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demo 1.3 was release !!! 5/10/2019

-add more detail for tile

-make status of thief better.

-add speed button on top right of screen

-fix some bug 

Yes I have.

thanks. I come from  Thailand, I use to upload  one game with Thai language. But nobody download  that game. 

thank  you. 

thank you for introduction.
I have some problem about browser, I'll fix that I can and upload to browser game again.

Thank you for comment.  I'll try again for next demo.

Thank you for your recommend. but I have something to tell you, I don't want to misunderstand to me.

1) I made screenshorts for my every game.but when I set game for play on browser, nobody see my screenshort.I try to make video this time.

2) I'll try by myself first, because i use to asking for help in many forum (in Thailand) but they won't answer. I paid 10$ for hire translator to translate in my game .but I'll try another way.

3)thanks for play game

4) I have 2-3 hour per day  to use computer to make game. This project start at February until now I just made one level.  I know it look like argue but I have daily job and study Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in Christian collage for church ministry, so this game maybe last project and first chance to sell game.

I copy your translation to my game page now, thanks again.

I feel sorry, I made by gamemaker studio 1 that outdate. (I don't have much money I wait for gamemaker studio 1 bundle 15$ to port to android. )

If you can't play on browser, you should download in PC.
use chrome for last choice.

thank you

I made game since 2002. I come from Thailand.

I upload my games to this website, which english languange.

My games has few view, maybe the not interest ?

I seen someone's game has recent upload but get quickly top rate, why?

My recent game.

(1 edit)

If you like boade game style but not like  complicated rules.

CLICK LINK!!! thank you.

New version! No dialogue! No cutscrene! Not Thai languange!

If you like, go to the link!

sure,  you can.

Bitchy Sweety Sexy A.I with Cat ears.

If you like this game come in!!!

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Congratulations to all the top 10.

When I see my game I realise that I  can't make game for sell.

My game ,if you please.

Same with you.I beg my friend who are newbie for review game.

I can't trust someone who not know me for review mygame.

I think my games is all not good enough for Youtubers.

I made 15-16 games that use Thai language and share in my country. 

I use to expected so much about comment but they give nothing, although my games are free download. 

Now I don't  care anymore, I just make and make game to fulfill  my need. Because I want to play my games. 

I tell my friend to play my game and streamer it.

Thai language but the game is english.

(1 edit)

thank you for you comment .  I'll  fix it later.

My maximum solo made game. Because I'm Thai  my game is Thai language.

enjoy my game.

My first game. Simple play

gamemaker studio 1

My game is combine with game book+board game.

If you want to play just click link ,thanks

thank you. 

thank you very much for your comment.

Nice looking game!!! :)