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Rogue Empire Demo: Eghoss Campaign

A roguelike RPG prequel to Rogue Empire. Find the Orb of Fate or perish while trying! · By Rogue Empire

Is version 0.8.9 still the demo?

A topic by Tiroq created Jan 19, 2018 Views: 123 Replies: 2
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I bought the game a while back and the download button on my purchase page takes me to the Demo download page. Also, you emailed me a while back about adding me to your supporters page and my mother had just had a bad accident so I never got back to you about that.  I was wondering if I could still be included. Thanks and keep up the great work.  I posted here becausre the email the devs link doesn't work and I'm not on Paetron. 


Hi tiroq!

Do you bought it when it was a demo still(tipped more than 8 if i remember correctly)?  Can you pass me the email you used to buy the game to german at roguempire dot com?

So I can back track it and see what I can do :D



Replayed your email ;)