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I say “yes” in due time.  Testing the waters with these backgrounds to gauge interest.  It’s a bit of a departure from what I specialize in.


Thanks!  Been pretty suck so far, but feeling mildly better today.

MZ, MV, VX ACE, and really any of them.

Lol, I know right.  I showed the white knight version to Jason to see if he'd make a "real" one  and he hinted that it gave him an idea.  So we'll see.  

Interesting, I don't know specifically why it would do that, I double checked the .zip files to be sure the images are in there and used the import option within MZ, everything worked for me.  You can always just find the folders for enemies and copy the images you want into it directly into it (outside MZ.  So the default folder would be:  
Documents - RMMZ - [Your Project's Name] - img - enemies
Documents - RMMZ - [Your Project's Name] - img - sv_enemies

You should copy all the images you want to use into those folders (respectively) and they will show up in the enemies list.  My only other thought is if you already have a file named the same thing it may reject the import...I don't know if it overrides or keeps originals on import.
Hope this helps.  Good luck.

That's actually a really good idea, but I did not think of that when I was creating them.  They simply match the available NES palette.

Thanks, yes I'm looking to add more zones, so that can be one for me to work on.

Fantastic!  Thanks.  I plan to add more over time to this pack, so keep me posted on what additional environments/biomes  you'd like to see.

Sure, that's fine.

Yes, we've been at it for a while, just released 8 more a few days ago.  Patrons also can have access to an "exclusive" pack that has resources not found elsewhere.  come check me out at

Ah, yes they are RM only.  depending what you're looking for you can modify any battlebacks basically the same way.  I've used some of Joel's backgrounds in different projects as well  Looking through the RM storefront battlebacks is definitely a thin offering and some are RM only.  Maybe I need to make some of my own :)

Great idea, and already something on my to-do list

Good question.  The backgrounds are from other creators.  The preview images actually use RPg Maker MV RTP backgrounds that were "pixel-ized" using a program called "pixatool" which is available on itch.  there are a handful of background creators out there (I love Tokiwa Graphics backgrounds) and if you use consistent palette and pixel-ization rate it matches really well.  I should probably build a little tutorial... 


Yes, they are ok for use in a print project.  Many thanks for being credited/linked/etc.

Celestrium,   thanks so much for the support!  You make a great point about facesets.  When I originally built the pixel-style packs I was thinking of them as a catch up for those who already had the original base packs, not realizing some might skip those and grab the pixel ones only.  Since then, I began incorporating the "pixel-style" into the base packs themselves, so that people would have every option in a single pack purchase going forward (7th 50 and 8th 50 are built this way).  It will take quite a bit of work to make "pixel-style" matching facesets for the pixel-style packs, but I'm adding it to my to-do list, because you're right that is missing.    

Great idea, I'll keep that in mind when we make our next set.

Yes, if you shoot me an email I can send it.  I had uploaded it to logspec at one point, not sure if that took.  Also, it's an unofficial palette, but works nonetheless.

A year later, but just released another pack of 50 black and white monsters.  Check them out at

Thanks for the compliment, all of them are static at the moment, long term future project to include animations, but that's a far ways off for now.

Yes it does!  

Absolutely, edit away, make them more fun/custom and have at it.  My assets are credit free as well, so no need to worry about that.  Also if you make something cool, let me know and I'll try to share it with others.

Good question, these are static  images.

Files are .png and they are usable in a board game, that would be awesome.  If you want to print them, there is a full resolution file for each monster, would recommend using it to print.

Good question.  Only the monsters that appear in the screenshots are part of the asset packs, the other parts of the images (background/heroes/GUI, etc.) are from other sources, mostly RPG Maker's defaults.

Yes, no restrictions.  All assets purchased through are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations.  Enjoy and when you make something awesome let me know!

I should build a tutorial, since I've had the question asked in a few different places.  The short answer is I use a Time Fantasy Palette (unofficial, since Jason insists there is no TF palette) in PixaTool (awesome program!) and a 3x3 pixelization rate.  Then in Photoshop do a "nearest neighbor" 3X enlargement to get the size of the image back for default RPG Maker MV.  And that's about it.  

I'm sure there are other programs that do similar things, like palette manipulation and enlargement, so you can substitute as needed.  I intend to put the TF palette I use on LOSPEC one of these days, but I'm hesitant because Jason is not a fan of pushing it out.

P.S. I love Tokiwa's work.

I disagree.  It is killing people right now and disrupting life around the world.  The point of making it a monster is that it is a monster, a real one and when we can't beat something that's real, it helps to beat it in fiction.  I'm not celebrating the virus, I'm giving it a virtual life that can be defeated.

Some are side view and some are front view.  Some could be used either way.  Hope that helps.

Yes, that's fine!

Awesome!  I’ll keep track of your progress.  If you don’t mind, I would like to link to your project on here and on my Patreon as example of projects using the assets.

Very glad to hear you made use of them, I will definitely consider making more.  I think they look great in the screenshots, like the combo image in the  background too, well done.

Very interested in this software conceptually, but would like to see more of what it can do.  I could only find one tutorial/video intro and while that helped me think of ways I could make a cool spaceship or sword, (which in itself was pretty cool) it didn't give me a great rundown of how to use/manipulate the other features.  I'd love to see more tutorials exploring the many ways to use the program.  Perhaps with themes like, make an NPC, make a building, make a lake, make tiles, make trees, etc. etc.  

I am also particularly interested in seeing what can be done with imported images (something I would do very often).  Aside from taking my time to play with the demo, some decent tutorials would greatly enhance the appeal of the software for me (and likely others).  Just my thoughts.  Thanks!



All good questions.  50 is the total # of monsters in the pack.  They are static battlers, not animated.  You don't need the other packs to use this one, they are just drawn in a similar style.  The monsters are not broken into pieces (if that's what you are asking), each one is presented as a single, flat .png image.   Hope this helps.


Ok, will work around it.  One other question I have as I watch the tutorials, there looks like an earlier version had a "black outline" feature, I would love to be able to add an outline/border, is that something that still exists?

Bought yesterday, love many of the features.  Is there any way to preserve the alpha channel (ie blank brackground)?