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Tyler Warren RPG Battlers

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Awesome!  I’ll keep track of your progress.  If you don’t mind, I would like to link to your project on here and on my Patreon as example of projects using the assets.

Very glad to hear you made use of them, I will definitely consider making more.  I think they look great in the screenshots, like the combo image in the  background too, well done.

All of them are hand drawn in colored pencil on watercolor paper, then imported into photoshop, and edited.

Thank you.  Love the card game idea.  Knights, barbarians, etc. is on my big to-do list.   I have a project in the works now that should incorporate some of those type characters.  I have to admit monsters are more fun, but I've certainly heard the interest from several folks on some humanoid NPC -type art, so will get to it soon.  

Very interested in this software conceptually, but would like to see more of what it can do.  I could only find one tutorial/video intro and while that helped me think of ways I could make a cool spaceship or sword, (which in itself was pretty cool) it didn't give me a great rundown of how to use/manipulate the other features.  I'd love to see more tutorials exploring the many ways to use the program.  Perhaps with themes like, make an NPC, make a building, make a lake, make tiles, make trees, etc. etc.  

I am also particularly interested in seeing what can be done with imported images (something I would do very often).  Aside from taking my time to play with the demo, some decent tutorials would greatly enhance the appeal of the software for me (and likely others).  Just my thoughts.  Thanks!



All good questions.  50 is the total # of monsters in the pack.  They are static battlers, not animated.  You don't need the other packs to use this one, they are just drawn in a similar style.  The monsters are not broken into pieces (if that's what you are asking), each one is presented as a single, flat .png image.   Hope this helps.


Ok, will work around it.  One other question I have as I watch the tutorials, there looks like an earlier version had a "black outline" feature, I would love to be able to add an outline/border, is that something that still exists?

Bought yesterday, love many of the features.  Is there any way to preserve the alpha channel (ie blank brackground)?