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Hey, I just found your game recently and am really loving it.  I have a question. There is a box with the head, torso etc. You have a picture of a hand, a skeletal hand, and then 3 symbols. What do those all mean exactly? And one suggestion, could you show the stats of the creature(s) you are fighting? Reason being, I have to keep (L)ooking to see what the Stamina is of my opponent is. To see if he has enough Stamina to attack that turn or not. So whether I can just stand still to gather my own stamina or do I need to run? 

Hey, I bought this a few days ago and just fired it up. It doesn't size right to my screen win 10  laptop. Some of the buttons are off the screen.  And there is no save function.?


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Whoops! It took 5 minutes but I just downloaded 10 files. 

 click on the link and it doesn't download. I get a javascript void 0 message down in the corner. I tried the can't download link also and I have never had a problem with purchases before. 

I bought the game a while back and the download button on my purchase page takes me to the Demo download page. Also, you emailed me a while back about adding me to your supporters page and my mother had just had a bad accident so I never got back to you about that.  I was wondering if I could still be included. Thanks and keep up the great work.  I posted here becausre the email the devs link doesn't work and I'm not on Paetron.