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Hyperlink Your Heart

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A dog waiting for a very important letter.


An observatory I painted and animated for Asteroid day.


Another piece inspired by  the "Celestial" pixel dailies theme.


I had the idea for this after the "Celestial" pixel dailies, but I didn't actually make it until a week later.


I did this for pixel dailies last week.


I did this a few days ago for pixel dailies on the theme "Eye".


Thanks for playing!

Three Ravens: Tactics

I would definitely want to learn more about a game called that.

Quest of Ladder. Hmm, maybe I should have called my game that...

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Oh interesting, I didn't realize the type had to go in the URL. I'll keep that in mind for future updates! Thank you for your pedantry o7

Great stuff!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Nice planets!

Thanks! Community » Creativity & Art » 2D Art · Created a new topic Catnip
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I put together this animation using Pyxel edit and the Godot game engine. I made the music in

Here's a timelapse of the process as well:

She's not my dog but I believe she's some sort of pit bull.

Thank you!

Thanks! Community » Creativity & Art » 2D Art · Created a new topic Summer

Portrait of a friend's dog, and her niece.


Epic! Really great work!

Thanks mate!

Thanks Gutty!

A quick landscape painting I did the other day based on this photo reference:


That would be cool, it is a bit quiet around here...

Thank you!

I did this last weekend for pixel dailies, when the prompt was "moon landing". I went with the Apollo 11 launch instead of the landing though! I improved it a bit during the week as well.

Thank you!

Thanks very much!



There's now also a timelapse of the creation of this animation:

Sorry it's a bit jumpy, I made this before I learned not to hop around so much - though it would have been unavoidable for certain parts anyway...

Well, that world record will remain unbroken by me I think... Great game though!

Those extra levels are really good and challenging, they really round things out.  And the ending is better than GoT.

I made this music video for a friend of mine a while back, but I've only been able to release it today

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I made a game last weekend for Ludum Dare called "People Poker", about giant aliens using humans as chips in a poker game. Here's a timelapse I put together of creating the art for it:

You can play the game itself here if you want to see it in action, though there is a bit of gameplay footage at the end of the video:


Fun stuff! I love the concept and the art is really gorgeous

Great tunes! Thanks for the offer of doing the music for this game, but there is already somebody working on it. Maybe we can work together on a different game in the future though!

I've uploaded a 64-bit build now if you want to try that, I think it will work for you. Sorry about the inconvenience - I hope the game is worth the wait!

I think I've figured it out - I think it is because 32 bit applications are not supported by default in Elementary. It's probably the same in Ubuntu but I think I added all the 32-bit libraries because I needed them for something, so that is why it is working for me.

I will try to do a 64-bit build for you and hopefully that will work!