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Crystal Control II

Crystal Control II is the expanded sequel to our original competitive bullet hell shoot 'em up for two players! · By Virtually Competent

Current State of the Game Sticky Locked

A topic by Virtually Competent created May 07, 2016 Views: 425
This topic was locked by Virtually Competent May 23, 2016

Please create a new topic if you would like to provide feedback or report a bug/issue.

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Developer (4 edits)

Planned features for next update:

  • "Split" Gamepad mode, allowing two players to share a single gamepad for Versus

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • Yasim and Kellie are the only characters with full animations. Other characters will remain in their single frame states until their designs are finalized.

Things to test/provide us with feedback on:

  • Character Hitboxes
    • Do you feel like you're getting hit more or less often than you should?
  • Control Abilities
    • Do you find yourself consistently losing to one character's Control ability?
    • Do you have trouble winning even after using your own Control ability?
  • General Character Preferences
    • Who's your favorite character and why?
    • Who's your least favorite character and why?