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Thanks for the reply. That, along with your guide is exactly what I needed. I'm looking forward to finding out more secrets, like teleport squares to gold and silver apples and learning valuable lessons like "Eels are not your friends" etc. I let you know if I find any bugs. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the reply. For some reason I thought the guide was the same as the online gameplay basics. D'uh Doy. It was exactly what I was looking for. Even better that I remember. If you could clarify a couple points. Both characters and altars have alignments right? Does using an opposite aligned altar piss off your god? Does it effect the outcome? Bless or curse items? I had an evil character drop 4 things on a good altar and they were all cursed. Just bad luck or effect? Also, is being aligned good like the a virtue system? Good characters get bad karma from attacking things w/o provocation?   

I really like this world you've created. It feels lived in/populated in a way that I haven't found in other RL's. As for the thief question. I played a human thief and he couldn't read. I had just assumed since humans are very resourceful that they would/should be able to read. Just food for thought. Thanks again for your reply.

Hey, I really like your game. I tried it a few years ago and am back. I vaguely remember there was a PDF manual but I can't find it now and the wiki is minimal to say the least. The world you've created is pretty awesome and the game play seems really solid. You had me at Omega. I read the gameplay basics and have played RL's for 20 years but would appreciate a little help so I don't have to spend hours and hours playing only to find out I chose the wrong deity in the first 30 seconds. 

How do altars work? How do you find out if things are cursed? How can you uncurse items esp. if you can't read. Do deities really affect the game? How can you figure out what pleases them? Which are the best generic type good/evil deities that would help the most and hurt the least.  Are Shiver and Urgoth easy?  And what is the key stats for witchlings.  And finally, why can't thieves read?

Thanks. I know this is a lot to ask but it would really help me and I'd be glad to help with and bugs I find. Thanks again.

See title.

Hey, I just found your game recently and am really loving it.  I have a question. There is a box with the head, torso etc. You have a picture of a hand, a skeletal hand, and then 3 symbols. What do those all mean exactly? And one suggestion, could you show the stats of the creature(s) you are fighting? Reason being, I have to keep (L)ooking to see what the Stamina is of my opponent is. To see if he has enough Stamina to attack that turn or not. So whether I can just stand still to gather my own stamina or do I need to run? 

Hey, I bought this a few days ago and just fired it up. It doesn't size right to my screen win 10  laptop. Some of the buttons are off the screen.  And there is no save function.?


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Whoops! It took 5 minutes but I just downloaded 10 files. 

 click on the link and it doesn't download. I get a javascript void 0 message down in the corner. I tried the can't download link also and I have never had a problem with purchases before. 

I bought the game a while back and the download button on my purchase page takes me to the Demo download page. Also, you emailed me a while back about adding me to your supporters page and my mother had just had a bad accident so I never got back to you about that.  I was wondering if I could still be included. Thanks and keep up the great work.  I posted here becausre the email the devs link doesn't work and I'm not on Paetron.