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Rogue Empire

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Sure man, I can just give you a key ;)


Wait so you followed the instructions in the link and it didn't work?

I have to agree hand picking is best to show off great masterpieces otherwise not noticed. I do hope also this will in the long term make the market place a great place for more and more gamers!

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Great review! Recommended to check Redzy out also for other games guys!

Replayed your email ;)

Hi tiroq!

Do you bought it when it was a demo still(tipped more than 8 if i remember correctly)?  Can you pass me the email you used to buy the game to german at roguempire dot com?

So I can back track it and see what I can do :D


Yes that in all dungeons but that one. I ll add it ^_^

You are probably in the first small dungeon that ends at depth 3 (sort of a tutorial dungeon).  It could be something related to holes but still you should be able to get to the surface if you always go through the stairs going up.

If possible could you sent a screenshot of the Map that should have the different exits highlighted. If we you don't see a solution sent me your save file (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Portal Entertainment\Rogue-Empire\saves\0.8.9\Main\ <characterName>) to 

german at roguempire dot com? :D

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Actually left click for moving should work as well. Man your case got me puzzled lol.

I am glad you are enjoying the game :) I do my best to improve it every day!

Wait mouse only fails when trying to move? Menus and similar functions work? How about a right click on any tile, does it bring up the contextual menu? 

Could you try the current nightly build?

Best Regards!

Very odd man. No one had any issue with the mouse. Could you tell me your system specifications? 

By the way the latest nightly build has keybinding configuration included.

Also next release will have user configurable keys so you can change it to what ever you feel comfortable ;)

No one complained about this... very odd.

You can move diagonaly with the mouse, with the num pad, or using both arrow keys at the same time (needs a little getting used to).

Also under settings->manual (I think its manual, I am not at home right now) you can see all key bindings. 

Hope this helps :D let me know in any case!

Also have a happy new year!


Hi! Seemed to have worked! Changed a few positions along the way lol :P


I asked this a couple of days through the support mail, not sure if it went through:

I am the Creator of Rogue Empire. I was wondering why my rating is 4.91 when in my dashboard I can see I have all ratings being 5 star ratings :S

Anyway great Job guys! Thanks for all the indie love and support. Have a great new year!


Hi vitokin! To redeem the steam key you should follow this guide:

Let me know if you have any issues with it ;)

PS: If you like he game and can give me a 5 star review it would really help me out :D

Thanks for the ideas! A lot of cool stuff!

He said this process of itch is trying to constantly open my game. Could this be? What can he do to resolve this?

Big thanks for the thumbs up man! Be sure to rate it too :D

Its coming up soon to steam. I am having some timing issues with all the sales and AAA titles coming up.  

In any case I will provide keys to you all who bought it here early for beta access before its public EA release in steam.


Rollback done successfully!

Hi man! I am really amazed every day by finding out about such cool persons that want to help us out indie devs! From my heart a big thanks to you!

Now, about my game :D Its a classic fantasy roguelike dungeon crawler but with more modern graphics and some unique aspects to it. Particularly for streaming I recommend the timed mode!

You can check it out here:

If it is something you might like just let me know! You would need a key right?

By the way I checked your youtube, cool stuff! Keep up the good work!


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hey man, I myself did not do a campaign for now, but check this video at 3:54 time mark:

Its the creator of adom giving a lot of info about his indiegogo campaign.

One thing that might be wrong on yours (from what I heard in general) is that all or nothing campaigns get a much higher success rate.

Hope it helps! Don't throw the towel!

Thanks Kuitch! Really appreciate it!

Saw it, replayed too  ;) I will give you the updated version tomorrow as it is kind of late here.


Hi kuitch, sorry for not answering earlier. Just woke up an hour ago ^^

I tried to see if this was possible within the engine to disable without rebuilding the game as a none development build. Sadly it seems this is not an alternative. 

If it is ok with you I can rebuild you the current development build without the console. Might take a couple of hours. I can not guarantee your saves would work (they should) but at least the version would have updated stuff. If this is ok with you, pass me your mail from your purchase so I can identify you (it seems does not cross reference purchases to users which seems very odd...).

Let me know your OS also.

At last but not least if you can pass me your current logs, so I can take a look at those errors :D Logs are at 

<User>\AppData\LocalLow\Portal Entertainment\Rogue-Empire\output_log.txt

My mail for any thing else is

Sorry again for the inconvenience!


Hi everyone!

If you want to see a little bit more of rogue empire, you can check the following lets play of an early build.

If you like it, please be sure to ask for more in the youtube comments!

Hi guys, I wanted to share I released as a separate page the early access for the full version of Rogue Empire.

The game is my approach to a modern Rogelike rpg with some features not usually seen, go ahead and see more at its page

Here is an in game gif, you can check out more at the game's page :)

Corresponds to release Alpha v0.7.5!

Change log:

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New features:

* Added ring item type.

* Better item generation system.

* Added 1 more late game enemy.

* Added 1 spell

* Added 3 more wands and 3 more scrolls.

* Added quest screen and starting quest.


* Improved scroll wheel movements on inventory.

* Improved speed of story text.

* Added exhausted effect icon.

Balance adjustments:

* Rebalanced the whole experience.

* Gear item types are more rare. Potions come out more often.

* Level ups are less often.

* Enemies adjusted accordingly.

* Slowed down 2-handed weapon speed.

* Added a base flat block chance with shields to give initial shields more value.

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Change log for release Alpha v0.7.3:

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New features:

  • Added an exciting second prelude boss.
  • Added 3 more (prelude) late game enemies.
  • Added difficulty settings at game start.
  • Added location log at the top right of the game screen.


  • Improved scroll wheel movements on inventory.
  • Improved speed of story text.
  • Added exhausted effect icon.

Balance adjustments:

  • Reduced dungeon initial item amount by 60%
  • Reduced enemy drops by 30%
  • Reduced enemy spawn rate by 70%
  • Added magic users cast cooldowns.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed hit sound volume levels.
  • Fixed bug where wielding a 2-handed weapon would double its weight.
  • Fixed bug where melee modifiers where applied range weapons.

Important: Apparently the latest windows file got corrupted during upload so the installer would not work. This is now fixed.

My sincere apology for not having found this out sooner.

Corresponds to release Alpha v0.7.0!

Change log:

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New features:

  • Added contemplation level up mechanics.
  • Added featured/special rooms.
  • Added new warrior ability.
  • Added chance to find items when digging.
  • Added somewhat rotted food step. Might make you throw up L.


  • Added auto use with keyboards for 1 radius actions.
  • Improved level up UI.
  • Improved and added new tooltips to stats in character screen.
  • Added tutorial window for contemplation mechanics.
  • Made mana visible to the warrior in character screen.

Balance adjustments:

  • Digging now has a chance to break your pickaxe.
  • Reduced the energy cost of swapping weapons by 75 percent.
  • Buffed up shield block chance, armor coverage and mitigation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where selling a 0 mana wand would give -inf money.
  • Fixed bug where normal mouse clicks would count as double clicks sometime.
  • Fixed bug where auto-explore would stop working for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed bug where items would appear under obstacles (trees, etc..
  • Fixed bug where merchant would wander off and inconveniently block a passage.
  • Fixed bug where locked door tutorial window would appear when engaging with any door (locked or not).

Latest change log, Corresponds to release Alpha v0.6.8

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New features:

  • Added weapon speed as a new base attribute of all weapons, e.g. using a dagger lets you hit more times than using a 2-handed broadsword.
  • Added 3 new item modifiers.
  • Added 3 new random special events with rewards.
  • Added 2 new enemies with its unique abilities.
  • Added 19 new armor pieces.
  • Added scrolls: 21 so far.
  • Added 4 new wands.
  • Added smooth camera follow.


  • Added contextual outlines to items and monsters to help identifying them.
  • Added hover effects to most buttons and interactive UI across the game.
  • Improved level up UI.

Balance adjustments:

  • Increased weapon damage across the board making more differentiation between them. This took also into consideration the new speed feature on weapons.
  • Buffed up shield block chance, armor coverage and mitigation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed animation column in cavernous dungeons not displaying.

New development Diary for 01-20-2017 published!

Checkout the latest Development Diary. Find out more about the future playable races!
Blog Link

Latest change log, Corresponds to release Alpha v0.6.5

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New features:

  • Added look action: Describes what you see in a specific location. Very useful on first time encounters with new enemies. Used by hitting the 'x' key.
  • Added new mods for weapons and armor.
  • Added levels 11 to 19 of the prelude.
  • Added 5 more enemy types.
  • Added slingshot type weapons and ammos.
  • Added 2 more spells and wands.


  • Added in game log (to show hit the small icon in the top right.
  • If no category is selected in the inventory all the items are shown.
  • Improved in game and story texts to make them much sharper.
  • Added targeting keyboard support.
  • Added item counter to action bar: now you know how much potions you have for example.
  • Added <Return> hot key to hasten level up process.
  • Added improved looks of columns in cavernous dungeons.

Balance adjustments:

  • Difficulty scaled down across the board. Mainly enemy hp.
  • Items dropped are balanced to be much more interesting.
  • Slowed foot rooting speed across the board.
  • Improved shield and armor effects.
  • Reduced poison time to live of scorpion and spider enemies.
  • Improved eventful dungeon chance by 60%.
  • Increase healing potion effects.
  • Reduce first boss melee damage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Double energy cost of several warriors abilities.
  • Fixed a huge CPU drain caused by a Unity Bug.
  • Resolved bog where you could kick and open doors from far away.

I wanted to announce that Rogue Empire got greenlit and at the same time thanks you for the support in this area! It would not have been possible without the support of all!


Latest change log, Corresponds to release Alpha v0.6.0

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New features:

  • Character has Christmas hat for this release only!
  • +8 Shoulder armor items added to the game!
  • +8 Leg armor pieces added to the game!
  • +6 Hand armor items added to the game!
  • +2 Feet armor Items added to the game!
  • +2 Head armor Items added to the game!
  • +3 Body armor Items added to the game!
  • +8 spells and wands added to the game!
  • Added hit animations +4 for one handed weapons and +2 for 2 handed weapons
  • Added auto-explore feature: Used by hitting the 'x' key.
  • Added door locks and keys. This includes 3 types of keys.
  • Added kick mechanics! You can kick a lot of stuff, try it out! Use the 'k' key.
  • Improved story telling.
  • Added collapsing dungeon event & rewards!
  • Added high spawning dungeon event & rewards!
  • Exposed the until now hidden fate stat.
  • Added a few more unique monsters.
  • Improved several effects of outdated abilities and spells
  • Added beautiful skyboxes for the visualization of space outside the current level.


  • Added resting icon.
  • Improved tooltip scaling.
  • Added tooltips to action bar
  • Improved status effect UI

Balance adjustments:

  • Leap Attack ability now jumps 1 more tile across all levels.
  • Whirlwind attack now also attacks monsters around the first tile the attack launches from.
  • Reduced food nutrition by 40%
  • Increased food chances to be dropped or generated on level creation.
  • Reduced chance of jump spider poison effect by 15%

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed bug where souls did not appear or didn't move.
  • Removed a small error with the messaging system