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That thief ran off with my Dragon slayer sword. Dev, is there any way to end that quest? No knight came to claim the sword and after refusing 3 times the thief  I let him have the sword. :(

Hi! Is this game co-op or will be? I'd love to play this with my husband. I saw the KatherineOfSky's play-through on YT . :)

Thanks for clearing that up. 

And in regard to subs some platforms can afford to hire people to go through all the submissions from everyone who submits ... and they either tax submitters or only consider people with a "STRONG FOLLOWING".  Since I'm new to Itch and couldn't find any reviews for it on YT in this regard, I thought I'd ask in the forum....sadly nobody seems to know much about that part of the process. Itch is young I many things are a mystery. 

Patreon for example has a convoluted and secret feature program and even then they only consider people with a strong following and only feature you once in your life. I was curious if Itch had a similar program or a more inclusive one like I can know where to try harder or just not bother. 

I make family friendly sci-fi comics and games :)
Does have any submission program to select creators to be featured or do they chose them based on downloads? :)


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Hi Tesselode! :D Nice to meet you!
I make sci-fi comics and games.

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Hi Amos! I'm new here. Thanks for making this thread. I really like the Itch community and have started following some interesting creators here. ^u^ 
I make comics and games and I stream my work live here:  :) Tue. & Thu. between 3 and 5 pm GMT-5 

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