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The explosions stay on-screen a little too long, otherwise, good game!

Was a little difficult to figure out how to start the game at first, but once I figured it out it was a nice way to teach the mechanics. :D


Made my brain hurt in the best way possible.

Woah, this is great! Definately one of my favorites so far. :D

Cool game! I wasn't really sure why I was spawning more characters, but it was a neat twist.

Nice goofy music. Would have liked to see a better indicator of progress when picking stuff up.

Cool idea! Wish I had some dance pads at the ready. :P

Agree with Kyle, the game is over way too quickly. Would be nice to have a bit longer to acclimate to the controls.

Really neat idea! I would enjoy it a bit more if the mines would appear just a bit more quickly or maybe their hitboxes were adjusted. I felt like I was blowing up without seeing anything quite often, even when I wasn't moving super fast.

Nice Bomberman clone, wish there were more obstacles or something so it wasn't over so quick.

Nice little snake clone, was hoping that Worms would have more influence on it (maybe the "fruit" could be a grenade that the player could drop after picking up?).

Over pretty quickly after spamming the attack button! Nice inclusion of Judd from Splatoon. :D

Weird, but I love it. Some sort of tutorial/directions on the title screen would be nice, my opponent and I weren't sure how to play the first time.

Agree with everyone else, would be super fun if there was a period where you could find cover before being able to fire. Otherwise, I think it's a really neat idea.

Bizarre Smash Bros clone. Would have liked to see more attack options.

Cute sprites. Variations on the classic Mario Bros are always fun to play. Was very difficult to score a point, though, and we went to a draw (which didn't close the game, as others mentioned)

Ah, another Metal Gear themed entry! I guess the timing was just too good to pass up. :P

Graphics are stunning on this, great job!

Love how weird Bub and Bob look in this.

Looks great, loved the chatter mid-game.

Love it! Very fun to maneuver even with such little control.

Looks great and feels great, with the TV set intro/outro.

Love the PS2 cover art! Moving around is fun. :D

Ikaruga is the best, so you already won me over. Would be nice to have better feedback on getting hit while on-color (like absorbing the bullets).

Art is great! The controls were a little obtuse, but maybe that was intentional.

Nice twist on the classic Bomberman formula! Having to charge my shots really shakes things up.

Hitboxes are a little large...I felt like I was always getting hit, even when I thought I had a decent opening. Otherwise, it felt good to play.

Yeah, +1 on the numpad Enter key thing, I wasn't able to use the other one to start, either.

Fun little game! Love the art!

Player 1 & 2 positions were opposite what I thought they'd be (WASD controls character on the right and vice versa). Not sure if that was intentional, but it was a bit disorienting.

The original 2012 Olympics were so popular, they decided to just make a sequel in 2013!

No download! Please fix!

Oh, the music is so good! I didn't want it to be over.

Also, going to consider this a canon part of the universe that our own Zeldo game, Lonk's Awakening, takes place in. :P

So fast! It was over before my opponent knew what hit them (or rather, what they hit...which was a wall).

I dig the aestetic, though, reminds me of Marble Madness on my Genesis. :P

Doesn't seem to work for me...I click start and my name and score pop up, but the title doesn't go away. Seems like I'm still able to shoot, but I can't actually see anything that happens.

Thanks! Nebulous Infinity has always been one of my favorite ideas, but we've never found the time to do a lot of extra work on it. It's definitely on the roadmap though!

-Eric (donkeyspaceman)

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Planned features for next update:

  • "Split" Gamepad mode, allowing two players to share a single gamepad for Versus

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • Yasim and Kellie are the only characters with full animations. Other characters will remain in their single frame states until their designs are finalized.

Things to test/provide us with feedback on:

  • Character Hitboxes
    • Do you feel like you're getting hit more or less often than you should?
  • Control Abilities
    • Do you find yourself consistently losing to one character's Control ability?
    • Do you have trouble winning even after using your own Control ability?
  • General Character Preferences
    • Who's your favorite character and why?
    • Who's your least favorite character and why?