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Great to hear that. Sure!

Please also release it on Yoyogames official marketplace to showcase the true powers of GMS to newcomers.

Is it compatible with mobile phones? (Android/iOS)

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Hello everyone,

We will draw a lot in this character design workshop, please have a look:

Hello everyone and Happy new Year 2022! Wish you all the best.

For those who love creating characters and art for games:
We are holding a workshop about Character design for a limited time, please follow the link to learn more about it:
Please notice that the Early Bird tickets are limited. So take action now!

Hope to see you soon.


Hello everyone,

Hope you are well and safe at these trying times.

I'm glad to announce the release of Boingkid's new comic story, along with a 15% OFF for a Bundle of 3 products.

I have planned to leave 50% of revenue share to a charity, so please please support with your shopping and

sharing with your friends.

This sale also include an early access version of Boingkid game that

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I highly appreciate your support.

Hello World,

I am thrilled to announce the release of Boingkid™ comic series. It includes 13 episodes that will hopefully get published monthly.

Please check this link:

You may also be interested to check Boingkid­™ (Early access) game with 50% discount at:

Please let me know your idea about both.



I have already took it under consideration to make a Linux version as soon as possible. So don't worry, it just takes some time. I hope you find it worthy. ;)

Hi dear, Not yet, but I will definitely put it in my feature list for the next big update. God willing.

Of course. Thank you very much for your interest! 

This version is for PCs running Windows OS, but I will definitely work on an export for Linux machines too, God willing.

Intel Core i7. Windows 10. I am using Bootcamp on my Macbook Pro. But I have no problem with other games.

Really love to give it a try but the game is terribly slow on my laptop and is totally unplayable. :(

Thanks for your comment. ^_^

Thank you very much. I am glad you liked it.

Make sure to subscribe to Boingkid newsletter @

Hello Everyone!

Boingkid™ is on sale, get it while you can!

Looking forward to your comments and feedbacks.


Please check my campaign and the free demo version:

This is a great game. 

I think it is better that you make a more exciting animation for the character while running around, maybe with an epic pose, holding his guard up with his weapon. Just an offer. 

Now please check my game, Boingkid on Kickstarter and tell me what do you think. Thanks.

Hello everyone!

If you had downloaded and played Boingkid please let us know your idea.
If you like to be the first one to hear about it, don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list at:

Thank You very much.


Boingkid™ got inspiration from Sonic, Super Mario and Eric Chahi's Heart of Darkness, a new action puzzle platformer about dark side of Realm of Toys. Please check out the campaign, download it from and please spread the word about it on your channel if you see any potential in the game. Now with over 30 downloads and with no negative comment. Hope you like it.

We are at the early stages of development.

Thanks for reading.

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Sounds like an angel. Thanks man. I think Boingkid™ may be interesting for you, please read the story on our campaign page. We are in desperate need for your help and support to spread the word about it.

Please follow and let me know your idea:

Thanks a lot.

Hello everyone,

The Early Access version is now Free and updated. If you found any issue please let us know. Thank you very much.

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Hello everyone,

We are so glad to be here and share with you the news about our first project on, named Boingkid™:

 We have teamed up with talents who have worked for Atari, Ubisoft, Glu games, DC comics and MARVEL

to make a new icon for gaming universe. Boingkid™ is now live on kickstarter,

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Thank you very much for your consideration!