and marking them as supporters. Let me know what you find out.

Thank you!

Maybe this link can be displayed only to logged (as patreon) so its only visible to patreons supporters and not any potential buyer.

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Hello Itchio devs.

I really appreciate the integration of patreon with itchio. Now I have a request/suggestion if is possible. No pushing here. 

I was wondering if you could implement an option to let us choose to display "download link for patreon',s supporters" on our store front. So i dont have to send the link of the patreon access each time i publish new items on itchio.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Patreon  has released a page for apps that work with Patreon I really would love that itchio supported integration so patreon supporters could access paid content.

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  • You may use this content in free or commercial works,
  • You may not distribute derivatives of this material (aka edit the assets and resell / include them openly in a template or tutorial)

Thanks I really appreciate the support.

Yes. By supporting at 10USD + you get access to all of my assets.

Todavia no tengo un pack con esas animaciones. Tal vez haga uno asi de completo en unos meses.

Its not an app, they are assets. So should be  available for any platform.

Thanks :)