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Turn based roguelike with an advanced health system · By Sheriour

Community section replacing comments! Sticky

A topic by Sheriour created Jul 11, 2017 Views: 429 Replies: 8
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Developer (1 edit)

Hi all!

I figured that I'd much rather have an actual community/forum section under the game than a simple comment zone, especially that some of the reply chains have already become quite long and therefore difficult to read and follow with the way comments are handled on On top of that, I really want to have a much more useful tool for stuff like development roadmaps, bug reporting, community-driven ideas and all the goodies that such a forum section can allow.

 This shift unfortunately means that all comments which have been posted up till now will be hidden by the system. Not much I can do about it, I don't think I can convert them into community threads.

(1 edit)

Impressive game, do you code it fulltime ? (Yes I know I asked in the comments before, but your answer got wiped out before I could read it!)



I was hoping that my replies would be reachable by the notification system, but apparently it just blocks all access to the "comment world" if community section is enabled, how harsh.

And no, the game is just an evening/weekend thing for me.  I got a full time job as a software tester. But who knows, maybe one day... :D

Why not a discord server? 


Didn't really thing about it tbh. I fear that currently it would be a very quiet server though!

:) Fun game! Would love a bit of music though



I actually have an artist in my sights who has a lot of decent quality music available with a fantasy twist ( and is willing to share her music for free. I like a good number of these tracks and can already see some of them in particular areas of the game.

I just need to sort out the engine (sounds work well, but the entire "music player" part seems very wonky and doesn't like any music files I throw at it, might end up writing my own player) and some of my internet issues (forced to work with low-transfer-limit LTE connection instead of broadband, can't stream much with that :/).

But music definitely is coming soon-ish. 

Hey, I just found your game recently and am really loving it.  I have a question. There is a box with the head, torso etc. You have a picture of a hand, a skeletal hand, and then 3 symbols. What do those all mean exactly? And one suggestion, could you show the stats of the creature(s) you are fighting? Reason being, I have to keep (L)ooking to see what the Stamina is of my opponent is. To see if he has enough Stamina to attack that turn or not. So whether I can just stand still to gather my own stamina or do I need to run? 

Developer (1 edit)

Hi! Glad to hear you like the game.

From left to right, these symbols are: Tissue Health, Structure Health (bones), and then the 3 shields represent armor rating against Slash, Blunt and Fire damage.

If you hit and hold Ctrl, that should display enemy preview window, same one as the L mode shows and it will usually try to show you the last enemy you hit, or closest enemy. If you keep pressing V while holding Ctrl, it wil cycle through all visible enemies.