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Crowdfunding. You already did? Help?

A topic by Frater Studio created Nov 07, 2017 Views: 331 Replies: 4
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Game : The Crown Stones: Mirrah  Topic : Crowdfunding

I have a crowdfunding campaign open in the indiegogo, but I can not get many supports... I believe the project has a lot of potential and is very good! We have a demo available to play and everyone likes it but it is very difficult to get support...

Have any of you ever had a crowdfunding? Indiegogo .. Kickstarter?

Could you give me some tips?

Take a look at our project in our Indiegogo campaign, tell me what you think please?

Indiegogo Crowdf.

Criticize at will, if you have any questions or can give some advice, we are grateful.

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I think your game looks pretty cool. What things have you tried to promote your campaign? Of them, what worked and what didn't work? Often you it's easy to assume that just posting a cool project is enough to get it attention, but to succeed you need to focus on promoting it as well.

We show the game on several other platforms, we use thunderclap, we talk to many people but it's difficult for people to support. And the harder it is to do all this without financial recourse, maybe that's it. We could not expand the project because of lack of funds.

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hey man, I myself did not do a campaign for now, but check this video at 3:54 time mark:

Its the creator of adom giving a lot of info about his indiegogo campaign.

One thing that might be wrong on yours (from what I heard in general) is that all or nothing campaigns get a much higher success rate.

Hope it helps! Don't throw the towel!

This is a great game. 

I think it is better that you make a more exciting animation for the character while running around, maybe with an epic pose, holding his guard up with his weapon. Just an offer. 

Now please check my game, Boingkid on Kickstarter and tell me what do you think. Thanks.